30 Inch Dual Fuel Range Review

Are you looking for an awesome 30-inch dual fuel range? Well, you’ll be glad to know that there are actually a great many of these available.

Here, we’ll review some of the more common options, as well as some you might not have heard of. Hopefully, our review will help you to make the best possible choice about which range is right for you and your home.

The Bosch 800 Series

One good option in terms of a 30-inch dual fuel range is the one offered from the Bosch 800 series.

This is a great little cooktop that comes complete with 5 burners for your convenience. The middle burner is the most high-powered for when you need your food done fast. It has an impressive 18,000 BTU rating for incredible speed that doesn’t require you to sacrifice quality.

This particular range is also quite large and in-charge, so you can cook big dishes without a problem. Plus, it comes complete with eleven different cooking modes for you to choose from. That is definitely a lot for a simple range like this one.

That’s not where the features end either. No, this little unit is packed with a lot of awesome features. One of our favorites is the handy warming drawer, which keeps your food warm until you’re ready to dive in and eat.

The oven part of this unit also features a truly great self-cleaning feature. If you hate nothing more than scrubbing at stubborn spots, this is the range for you. Unlike so many other models on the market, the self-clean feature on this unit actually works too. You won’t have to go and “clean behind it,” which is all too often the case.

This unit also features touch controls which make it super easy to cook anything to perfection, even when your hands are full and you’re trying to do a million things at once.

We also really like the stainless-steel construction. This makes for a very strong unit that should last you for several years to come, even with heavy use.

Another nice “extra” is the broiler feature. If you like crisping up meat, bread, or vegetables, then you’ll love this broiler. While a lot of broilers, especially on these types of ranges, struggle with even cooking, your food will cook perfectly every time with this broiler, which really hits it out of the park.

And, we already mentioned how this unit is super-fast at cooking up top, but the same is also true for the convection oven. It even pre-heats fast, which is something that a lot of ovens of this type struggle with.

All in all, if you’re looking for a unit that will make cooking super-fast and super easy, this one is the way to go. In fact, it’s probably one of our favorites out of all the ranges we’ll showcase here.

The Jenn Air Range

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If you want a 30-inch dual fuel range that really delivers, this offering from Jenn Air is a great choice. It features 20,000 BTU burners for super-fast cooking whenever you need it.

Don’t worry, though. This range isn’t only for fast cooking. There is also a special “simmer” burner that allows you to cook liquid based foods, like stews and sauces, to perfection.

In addition to these two great features, there are actually six different cooking modes to choose from. That means that, no matter how you like to do your cooking, you can achieve it with this range.

The cooking modes that you can choose from are basic, common ones too. A lot of ranges will provide a ton of cooking modes that the average person is not likely to ever use. This one, though, keeps it to the basics so that you can actually get some use out of these features.

In addition to having several different cooking modes, this unit also gives you plenty of options for controlling your cooking experience. There’s a clock, a control bake feature, a delayed start feature, a temperature probe, and a timer too, just to name a few.

Our favorite feature out of all of those would have to be the delayed start option. You can prepare a dish, pop it in the oven, and then start the cooking process whenever you’re ready. This can be super convenient for when plans change or when you don’t want to rely on the kids to remember to turn the oven on.

It’s not just the features and extras that are great on this unit either. The true convection oven is also a real hit. It has two large fans that ensure thorough heating of all food, as well as consistent cooking every time.

And, ensuring this unit is modern and stays with the times, it features touchscreen controls. These controls are in beautiful full color for that extra hint of style. That makes them easy to see at all times. Plus, nothing beats being able to quickly and easily set temperature, cook time, and other settings. As long as you’ve got one hand free, you can use this device with complete ease.

We also really like that this unit features sealed burners, which really come in handy whenever there’s a spill or other issue. The burners trap messes so that you can clean them up super easily. And, if you’ve ever dealt with a hard to clean range before, then you already know what a nice bonus that can be.

This range can be somewhat hard to find, so, if you think it’s the one for you, you may have to do some serious looking. However, we think your search will be well worth it in the end.

The LG Signature Series Range

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LG is a popular brand in a lot of things, but not many people are aware that the company offers a 30-inch dual fuel range. It does, though, and it’s actually pretty great.

This high-tech range is Wi-Fi enabled, a feature that is still rare though it’s popping up on more and more ranges as time goes on.

It is also gas operated, which allows it to cook a lot faster than standard ranges. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the oven has a special heating element located at the back that makes for faster, more even cooking

And, speaking of fast cooking, we have to say that our favorite thing about this unit is that you never have to preheat it. It can instantly reach your desired temperature with just the touch of a button. So, if you’re the type of person who is too impatient to wait on preheating, you will fall in love with this appliance.

Another nice feature for the impatient and busy is the EasyClean self-cleaning feature. While many oven self-cleaning features can take hours to work, this one gets the job done in only ten minutes. Even better yet, you don’t have to spray any chemicals or turn the heat up on high. All it takes is water and this feature, and then you’ve got a ready-to-wipe-down oven that will sparkle like new.

We also mentioned earlier that this unit is WiFi enabled. This allows it to work with your Smartphone, tablet, or other device, which means that you can control it remotely. Wouldn’t it be nice to start cooking your dinner while you’re on the way home? Well, believe it or not, you actually can with this awesome appliance.

And, for those who consider themselves true chefs or at least true chefs in the making, this unit comes complete with several different cooking functions. So, if you like trying out different types of cooking or you are already familiar with and use several different types, you’ll have everything you could ever want all in one unit. Great functions you’ll find here include:

  • Bake
  • Warm
  • Broil
  • Speed Broil
  • Proof
  • Convection Bake
  • Delay Clean
  • Convection Roast
  • Delay Bake
  • Multi-Rack Convection Bake

We also really appreciate that these are features and functions that the average person will actually use. A lot of units claims to offer amazing cooking options…only to find out that those “functions” are totally off the wall things that most people would never take advantage of.

Also, while some units require you to buy additional accessories in order to use the different functions, that is not the case here. Everything you need to enjoy each function comes complete with your purchase.

As a final point, we also love the auto shut off feature that will turn the oven and/or burners off in the event of a problem.

The Thermador Range

Our final pick for a top of the line 30-inch dual fuel range would have to be the Thermador.

There is a lot to love about this unit, namely its great burners which feature very even heat distribution for perfect stovetop cooking, water boiling, and more.

And, while these burners can easily get super hot fast, don’t worry. They can maintain lower temperatures too. They can actually simmer at a mere 100 degrees for perfect sauces, soups, stews, and more.

Like the other units on our list, this offering from Thermador features more than just stovetop cooking. There is also a powerful convection oven underneath. Like the burners up top, consistency is a key feature with this oven, and it can bake items evenly and perfectly every single time.

We also love how large and roomy this oven is. Even if you’re cooking with your largest dish, you should fare well with this massive oven. It has an impressive 4.4 cubic foot capacity. Thus, no matter what you’re making, this oven can handle it.

And, speaking of cooking anything and everything, we also really like that this unit features six different rack levels for your convenience. No matter what you hope to cook or if you want to cook several different items at once, you will find that this oven is more than up to the challenge.

You’re also sure to get absolutely everything you want and need to do all that cooking when you buy this unit. Unlike a lot of other similar appliances that require you to buy extra racks and other features, this one comes complete with a full access telescopic rack and two basic racks as well. That should be enough for just about anyone.

Plus, these racks couldn’t be easier to insert and take out as well. Featuring an easy grip handle, you can always move and use these sturdy racks as safely and easily as possible.

Other things we like about this unit are its blue indicator lighting, which gives it a stylish and unique look. There’s also nice halogen lighting so that you can always seek what you’re cooking without having to open the door and disturb and slow down the cooking process.

The metal knobs are also stylish and sturdy so you end up with a device that, overall, not just looks great but also functions great.

As you can see, there is a lot to love about each of these 30-inch dual fuel range options. However, they definitely aren’t the only options available. These are actually just a few of many such ranges on the market. Because there are so many great options and so much variety, we encourage you to explore different options available so that you can choose the absolute best range to meet your needs.

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