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Even as a communications major in college, I enjoyed spending time in the kitchen. I would bake cakes for every birthday party I attended and test new recipes on my friends each weekend. After graduation, I worked in marketing for a local interior design company and, later, a large catering business.

After joining the catering company, I had even more inspiration for dinner parties and holiday events. I began taking weekly cooking classes for fun to expand my skills. I loved food, and I loved writing about food.

When it was time to buy my own home, I had been spoiled by commercial kitchens and realized I needed upgraded appliances to make the place work for me. I discovered beautiful Viking home ovens and now love every minute cooking or entertaining in the space.

I want to share my knowledge from a background in interior design and professional hospitality, so you can enjoy your home to the fullest. Whether as a place you relax after a long day at work or the event space for all of life’s parties, your home should have the right tools for the job to make each task easier. Not to mention, these luxury home products make even the simplest meal feel gourmet.

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