Comparing Cooktops: A Bertazzoni Cooktop Review

When you’re set to remodel your kitchen, there are a number of appliances to consider, including the oven/stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher. And today, we’re taking a look at one of the most important parts of the kitchen: the cooktop.

Since there are a number of types of cooking, from electric to gas to inductive, it’s important to understand how the different types work, what they’re known for, and how each type would best suit your home.

It’s also important to take a strong look at a variety of models in each type of interest. Comparing prices, features, and sizes can result in knowing the best model for your home.

To help along with that, we’re looking at a particular smaller model gas cooktop from a well-respected brand: Bertazzoni. Below you’ll find price, features, specifications, and comparisons with three similar cooktops in a similar price-range and style.

Overview of the Bertazzoni Cooktop

The Bertazzoni Professional Series PM24400X 24-inch segmented cooktop is housed in a sleek, low-profile stainless-steel maintop. It offers ergonomic design, and loads of features designed to make cooking easier and more efficient than ever.

The 24-inch cooktop has four burners, with cast iron grates, and one hand ignition for easy lighting. There are two different gas burner configurations available. Choose between them for your best cooking style.

These cooktops are also perfect for pairing with a 24-inch Bertazzoni wall oven for compact high- performance cooking.

Bertazzoni produces all of its products in Emilia-Romagna, Italy, a region world-famous for its food. Each product is designed precisely by the Bertazzoni family, who’ve been manufacturing these beauties since last century.

The Bertazzoni company claims an “unwavering commitment” to quality for every product they make.

How the Bertazzoni Cooktop Works

The Bertazzoni cooktop is a gas burner stove, used to produce heat for cooking.

In general, gas stoves can use electric ignition systems, or pilot lights to keep a flame going for easy lighting. Burner controls allow the user to adjust the amount of gas flow, which in turn adjusts the amount of heat applied to the cooktop burner. The more gas, the higher the flame.

The burners on top work in combination with a larger burner that heats the oven beneath it. These are often paired with a heavy metal sheet that helps to spread the heat evenly throughout the interior of the oven.

Gas ovens often have broilers as well, and these are positioned below the standard oven space. Broilers use the same flame that heats the oven to heat and broil the food below the oven. Some models have a secondary burner at the top of the oven, much like electric ovens do.

Not all gas cooktops have ovens, however. These are sometimes sold separately to suit the needs of the kitchen space.

The Bertazzoni cooktop is one such cooktop sold separately from an oven, which accommodates different kitchen shapes and needs, as well as lowering the price of the unit from what a combination stovetop/oven would be.

Appliances that use pilot lights maintain a gas feed to the small flame next to a burner, and those are kept lit constantly.

When the gas valve is opened, as done by the burner knob, the natural gas floods out and the pilot light ignites it. If the pilot light goes out, it has to be re-lit.

Electronic ignitions work like a sparking mechanism in a lighter, and create a series of small sparks when the burner is activated.

Some stoves mix these two ignition systems, using both a pilot light for the oven, and electronic igniters for cooktops.

Product Specifications for the Bertazzoni Cooktop

The Bertazzoni cooktop has many of the standard specifications and features of gas drop-in cooktops.

Model Information

Brand: Bertazzoni

Series: Professional Series

Model: PM24400X


Fuel Type: Gas

Style: Sealed Burner

Type: Drop-In

Continuous Grates: Yes

Color: Stainless Steel

Surface Color: Stainless Steel

Aluminum Burners: 4

Maintop: Stainless Steel

Worktop Controls: Knobs

Knobs: Solid Metal

Grates: Cast Iron

One Hand Ignition: Yes

Cooking Zones

Rapid: 1 at 11,000 BTU/h

Semi-Rapid: 2 at 6,500 BTU/h

Auxiliary: 1 at 3,400 BTU/h

Electrical Requirements: 120V, 60Hz

Max. Amp Usage: 1A - 1W

Certifications: CSA


Overall Width: 23 13/16 inches

Overall Depth: 20 15/32 inches

Overall Height: 2 11/16 inches

Cutout Width: 22 1/8 inches

Cutout Depth: 19 11/16 inches

Product Information

Set 1 QTY: 1

Set 1 Output: 11000

Set 2 QTY: 2

Set 2 Output: 6500

Set 3 QTY: 1

Set 3 Output: 3400

Grill: No

Griddle: No


Downdraft Venting: No

Induction: No

Hot Surface Indicator Light: No

Sabbath Mode: No

Technical Details

ADA Compliant: No

Ignition Type: Electronic

Modules Required: No

LP Conversion: Yes

Amps: 15

Voltage: 120 Volts

Features of the Bertazzoni Cooktop

The Bertazzoni Professional Series PM24400X has a 24-inch wide stainless steel cooktop, stainless steel professional knobs mounted on the front. There are four gas burners in two different configurations available, designed to suit different styles of cooking.

The cast iron grates are high-quality, easy-to-clean design, and the cooktop has a single one-hand electronic ignition.

An LP Conversion kit is included.

Price Range for the Bertazzoni Cooktop

Bertazzoni Master Series 36" Stainless Steel Dual Fuel Range
  • 5 Sealed Aluminum Burners
  • 4.4 cu. ft. Convection Oven
  • Manual Clean

The basic, non-sale list price for the Bertazzoni Professional Series PM24400X runs between $715 to $3,300 depending on where you purchase the cooktop.

You may wish to add extended warranties to your purchase as well, so consider the additional cost of that as you determine where you will purchase the cooktop.

Warranty Information for the Bertazzoni Cooktop

The Bertazzoni Cooktop has a 2-year parts and labor warranty from the manufacturer. You may purchase an extended warranty from almost any retailer selling this model.

How Does the Bertazzoni Cooktop Compare to the Competition?

The Bertazzoni is a four-burner gas cooktop, so we’re comparing it with other similar models from different brands, in a similar price range. Each cooktop has four sealed burners, and similar basic functions as the Bertazzoni cooktop.

Comparisons: The Bertazzoni Cooktop Versus Smeg Classic Design SR60GHU3

Smeg SR60GHU3 24" Classic Gas Cooktop, 4 Gas Burners, Stainless Steel
  • AISI 304 stainless steel cooktop
  • Heavy duty cast iron grates
  • Burner layout in diamond configuration

Both the Bertazzoni and the Smeg have varying BTU burner outputs for accommodating various cooking needs. Both include LP conversion kits and are of “sleek modern” design.


The Smeg Classic runs about $700 across most retail sites and stores, and up to $920 on specialty sites. This means it runs a little lower in cost than the Bertazzoni at the lower price range.

Ease of Use

The heavy cast iron burners and ergonomic front control design should make this a fairly easy to use cooktop. It’s designed with a diamond shaped configuration of the burners, which may also help with easy-of-use in many cooking situations.

A key feature of this stainless steel cooktop is the automatic electronic ignition.

The stove includes an LP gas conversion kit and safety valves.


The Smeg comes with a 1-year full warranty for parts and labor.

Comparisons: The Bertazzoni Cooktop Versus Summit GC424BGL

Summit Appliance Summit GC424BGL Gas Cooktop, Black, 24 inches
  • European Design and Durability: Made in Italy, with a Smooth EuroKera black ceramic surface that provides elite...
  • Multi-Purpose Design: The GC424BGL is a four-burner gas cooktop with a combination of one 8,350 BTU, two 4,350 BTU, and...
  • Easy to Install: While the unit size measures 2" H x 23.25" W x 20.5" D, it can seamlessly fit into counter spaces sized...

The Bertazzoni and the Summit models have multiple features in common, including the varying BTU outputs on the four burners, and the ability to be converted to LP gas. The Smeg has some fantastic features that anyone concerned about safety may wish to consider as well.


The Summit runs between $640 to $850 at most retailers. There may be sales or rebates available which may lower the price.

There are also extended warranties offered by many retailers, which would increase the cost, if you choose to have the added protection beyond the manufacturer’s standard warranty.

Ease of Use

Overall rating for ease-of-use for the Summit is a 4.5 out of 5 stars.

The continuous cast iron grates, varying BTU output on the various units, and ability to convert the unit to LP gas makes the Smeg Classic an easy to use cooktop. The similarities between the two models are strong and make both good options for basic drop-in cooktops that can be paired well with any oven you’d like.

The thermocouple flame failure protection feature on the Smeg also adds benefits for anyone who tends to be a little forgetful, or who has older children that may be using the stove. This feature means that the gas automatically turns off if the flame has been extinguished for more than twelve seconds.

There is no mention of this feature for the Bertazzoni cooktop, as well as most other models we’ve researched.


The Summit has a 2-year parts and labor warranty offered from the manufacturer. Most retailers also offer extended warranties for this model. This is the same basic warranty as the Bertazzoni. Overall, the warranty receives a 4 out of 5 stars rating.

Comparisons: The Bertazzoni Cooktop Versus Bosch 500 Series NGM5456UC

The Bertazzoni and Bosch share some basic similarities, but the Bosch also has some unique features that the Bertazzoni lacks.


The Bosch is around $760 at most retailers, which is fairly similar to the Bertazzoni model.

Ease of Use

The push-to-turn knobs on the Bosch make this a safer unit than others that do not require this effort. The electronic re-ignition that automatically re-lights the burner when flames go out make this an easy-to-use model, as well as the continuous grate which makes moving heavy pots easy and safer.

Over all, the Bosch is an easy-to-use cooktop with basic features, as well as a few key features that help to make it stand out from other similar models.


There’s a 1-year warranty for parts and labor for the Bosch 500 Series NGM5456UC. This warranty is half the length of the Bertazzoni’s more standard warranty length of two years. The warranty for the Bosch is ranked at 3 out of 5 stars for this reason.


  • Choice options in configurations.
  • Front mounted knobs.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to clean.


  • No down-drafting ventilation. 
  • No automatic gas turn off.
  • No push-to-turn knobs.

The biggest pro for the Bertazzoni Professional Series PM24400X is the choice in configurations. All the other positive features pair with this personal choice option to make for a pretty great cooktop.

Front mounted knobs are also a strong positive for this cooktop. Front mounted knobs are easier to manage and keep track of than top of stove knobs.

The cast iron grates are easy-to-clean, and generally, the model is easy to use.

Basically, the Bertazzoni cooktop has the basic necessary features and elements, but there are some that it would benefit from having.

For one, there’s no down-drafting ventilation for this model from Bertazzoni. This feature helps remove dangerous smoke and fumes from the stove, lessening the risk of fire.

If this model had the safety feature of the automatic gas turn off, and the push-to-turn knobs, this would be pretty much the perfect 24-inch drop-in cooktop. Without these features, it’s a more basic, though still high quality, model that doesn’t stand out as well as other models by other brands.

Where to Buy the Bertazzoni Cooktop

You may purchase the Bertazzoni Professional Series PM24400X at AJ Madison, Goedekers, Appliances Connection, Designer Appliances, and other similar websites and retailers across the USA and Canada.

Our Final Thoughts

The Bertazzoni Professional Series PM24400X is an excellent cooktop, made of fine quality materials, with high quality manufacturing standards. The company has a reputation for excellence and quality, often ranked as one of the top luxury brands for major appliances for the kitchen.

The front mounted knobs, cast iron grates, and stainless steel top help not only appearance, but the quality of the cooktop overall.

The two different configurations available for the burners is one of our favorite features for this particular cooktop. This means that you’ve got more versatility than others offer. The one-hand ignition is also a key feature for this model that helps it to stand out from many of its competitors.

There are a few features we wish the Bertazzoni cooktop had, for safety reasons, but overall, the cooktop is an excellent choice for any kitchen. 

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