Bertazzoni MAS304DFMXE Review

If you’ve looked at luxury ranges, then chances are that you’ve heard of Bertazzoni.

The Bertazzoni MAS365GASXE is one of the several ranges in their Masters line and is Italian made.

Both affordable and contemporary looking, it can function as an excellent conversation topic, too. It blends a classic and modern look in one fantastic range.

It stays true to its roots and is not full of the digital gadgets and gizmos you might see on other models that are around today.

In short, if you prefer having a touchscreen, then steer clear.

But if you want something classic that looks like it belongs in a professional kitchen, then this is a great choice for you.

What is the Bertazzoni MAS304DFMXE?

Just one of the ranges in the Masters line, the Bertazz​​​​oni MAS304DFMXE is manufactured in Italy by a company that has its roots and values based in familial generations spanning over a hundred years.

Back in the late 19th century, Bertazzoni got its start courtesy of Francesco and his son. They based their first design on stoves that were found in railcars of the time period.

The first factory was established in 1909 and has only grown since its inception. They had been primarily in European markets, and more recently in 2005, they entered the United States and Canada as well.

Since that time, there have been six generations that have been at the helm of the company. Over time, they have not allowed quality to suffer and have upheld the standards that have become synonymous with the Bertazzoni name.

As such, any of the ranges in the Masters line would look excellent in any kitchen for anyone would like to have a professional-style unit they can be proud of.

The Design

The Bertazzoni MAS304DFMXE and its replacement, the MAST304DFMXE, are considered to be dual fuel which means they use both gas and electricity in different capacities.

Dimensions for the range indicate that it is a range better suited for smaller spaces. It is 30 inches wide by 35.5 inches high and a depth of just over 25” in size.

The front of the range also carries the classic medallion that Bertazzoni puts on all of their products since they first became a company. The range is a gas range while the oven is electric.

stainless steel handle

The Range Top

The knobs have a soft touch to them, but they are made from a silvery plastic. You’ll notice that when you turn the range on, it lights quickly and cleanly.


The entire top of the range is also made of a solid piece of stainless steel, making it very easy to clean. To clean the burners, all you have to do is remove the grates and you’re set.

There is also a thermocouple safety system in place. What this means is that if the flame were to ever go out while you were cooking, the gas would automatically shut off to prevent the release of any fumes into the air.

Something else to note about this unit is the way that the shutoff system that is in place for gas also works when electric power is lost for any reason.

You can manually start the burners, too, if the power is off by igniting them yourself.

The Oven

The oven is a full 3.6 cubic feet. It is large enough to put a roast or a small turkey in, but larger dishes may not work quite as effectively.

On the inside, the oven uses an infrared system to ensure even cooking all the way around whether you’re baking, roasting, or broiling.


There is also a convection mode that you can choose to use.

When it comes to cleaning, it may be a little more difficult to clean than others. You won’t find a self-cleaning option here, so you’ll need to put some elbow grease into it to make sure it gets clean.

Product Specifications

For those among us that prefer to get a quick snapshot of what you can expect with the Bertazzoni MAS304DFMXE, here are some highlights of the product specifications.

  • Energy Usage: gas and electric
  • Exterior Materials: stainless steel
  • Compliant: CSA
  • Heating: gas range, electric oven
  • Safety: thermocouple safety for gas
  • Other Features: soft-touch knobs, cast iron grates, triple glass oven door
  • Burners: 4 aluminum burners – 2 rapid heat, 1 semi-rapid, and 1 auxiliary
  • Total Oven Capacity: 3.6 cubic feet
  • Warranty: two-year manufacturer warranty


Pricing on the Bertazzoni MAS304DFMXE is difficult to pin down because they have been discontinued from the Masters line of ranges.

If you do happen to find one, you can expect to pay anywhere from $2500 to around $3500 from an authorized dealer. Shipping costs will also be dependent on the dealer, so keep that in mind.

Bertazzoni offers all consumers a two-year warranty, but the range must be purchased either from an authorized dealer or directly from the company for it to apply.

As the MAS304DFMXE is no longer manufactured, the only way you’ll find one is from a dealer assuming that there is existing stock.

Of course, if you’re open to the idea, you can always purchase the MAST304DFMXE if you’d prefer, too. As those are in the current production line, you’ll able to find them easily from both authorized dealer and the manufacturer.

When it comes to actually using the range, it is surprisingly easy to use, too. The burners respond quickly and light without any issues. They also have different functions to allow you a greater variety of ways to cook over the flame.

There are additional accessories that are also available as add-ons to the unit both when and after you purchase it. These accessories include a griddle plate, a wok ring, and a ring meant for simmering. These same accessories are also available for the more current MAST304DFMXE if you’d rather go that route.

The oven also works fairly easily and relatively evenly. You even have options of getting a gliding shelf to put on the inside to make it easier to work with when you’re baking.

More on Bertazzoni’s Care and Warranty

Bertazzoni holds customer care in the highest regard.

Because of this, they ensure that there are trained professionals available to you everywhere across the United States as well as Canada.

All you have to do is call or email when you’re in need of some help. They’re available via email all week long and by phone during business hours Monday through Friday.

You are also able to access Bertazzoni’s library that has a complete collection of both manuals and care instructions all available in PDF format. You can choose to download them in either French or English.

Your warranty gives you two years full of coverage that includes both parts and labor, also available in both English and French, so don’t forget to activate it.

Warranty activation is simple to do thanks to their website. You will need to fill out the information that they ask for and submit it online. The site is secure, and the company promises to keep your information entirely confidential.

Remember that activating your warranty is important. You will be alerted about any potential recalls courtesy of the information that you give them. It’s a good thing to have this alert automatically sent out to you so you don’t miss anything that could otherwise be problematic.

Also, if your range needs servicing, with warranty activation, it will be easier for you to request service. If you don’t activate your warranty, then you’re going to be stuck with having to search for some other proof of purchase to make sure your unit is still covered by Bertazzoni’s warranty.

Another unfortunate occurrence that happens sometimes is loss to your home and all of your belongings.

Warranty activation provides proof of purchase to your insurance company in the event that something should happen like a fire or a flood. It can make it easier to recover your damages if something like that should happen.

Pros and Cons

When you’re considering a major purchase like the Bertazzoni MAS304DFMXE, you’ll want to make sure you weigh the pros and cons so that you’re comfortable handing over amount on the price tag.


  • Efficient burners.
  • Superb heat control.
  • List Element
  • Check Circle
    Will work even with no electricity (for burners).
  • Check Circle
    Easy to clean.
  •  Available infrared electric oven.


  • This specific model will soon be phased out in the market.
  • Limited roasting capacity.
  • No safety lock feature.
  • The burners work quickly, quietly, and easily. Their layout is functional for maximum coverage across the top of the range.
  • Control of the heat is also excellent. It has the same capacity for extremely low heat like other models that allows you to melt chocolate without burning anything.
  • If you ever lose power, you can still at least light the burners which can be useful in certain situations.
  • Cleaning the top of the range is very easy thanks to the solid stainless steel covering and the removable aluminum grates. There is no reason you won’t be able to keep it clean and shiny.
  • The infrared electric oven is fantastic for even cooking and heating. You won’t find cold spots in this oven thanks to its design.
  • Pricing is reasonable when compared to other professional ranges, too. Given the performance, they could demand a higher price point and be well within their rights to do so.
  • Where the MAS304DFMXE is concerned, the fact that it has been discontinued can be a problem if you have your heart set on this model.
  • While the oven is sized well for a small roast or small turkey, if you plan on roasting or baking anything bigger, you’ll want to look elsewhere.
  • If you lose power, your oven will be unusable, but that’s to be expected when it comes to electric components.
  • There is no safety lock feature on the knobs to keep them from accidentally being turned on thanks to kids with curious fingers or guests that are unaware.

Our Final Thoughts

Should you decide to look for the discontinued Bertazzoni MAS304DFMXE or the replacement, the MAST304DFMXE, consider a few things first.

Of course, the top of the list should include your budget.

Do you want to spend more or less than about $3000 on a quality range?

While this is one of the more affordable professional-style ranges, there are some perks that you may prefer that is not available on this model.

The lack of these features may be seen as flaws by some, but may actually be preferable for others.

You can expect both the discontinued MAS304DFMXE and the current MAST305DFMXE to have the same construction and design with only minor differences.

Do keep in mind that this range requires much more interaction than most modern ranges, so you’ll need to be ready for that. That includes knowing the ins and outs of what you can expect for a range like this one.

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