The Bertazzoni MAS365GASXE Is One Of The Ranges In The Master Series And Is Manufactured In Italy.

With a sleek and affordable price tag, the design owes itself to adding a kind of ambiance to whatever kitchen it gets to call home.

It’s a beautiful addition to your kitchen, but it doesn’t have a tech inclination like some other modern ranges that you see out there.

If you want something classic, then this is an excellent choice.

But if you want touchscreens or if you like preset controls, then you probably won’t be happy with this one.

What Is The Bertazzoni MAS365GASXE?

So, by now you are at least aware that the Bertazzoni MAS365GASXE is a range made in Italy. But did you know that it was a family owned and run company, too?

Bertazzoni can claim its heritage all the way back to the 19th century and has been presided over by someone from the family for the past six generations. Francesco Bertazzoni, along with his son, was the first to develop a concept based on stoves being used in railcars.

It wasn’t until 1909 that they first established a factory, and the company has been going ever since. Over the past hundred years, they’ve branched out into different markets, going to the United States back in 2005, as well as Canada that same year.

The company is a well-respected company across Europe, and they continue to make quality products. Today’s lines are no different in terms of expected look and luxury as the always have been.  

In fact, the current MAS365GASXE is a professional range that would still fit into any contemporary kitchen.

The Design

the light  holding the hands

The range is a full 36 inches wide by 25 inches deep which means the cooking surface is plentiful. The sharp, defined lines also make it look sleek and modern. 

You can adjust the legs to the height that you need them to be, and the overall range is entirely functional.

The black plastic knobs seem starkly different to the rest of the stainless steel body and black range.

The range has kept the classic brand medallion that has been on all of their products since the company’s inception, too.

The Range Top

top range and the food is cooking

There are several black knobs that control the range. They are made of a basic plastic. To turn them on, all you have to do is push the knob and turn it to ignite the burners. There is a safety system in place that will stop gas flow to the burner if the flame were to go out while in use.

That’s a neat safety feature, but be aware that gas flow does not stop if it were accidentally turned on without being lit.

The Oven


The Bertazzoni MAS365GASXE has a full 4.4 cubic feet of space that offers a couple of standard racks along with a triple-glass door that is designed to improve how well the oven insulates heat.

It has a professional appearance with its handle and overall finish.

You’ll find a few different modes available to your oven. They include bake, defrost/dehydrate, convection, and broil. It heats quickly, but you’ll have to spend some time getting to know just how the oven works.

Product Specifications

the sign

Occasionally, you may prefer a quick list to refer to regarding the specifications of the range you’re looking for to get an idea of whether or not it will fill the need. With that said, here is a quick breakdown for you to peruse.

  • Energy Usage: Gas
  • Exterior Materials: Stainless steel
  • Compliant: CSA
  • Cooking Programs: broil, convection, defrost, fan-assisted
  • Heating: Gas burner
  • Safety: Gas safety stop feature
  • Other Features: Cast iron grates, wok function, aluminum burners, soft touch controls
  • Burners: 5 total – 1 dual wok, 1 auxiliary, 2 rapid, 1 semi-rapid
  • Total Oven Capacity: 4.4 cubic feet
  • Warranty: two years



The pricing for the MAS365GASXE depends on whether or not you can find one because they’ve been discontinued.

The model that has replaced that model, the MAST365GASXE, is around $$$$ plus shipping. Shipping varies by dealer which must be an authorized dealer.

The company offers a two-year manufacturer warranty, but only if you purchase it directly from the company or from an authorized dealer.
The MAS3665GASXE is no longer available through the country as it was discontinued, but you might be able to find existing stock somewhere through a dealer.

Alternatively, you can always purchase the MAST365GASXE as those are currently being produced and are readily available.

The range is also easy to use. They turn on and burn quickly. The burners also all have different functions. One of them is perfect for using a wok, another of them will offer you a slow heat which is excellent for melting chocolate without burning it.

There are three other burners, too, which include two rapid heat burners, and an auxiliary burner that is great for simmering.

There are also other accessories that you can purchase to increase the versatility of your range.

Some of the accessories include things like a simmer ring, a wok ring, and even a griddle plate that fits directly over your burners. These accessories are still available for the newer MAST365GASXE and are generally quite affordable.

The oven requires a bit more handling to get it going, though, so you’ll need to be aware of that.

In order to get it started, you’ve got to open the door, select the mode, and wait for the oven to ignite. You need to verify that the flame has actually lighted compared to other ovens where you just push a button and go.

More On The Warranty And Care

bertazzoni design

Bertazzoni claims to be committed to customer service and has trained professionals available across the country to service your range should you need something.

You can call them or email them to let them know that you need assistance any day of the week, although they may only respond Monday through Friday should you email them on the weekend.

You can also access their entire library of manuals and a list of care instructions for every model. Every single one can be downloaded in a PDF format.

When it comes to your warranty, your range has a full two-year warranty that applies to both parts and labor. It’s available in both English and French on their site.

Activating the warranty is easy, too.

All you need to do is fill out and submit specific information about your range, and you can do it from their website.

There are several reasons to remember to activate your warranty. Should anything ever be recalled, they’ll use your warranty information to contact you. It makes life a lot easier for you if they ever need to reach you for something.

If you need to request service on your range, too, by activating the warranty, you’ll be guaranteed to have service and a response in a timely manner. Without it, you may suffer from a lack of efficiency since you or they will have to dig through records to determine whether or not your unit is still under warranty.

Something else to think about is the possibility of loss of any equipment that requires filing for insurance. Your registration for the product and activating the warranty can also act as a proof of purchase if you ever had the misfortune of losing your home to a fire or other disaster.

Bertazzoni also guarantees the privacy of their customers and promises to not share any information with any outside parties, so your contact information will remain confidential.

Pros And Cons

There are many different positives and negatives about the Bertazzoni MAS365GASXE, and some of them may be more important to you than others.


  • The burners light easily and are laid out for maximum usability across the entire range.
  • Burners are also easy to control with the lowest setting able to melt chocolate directly on the range without burning it in the pan.
  • The burners can also be lit manually which is fantastic in the event of a power outage.
  • Cleaning is incredibly easy. You can remove the burners for cleaning, and the top is a single, solid piece of pressed stainless steel. That means that it’s easy to wipe clean as needed.
  • The price is reasonable among professional ranges, and they work incredibly well for heating. The rapid burners will even boil water in under 10 minutes.


  • The biggest con to the Bertazzoni MAS365GASXE is the fact that it is no longer made and has been replaced by the MAST365GASXE.
  • It is also best suited for flat dishes like casseroles unless you pull out the top rack.
  • The racks are also quite heavy. If you’re in the middle of using the oven and need to pull them out when they’re hot, you may need someone else to help you so as to not hurt yourself in the process.
  • The gas heating inside the oven makes for uneven heating. There are often cold spots throughout the oven, which can make cooking somewhat difficult.
  • If you were to lose power, then you will be out of luck lighting the flame inside the oven. It’s in a difficult to reach place and is not recommended by the manufacturer.
  • The knobs on the oven are somewhat awkward. You can’t lock them, and if you ever accidentally lean against them, you risk releasing gas unintentionally.
  • There are no safety lock features on the gas range on the MAS65GASXE, so there is no way to keep them from accidentally turning on.

The Final Verdict

Before you decide to seek out either the discontinued Bertazzoni MAS365GASXE or the current MAST365GASXE, there are a few things you’ll need to think about.

Naturally, you’ll need to consider your budget and what you want out of a professional-style range. This is a more affordable option compared to others, but it is still excellent quality. It is missing some perks that other choices may offer, so you’ll need to decide if that’s a deal breaker or not.

Most of these flaws in the design and they remain even with the newer MAST365GASXE, although the newer version has certain features that the older model did not have.

You will need to get to know how your oven works, inside and out. It is a far more interactive piece of kitchen equipment than your standard oven, so you’ll need to be prepared for that.

At the same time, if you want a range that looks nice and is fully functional for those of you that enjoy being creative in the kitchen, then this model or its newer version are good choices for you.

The professional style and sometimes desired quirks can make this range perfect for someone that wants something different in their kitchen.

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