Does your kitchen need a tune-up?

Old appliances can ruin a good meal just as quickly as bad ingredients, so you need to make sure everything is up-to-date. What’s the most important appliance of all? The stove. And yours may be lacking in several ways.

The modern kitchen needs a modern stove above all else. If you’ve got something outdated and dysfunctional, it could put a damper on an otherwise joyful Tuesday-night pot roast or the traditional family pizza night.

So, you’ve decided you do need a new range. But which one should you go with? When it comes to stoves, there are enough options out there to make your head spin. You need to know which brand is best for you.

You may have heard about Bertazzoni. If you haven’t, no worries. We’ll fill you in. This line of luxury appliances is killing it Italian-style, especially when it comes to their stoves. Might this be the holy grail of ranges at the end of your quest? Maybe.

We’re here to tell you everything you need to know about the Bertazzoni stove. We’ll go over pricing, features, technology, and even compare it to some other brands so you’ll know for certain if this is the appliance for you. Read on to enter the exciting world of Bertazzoni.

bertazzoni stove - what exactly is it

Bertazzoni is the father of Italian kitchenware. They’ve been pumping out quality cooking appliances for five generations, and their line of stoves offers anything and everything that a homeowner may want.

They include gas, dual-fuel, electric ovens, and convection-powered stoves and stovetops to ensure you get the kind of power you need and want in your home.

A Bertazzoni stove comes with all the most modern technology and built-in features wrapped up in a chic design that you may not be able to resist. These are some sleek stoves, and they rival even the most luxurious of brands in terms of looks.

As high-end as these ranges are, the prices are pretty reasonable. While the costs won’t exactly shock you, you’ll find them a nice refresher from the kind of money you’d pay for a Wolf or a Miele.

technical specs and special features you need to know about

Features and technical specs vary depending on which model you buy. However, there are some things you can expect to find in every Bertazzoni stove.


gas range

technical specs and special features you need to know about

The Bertazzoni stove is such a special appliance not only because of quality but because of its looks and design versatility. You’ll be able to find a stove to fit your exact spacing needs, with different stovetop configurations to match what you like.

You can choose to have extras added on like a griddle and a secondary oven in the larger stove sizes. Not only that, but these gleaming stoves come in all different colors. Depending on the model, you can pick between red, orange, yellow, white, black, and natural stainless-steel. You may even be able to get more colors if your preferred vendor has them in stock. This means you can choose the best color to go with your kitchen to enhance the design and flow throughout the room.

Every stove is made of stainless steel regardless of the color, and all grating for the gas cooktops is made of cast iron. These materials are the durable industry standard for ranges across the board.

Special Features

Looks aren’t everything, and Bertazzoni knows that. But while they do put emphasis on features like their special brass burners and dual-fan convection system, Bertazzoni fails to deliver on features like auto-cook options and electronic control panels. It’s also worth noting that the brass burners are only available for certain models. Others come with lower-quality aluminum burners.

Electric ovens by Bertazzoni have special settings like proofing, dehydrating, and thawing to get your cooking just right. It’s important to note that while some of the full-sized convection ovens have a dual-fan convection system just like the more expensive brands (such as Jenn-Air and Wolf), some of them do not.

Gas ovens have had a less positive reception from customers. Some claimed that the oven flat-out didn’t work well in any mode other than convection, rendering it useless for delicate pastry and breads. Because of this, a dual-fuel range with an electric oven may be the best choice.


top range

Do they work well? The short answer is yes, though it depends largely on which model you want to go with. As stated before, steer clear of the gas oven. What about the stovetop? It seems as though the induction cooktop is making waves in the range community, and it is way more energy-efficient than gas or electric.

However, you won’t get the kind of control you’ll get with a gas burner. Gas cooktops go up to 18,000 BTUs and seem to be the most popular style at Bertazzoni. They obviously put care and consideration into their burners. If you do decide to purchase, buy a model with brass burners and calibrate them properly to eliminate uneven heating problems.

Overall, reviews on functionality were pretty good. Customers claimed their Bertazzoni stove was easy to use, though results varied as far as how food actually turned out. The bottom line? These ranges seem to work well, but you have to know how to use them. You also need to buy a temperature probe or gauge for the oven, because Bertazzoni does not include one.

Technical Specs

The technical specifications vary depending on which model you want to buy. Models are available which fit for spaces 30”, 36”, and 48”. These models are available with gas or induction cooktops, and gas or electric stoves. There is also a super-compact model available which fits a 24” space, though this one is a gas stove and has no option for an electric oven.

Bertazzoni doesn’t skimp on oven space. Even with the smallest 24” model, you’ll still get 2.4 cubic feet of oven space. The 30” model comes with 4.7 cubic feet of space, while the 36” model will deliver 5.7 cubic feet. The largest 48” model comes with two ovens, one at 4.7 cubic feet and a smaller one at 2.4 cubic feet.

The Bertazzoni warranty will cover your appliance for 2 years and includes parts and labor. Does this ensure you’ll get good customer service from Bertazzoni? Unfortunately, no. Reviews on customer service are varied, with some being abysmal and some being even worse. Consumer Reports especially has some choice words to say about Bertazzoni customer service, but it may depend on where you live.

Bertazzoni Stove Pricing And Vendors

So, where can you get a Bertazzoni stove? These babies can be found at many online retailers, but make sure the seller of your choice is authorized so you’ll get the warranty.

ABT is always a good choice, offering up nearly every from the Bertazzoni line. Prices here range from $$$$ for the compact 24" model, all the way up to $$$$ for the 48" model. A 30” model will be $$$$-$$$$, and the 36” model will set you back $$$$-$$$$. The variance in price depends on the color you want.

These prices are much lower than other brands. However, keep in mind that colors and extra styling features will cost you more. You can pay up to $$$$ for a 48” heritage series model. This stove is colorful, flashy, and designed in an old-school style that’ll take you back to the days before electric ovens.

The ever-popular AJ Madison also carries the line, and their prices seem to be on par with ABT. Amazon also has some of these stoves, though they do not have as wide of a variety as ABT and AJ Madison.

How The Bertazzoni Stove Compares With The Competition

Now that you know all about the Bertazzoni stove, let’s compare it to the competition.

The Wolf 36” dual fuel range is a testament to kitchen control. Check out its star ratings:


Ease of Use

Assembly Time

Build Quality



The Wolf 36” Dual Fuel range seems to have everything that the Bertazzoni has, feature-wise. The twin-fan convection system, tons of oven settings, and 20,000 BTUs make it just as powerful if not more powerful than the Bertazzoni.

It provides even more features on top of that, including a “Premiere Simmer” setting which gives you the most control out of nearly every range on the market. The price of the Wolf is easily twice the price of the Bertazzoni, but you’re getting a product which provides many more features and much better control.

This stainless-steel range is very durable, with parts meant to last you a lifetime. However, the 1-year parts and labor warranty on this particular model leaves something to be desired but buying from a showroom may get you a better warranty.

The Miele Pro-Style range is a true top-of-the-line product with admirable star ratings:


Ease of Use

Assembly Time

Build Quality



The Miele is the stove for you if you want tons of settings, special features, and easy-to-use controls. Besides the gas burners, everything about this stove is electronic. It’s got an LED touchscreen display for the oven, making programming easy and quick.

It also goes with tons of power with 19,000 BTUs of power on the stove. It does cost around $$$$ more than the Bertazzoni, which makes sense considering the LED controls and over 100 MasterChef oven settings. It also comes with a wireless roast probe and oven temperature reader, so there won’t be any guesswork involved when baking or roasting.

If you’re willing to pay top dollar, this oven is surely worth it. However, some people may not want all those electrical components. They tend to break more easily, and some people don’t want to take the time to program them. The warranty will not cover parts broken after one year of ownership.

The KitchenAid induction range is their answer to Bertazzoni’s own induction range, and its star ratings are pretty good:


Ease of Use

Assembly Time

Build Quality



The KitchenAid is a good bit bigger than the Bertazzoni, offering a total of 7.1 cubic feet of oven capacity. This is just at the 30” model. The KitchenAid also has many features that the Bertazzoni doesn’t, like the “steam bake” setting and a whopping 7 oven rack-placement guides.

The price of the KitchenAid is technically a few hundred dollars less than the price of the corresponding Bertazzoni oven. But it isn’t available in any other colors and is thus not as customizable as the Bertazzoni. It also has a lesser warranty at just one year.

Pros And Cons Of The Bertazzoni Stove

Now that we’ve checked out the competition, let’s go over the pros and cons of the Bertazzoni stove.


  • Much less expensive than other high-quality ranges from Miele and Wolf.
  • Better warranty than Miele and KitchenAid at 2 years.
  • Comes in customizable colors and styles which Miele, KitchenAid, and Wolf brands don’t offer.
  • Made of durable and high-quality material.


  • Poor customer service, whereas Wolf is notorious for their great customer service.
  • Reports of gas stoves working improperly and ruining food.
  • Simmer setting not as precise as Miele or Wolf
  • Doesn’t include temperature probe like Miele and Wolf.
  • Takes some getting used to, and requires adjustments to figure out the best settings, temperature, etc.

Our Final Verdict On the bertazzoni stove

A Bertazzoni stove is a great buy, depending on what you’re looking for and how much time you want to spend figuring out your new stove.

Star Rating: We give this product 3 stars overall. The dual-fuel and induction-topped models seem to work well, but too many people had problems with the gas-powered oven. It’s a lot of work to figure out which internal temperature your oven has reached, and since there is no thermometer you will have to buy one if you want to bake anything.

If you’re looking for a fun stove in customizable colors, the Bertazzoni dual-fuel or induction stove could fit your needs perfectly. They’re adorable, stylish, and way less expensive than other luxury brands.

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