The Best Wolf Range for Your Luxury Appliance Needs

Everyone deserves to spoil themselves.

Yes, even you.

Especially after all the hard work you have put in to be where you are in life.

As you spoil yourself and create the perfect haven you call home, one room that deserves a lot of your attention, effort, and money is the kitchen.

And if you are looking for an appliance that will make a beautiful but practical centerpiece for your kitchen, you should consider getting a classic range.

And not just any old range – a Wolf Range.

The Difference Between a Range and a Stove

For many years, people have been trying to solve the mystery of what differentiates a stove from a range.

But is there really a difference or is range simply a fancy word for a stove?

The short answer is that using the word range and stove interchangeably is erroneous as these 2 words refer to 2 different appliances.

Let’s briefly take a look into this debate before looking at our best Wolf Range reviews.


In the general sense, a stove is the top part of your cooking appliance – the part commonly called the stove top or burner.


In many instances, when you are looking for a cooking appliance, you will find some units that are sold as a separate stove top and oven

But the most common cooking appliance in many homes is one that comes with a stove top and oven combined.

That is what is called a range.

A range gives you the convenience of being able to cook on the stove top and the oven all in one unit.

But with a Wolf range, you get more than just convenience or versatility.

You get an appliance that compliments your personality.

But what is a Wolf range and why should you even bother yourself about it?

Well, let’s take a walk down the annals of history so as to better understand this brand and why it has to be an integral part of your luxury kitchen.

Wolf Ranges – Cooking Since 1934

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Today, when looking to remodel your kitchen your kitchen, you’ll definitely encounter beautiful models designed around Sub-Zero refrigeration and one of the best ranges you can find anywhere – Wolf ranges.

So where did it all begin?

It all began in 1934 when 2 brothers, Al and Hyman Wolf, started a business of repairing and reconditioning household kitchen ranges. Their knack for being able to modify appliances to their customer’s exact specifications led to them being sought out by restaurants in Los Angeles needing ranges built to their unique specifications.

Being the visionary entrepreneurs they were, the Wolf brothers set up a company (the Wolf Range Company) that specialized in building professional-grade ranges.

It didn’t take long for Wolf to broaden their product line to include commercial gas ranges, griddles, fryers, and ovens. One of their most innovative and popular creations was their line of seamless stainless, sealed-burner professional ranges that inspired the luxury Wolf appliances that are adding character to many beautiful homes around the country.

With the rise of gourmet home cooking in the 1970s, there was a great demand for domestic ranges that were better in precision and performance than what was currently available.

This was a cry the Wolf brothers couldn’t ignore.

The Wolf Range Company then branched into developing a line of domestic ranges that brought the durability, efficiency, and performance of commercial ranges home. Only this time, the designs were chic, elegant, and downright good looking.

Ever since then, Wolf ranges have become the ultimate status symbol when it comes to kitchen appliances – especially professional domestic ranges.

In case you are wondering, professional ranges are ranges designed with high output BTU burners in a commercial appearance. Pro-ranges come in both gas and dual-fuel configurations.

And BTUs?

British thermal units (BTU) are the units used to measure the heat given off by gas burners. In essence, you could say they are the gas equivalent of Watts in electric stoves. One BTU raises the temperature of 1 pound of water by 1 degree Fahrenheit.

If you are looking for a range that has the ability to bring out the chef in you due to its precision, power, and elegance, then a Wolf range is definitely what you are looking for. After all, you can’t get a better range than a Wolf range.

And to make sure that people know that the beautiful range in your kitchen is a Wolf range, the Wolf Range Company designs most of their ranges with their trademark red control knobs. Even though you can opt for black or stainless steel knobs, the red ones just add that bit of flair to your range (and kitchen).

With a Wolf range, the missing piece to your kitchen makeover has just been found.

Let’s take a look at some of the best Wolf ranges you can add to your kitchen to give it that luxury look that has been eluding your kitchen.

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The Best Gas-Powered Wolf Range – The Wolf GR304 Pro Range

When it comes to cooking, one of the most reliable and efficient fuel sources is gas.

That’s why when you are looking for a range, look no further than a gas powered Wolf range.

Wolf GR304 Pro Range

The Wolf GR304 Pro Range is a one of a kind range that is designed to give your kitchen, not just a professional look, but to make cooking easier for you.

This 30-inch range features continuous cast iron grates finished with a matte black porcelain that allows for pots to easily slide on or off heat or even from one burner to the other. The porcelain finish also makes it easier to clean the cooktop.

With the main body constructed from heavy gauge stainless steel with a brushed finish, this range will definitely add that classic, elegant, and professional touch to your kitchen.

The perfect wow factor to make you feel at home in the kitchen.

Like all Wolf ranges, the Wolf GR304 Pro is engineered to give you exceptional performance that can be found in professional kitchens. With the precise control that this Wolf range affords you, you can easily become a master chef as mastering any type of cooking, whether it’s searing a fillet, simmering a decadent sauce, or even melting chocolate without scorching it becomes a cinch as you’ll find the Wolf GR304 highly responsive.

Featuring 4 sealed dual-stacked burners, this Wolf range allows you to accurately set your temperatures, from the highest setting to the lowest setting, precise temperature changes make it easy to create perfect culinary delights.

Speaking of dual stacked burners, Wolf sealed dual-stacked burners are a patented design (another reason to go choose a Wolf range) that offers 2 levels of flame ports. These deliver precise heat in every burner on your Wolf Gas Range.

The upper level offers an astounding 15,000 BTU of power for fast boiling, searing, stir-frying, and any other stovetop cooking method that requires high heat levels.

By simply turning down the heat (using the signature illuminated knob), the same burner delivers fine-tuned control and True Simmer as the flame shifts to the lower-tier where the burner affords you precise low heat settings. Low, slow cooking has never been easier.

With dual-stacked burners, you have total control of every burner on your cooktop, and thus total control of what you are cooking.

As for the oven, the Wolf GR304 Pro Range comes with a powerful oven capable of handling all oven tasks from bakes to roasts to finishing off your signature homemade pizza.

The oven on this Wolf range uses an infrared broiler capable of easily giving you 18,000 BTUs of heat, enough to give your cooking a professional crispy look, and of course, taste. The main advantage of an infrared heat source in an oven is that infrared heat generates much higher temperatures and heats up faster and more evenly than other traditional types of heat.

The Wolf GR304 Pro Range comes with a large double-panel glass door and a dual halogen lights that make it easier to keep an eye on your cooking without having to open the oven door, thus helping your food cook evenly.

And for those moments when you are simmering your soup and the low flame gets blown out by a breeze, the Wolf GR304 Pro comes with sensors and a spark ignition system that reignites the burner as long as the knob is on the on position.


  • Convection oven for faster, more consistent cooking
  • Patented dual-stacked sealed burners
  • Cast-iron burner grates with an easy-slide finish
  • Infrared broiler for fast preheats, quick sears
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Rigorously tested to ensure dependability
  • Spark ignition system for each burner

The Wolf GR304 Pro is definitely the best Wolf range you can get for your home. This is one range that will really add a spark to your cooking, and kitchen, of course.

And since luxury comes with a heavier price tag than usual, you should be prepared to fork out approximately $5,000.00 for the Wolf GR304 Pro Range. Definitely worth it for the transformation it will bring to your kitchen.

The Best Dual-Fuel Range – Wolf DF364G

For serious cooks, nothing beats a dual-fuel range.

A dual-fuel range, for the uninitiated, is a kitchen range that uses 2 fuel types, typically a gas cooktop and an electric oven.

Dual-fuel ranges are very popular with professional cooks since they combine the best qualities of gas and electric fuels. Gas cooktops offer more accurate and responsive heat control than electric cooktops while electric ovens tend to offer better heat distribution.

And this is why you need a dual-fuel range – and not just any range, after all, your kitchen is not just any kitchen, it’s a special kitchen. And because your kitchen is no common kitchen, it needs a Wolf range.

A Wolf DF364G dual-fuel range

Let’s take a look at some of the features of this no-nonsense addition to your kitchen equipment.


  • Ranging from 9,200 BTU’s to 20,000 BTU power burner
  • 5.4 cu. ft. dual convection oven
  • Self-cleaning
  • Infrared griddle
  • Temperature probe
  • Pivoting hidden touch controls
  • 10 cooking modes
  • Cast-iron burner grates with easy slide finish
  • Cobalt blue porcelain interior
  • Spark ignition system
  • Stainless steel construction

The Wolf D364G is a 36-inch beautiful heavy gauge stainless steel range with a brushed finish that will add a sparkle to your kitchen. Featuring 4 dual-stacked burners that afford you precision you’ll find in no other range, this Wolf range will certainly help you up your cooking game. In essence, the dual-stack burners on each Wolf range are like having 2 burners in one.

The first one (the top tier) delivers powerful heat in the 20,000 BTU range while the other (the lower tier) produces a gentle 300 BTU that enables you to simmer or melt food without scorching it.

As is to be expected from every Wolf range, the Wolf D364G comes with an exceptional dual convection oven that allows for faster and more consistent cooking, even when using multiple racks.

And for those times you fancy some pancakes, the 15,000 BTU griddle will help you make the perfect breakfast.

Your Wolf Range – More than Just Cooking, It’s Creating Memories

When it comes to your home, the kitchen is one room that needs to be taken seriously. And if you are wondering why – it’s simple really.

The kitchen is where great memories are made.

This is because most family moments are had at the table over a sumptuous meal. A meal that came from the kitchen.

And if you want to create more of those memories, no appliance can help you better than a Wolf range.

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