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Wolf Stove Review

Wolf Stove Review Featured image

Are you in the market for a new stove for your home or business? Are you unsure of where to begin with the process of purchasing one?

We are going to be taking an in-depth look at a Wolf stove, specifically the Transitional Electric Cooktop. This is a company that works hard to make extremely high quality, durable kitchen appliances, and their stoves are no different. Let’s take a look at the features and qualities of the Wolf stove to see if it is the best fit for you.

Let’s get started with how and what we are rating the product on.

How We Rate Our Products

It is extremely important to us that our reviews are as accurate and honest as possible. To do this, we have a few additional steps that we take in our research.

The first thing that we do is read and research customer reviews and testimonials thoroughly. This allows us to get a full, unbiased view of what the general public thinks of the product we are considering. It also lets us pinpoint any widespread complaints or issues that may be occurring. On top of that, it gives us a great view of the positives and negatives listed against each other, to measure the product and see if it is worth your time.

We also research the product specifications. When you look at products online and read reviews about them, you should learn about their size and dimensions, what they will look like, what they come with, etc. That way there are no surprises or shock when you buy something from our review – you know exactly what you are purchasing.

Lastly, we make sure to research the company that is making the product we are reviewing. This is important because customers like to know that they can trust and stand behind a business they are giving their money to. It is also a vital thing to research because it gives you information on their customer service, their warranty policies, and their return policies.

For this particular review of a Wolf stove, we will be considering a few different features. We will be looking at the product’s performance, pricing, the overall quality, pros and cons, and the materials they are made of.

What is the Wolf Stove Review Product

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What is the Product?

So, what is the Wolf stove, and what makes it unique?

The Wolf stove is extremely efficient, easy to clean, and safe to use. This cooktop offers extremely exhilarating cooking power and is very precise. You get this feature with an advanced high-frequency pulsation technology.

With this Wolf stove, you also get the True Simmer, which is a setting that holds stews and sauces at the perfect temperature right below boiling. This is a part of three of the four cooktop elements, and the fourth element offers an even lower, one-touch Melt setting for extremely delicate foods like chocolate.

This product has a triple-zone element, oval element, and some even smaller elements as well. Because of that, you can place cookware of any size on it easily and use any pan you have without issue.

Wolf Stove Specifications

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Wolf Stove Specifications

Now let’s dig a little deeper and look at the specifications of this Wolf stove.

Like we discussed before, you are given four elements with this product, with seven different zones to accommodate an array of different pot and pan sizes. Wolf uses their high-frequency pulsation technology to offer far superior performance and better control, and they have a fantastic simmer setting to keep soups and sauces below a boil.

This stove also has really nice illuminated touch controls, as well as a temperature limiter that ensures you are never exceeding safe operating temperatures. You get a universal Off button that will turn all elements off at once, and there is a control panel lock for safety.

With this Wolf stove, you get one element with 1050/1950/2700 W, two elements with 1200 W, and one element with 2400 W.

This product is Star-K certified, meaning it has a certification of kosher. It is 30 inches wide, 3 ½ feet tall, and its depth is 21 inches. As for the elements, they are 10.5”,5.5”, and 6.5”.


So how much can you expect to pay for this Wolf stove?

This is a product that you can really only find from authorized dealers of the company, so there isn’t much variation. The 30” Transitional Electric Cooktop will cost you $2,030 from Wolf.

How it Compares

Now that we know where this Wolf stove stands on its own, let’s take a look at how it compares to other designs and brands.

We are going to take a look at the Wolf stove against the KitchenAid KICU509XBL as well as the Maytag MEC9536BS.

Kitchenaid Electric CONVECTION

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The KitchenAid KICU509XBL is another high quality electric cooktop. It is 30.75 inches long, its depth is 21.3 inches, it offers four burners, and comes in either black or stainless steel.

The four burners have different wattage. The left front and back elements are 2500 watts, the right front element has 1800 watts, and the right back element is 3700 watts.

Instead of the traditional physical controls, this product actually has modern touch controls. This is an incredibly understated, minimalistic design that won’t appeal as much to those who like the industrial designs. However, it looks wonderfully sleek and modern in the kitchen, without any complicated knobs or buttons.

This design is fairly cheaper than the Wolf stove. You can get this cooktop for about $1600.00 online.

Maytag Freestanding Range with Convection Oven

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No products found.

The Maytag MEC9536BS is an incredibly popular choice for an electric stovetop. Customers have raved about this cooktop and really loved its features. It is 36 inches, so a little larger than the Wolf design.

The rear right burner is one of its best features. It is fantastic when it comes to sustaining high and low temperatures and boil water in less than four minutes.

It does have some cons as well though. The knobs are incredibly close together, which can be inconvenient. It does not have temperature measurements that are as precise as the Wolf design, and just like any other glass cooktop it is easy to scratch.

This is also the cheapest option of the three. You can purchase this stovetop for about $850.00.

When comparing the three designs, the Wolf stove definitely has the highest quality and the most additional features to bring to the table. However, it is also the steepest in price. It is more than twice the price of the Maytag MEC9536BS, and about five hundred more than the product from KitchenAid. However, if you are looking for something with extreme precision, especially with simmering specific liquids, your best option is definitely the Wolf stove.

Pros and Cons

So let’s put the pros and cons up against each other, for a final test of the product.

The Positives

Our favorite feature of this particular Wolf stove is how perfect it is for delicately simmering liquids without allowing them to boiling over. For the price that you pay for this product, this is a very unique quality. It is incredibly efficient, and a great machine for any type of cooking that you will do. For electric stovetops, you would find it difficult to find one as precise as this.

We also like the aesthetics of this product. It is a gorgeous stovetop that is filled with exciting features, and you can but it in black or stainless steel. This allows you to make sure it matches your kitchen perfectly.

The cooktop stays cool, even while you are using several of the burners. This keeps you comfortable and safe while using the product, which is incredibly convenient for a cooktop. On top of that, it makes the stove top easier to clean.

We love that this stovetop offers so many cooking configurations. This means that no matter what size your pots or pans are, you are able to use them easily on this stovetop, and they will still be evenly heated no matter how big or small. You are even able to use griddles, grills, or fish pans if need be.

There is also no heat wasted or lost in the air while using this stovetop to cook. The energy is supplied directly and only to the vessel used for cooking.

This is also an incredibly fast cooktop. When you turn the burners up or down in temperature, the response is almost instant. It goes up about 40% faster than a standard gas or electric stove.

The Negatives

The only downside we really see with this particular product, is that you will pay more for this stovetop than you would with other items of somewhat similar quality. However, as we saw with the other brands we compared to the Wolf stove, the features are just not quite as great as what Wolf has to offer.

Not to say that those brands are not made well, but for the pricing, we really don’t think Wolf can be beaten as far as features are concerned.

However, if you are on an extremely tight budget, you may consider looking at a product like the Maytag stove top, which is half as expensive, or even the KitchenAid product, which was a little over 500 dollars less.

Wolf Stove Review Conclusion

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As far as a final rating, we would have to give the Wolf stove a five out of five star rating.

This product is incredibly modern, innovative, aesthetically pleasing, and intuitive. It is perfect for any sort of cooking or baking you may be doing, and you will have no issues with staying safe while doing it and cleaning it afterwards. We love all the different simmer and melting settings that are gentle and perfect no matter what you are making, and we haven’t seen anything quite like that in any other products.

Yes, it is a little more expensive than some of the other products we discussed, especially the Maytag stovetop. It is not the perfect choice for those on a strict budget, as it will cost you about two thousand dollars. However, for the features and precision that you receive with this electric stove, it is absolutely worth every single penny you will pay for it.

We hope that this review was helpful in your search for a new electric stovetop. While there is quite a lot of small details to consider, we can certainly say that this Wolf stove is a fantastic choice. You will definitely have to pay more up front for this product, but it will last you for years and years, and has enough features to make that price tag worth it.

Have you used one of these stovetops before? Would you recommend it to others? Why or why not?

Wolf DF304 Review

Wolf Df304 Review Featured image

A Complete Review of the Wolf DF304 Range

There are plenty of things on this Earth that are hard to find, and a good range just happens to be one of them. It’s not the kind of search that’s going to warrant a movie or a reality television show, and yet finding a good stove and oven is surprisingly difficult.

You might not have thought that it was so hard until you ended up as one of those unfortunate people who made a mistake. Years ago you had the chance to choose a new range, and you made a bad decision.

It’s a decision that you have been stuck with for a long time, and it’s one that has haunted you. It’s hard to hate your range, and so you’ve tried to look on the bright side for as long as you could, but you are finally getting a second chance.

It’s like getting a new lease on life. You have the opportunity to do your research, to weigh the options, consider the pros and cons, and pick a range that can meet, or even exceed your expectations.

Start Your Range Search with the Wolf DF304

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Start Your Range Search with the Wolf DF304

It’s a daunting task, but it all begins and ends with doing research. The more you know about the products that exist out there and what their capabilities are, the more you can identify what is important to you in a range.

In fact, you might even be here because you have already done a little research. You know that Wolf is a premier appliance company, and you know that their products are top of the line in both quality and performance.

The Wolf df304 range is a prime example of that quality, and it’s definitely worth a comprehensive look as you research your new appliance. It has all the performance you would expect from a Wolf, plus some fun surprises that might actually have you cooking and baking more often.

Take a look at all the amazing features that the Wolf DF304 has to offer, and see if it might be the range of your dreams that will rectify any bad decision you ever made in your life or at least those made in your kitchen.

Wolf Df304 Review High Powered Burners

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High Powered Burners

The Wolf DF304 offers you 4 cast-iron heavy-duty burners 3 of which are high-powered to get that water boiling and bubbling in no time. In fact, the double-stacked burners are designed for the upper level to produce up to 20,000 BTU for 30% faster boils.

Imagine all the things you can get done when you don’t have to spend so much time waiting for a pot of water to boil. You know that you shouldn’t watch it, obviously, but it’s pretty hard not to. That means the faster it can boil, the faster you can move on to all the other things in the kitchen you have to do.

With that kind of powerful punch and precision control, you cannot only boil water faster, but you can also cook just about anything faster. You can get a perfect sear on your steak or chicken, and you can fire up all the burners at once without fear of getting weak performance from any of them. You can multitask to your heart’s content, and get stunning and delicious results to show for it.

The Perfect Simmer

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The Perfect Simmer

Wolf brand appliances really understand the trials and tests you put your kitchen equipment through, and they understand all the aspects of a range that are important. That’s why the Wolf DF304 isn’t just powerful. It is also precise.

It’s not exactly a tremendous accomplishment to get a lot of heat from a burner. It’s actually pretty hard to only get a little.

Simmering is tough for ranges. You know this because you’ve spent practically your entire life pulling pots off of the burner right before the water bubbled over. It was supposed to be simmering, but the heat was just too much for it.

Those same dual-stacked burners that offer powerful heat also offer powerful restraint. The lower tier of the burner offers what they call, “a breath of flame.” This allows your foods to truly simmer without burning, or boiling over. Burners can produce less than 300 BTU for the ultimate in low-end control.

Low-end control might mean that you can finally perfect a roux to make the most amazing homemade mac and cheese ever. It might mean that you can cook rice without losing have the grains in a mass that’s stuck stubbornly to the bottom of the pan. You might actually find more uses for the breath of flame than you do for the raw power of it.

10 Modes of Cooking

To add to the precision parade of the Wolf DF304 are 10 precise modes of cooking. You can choose from bake, roast, broil, convection, convection bake, convection roast, convection broil, bake stone, proof, and dehydrate.

The dual fans of the convection system ensure that all of your food items get baked, or roasted evenly from all directions. The hot air surrounds them. Rather than blasting hot air on your roasting pan or baking sheet from one direction, the hot air comes at your food from every angle for a bake that is even, thorough, and effective.

This precision means golden brown breads and rolls, mouthwatering roasts, and perfectly charred vegetables full of flavor.

Cooking and baking well is about more than turning a knob, or flicking a switch. It involves a thoughtful process, and Wolf has it down pretty well.

The proofing mode is especially helpful if you love to bake. You no longer have to set your dough out on the counter and wait for hours as your drafty kitchen attempts to activate the yeast. The proofing method makes your from-scratch baking almost as quick and easy as if it were from a box.

You can whip up croissants, braided breads, and an assortment of pastries that will have the whole neighborhood wondering just how you do it.

Professional Stainless Steel Look

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Professional Stainless Steel Look

This is in every way a professional oven. It looks like something you find in the kitchen of a top restaurant, and yet it will look just as at home in your kitchen.

Its stainless steel exterior is classic and fits with any style décor. The cooktop is imposing and captivating. People will take one look at it and want to see what kinds of creations you can come up with on those burners.

In other words, it has the commanding presence of someone who loves to cook and can cook well. You don’t have to be a professional chef to use the Wolf DF304, but you definitely are no amateur.

This is an oven that despite its stainless steel finish also has a surprising amount of color. The control knobs are big, red, and bold, and the porcelain interior is the signature shade of cobalt blue. All of these elements combine to make an oven that is as bold as it is powerful.

Built to Last

Wolf ovens and ranges are put through rigorous testing to make sure that they can perform in your kitchen for years to come. In fact, Wolf appliances are designed to last more than 20 years.

That sounds pretty impressive, but they aren’t just talking about 20 years in your home kitchen. The Wolf DF304, like all their appliances, is built to last 20 years under restaurant-like conditions.

This Wolf DF304 is made to be used and not just admired. There are people who get really nice ranges just to make their kitchen look good, but you are not one of those people.

You are more like the person who never uses a microwave because it affects the taste of your food kind of person. You might also be the type of person who only bakes pizza from your own handmade dough, and who would rather fry their own rice than order take out. You are the type of person who loves to be in the kitchen creating and who loves to see what their range can do.

This heavy-duty range is made for just that type of person. It’s made to be used, loved, worn, and tested. Wolf makes sure that it passes their high standards so that it can pass yours.

Know for Sure When Food is Ready

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Know for Sure When Food is Ready

There are lots of things that you cook where the internal temperature is really important. Contaminated food is a big concern, especially when you are cooking with meat, and so it becomes very important that you pay close attention to temperature guidelines when serving it and preparing it.

You might have heard lots of concerned chatter about underdone chicken. It turns out it isn’t just red meat that can cause illness when underdone. Chicken is a big culprit.

So with all of these safety guidelines to consider it’s both nice and mesmerizing to have an oven that can keep track of the internal temperature of your food, and let you know when it has reached a specified temperature.

A meat thermometer can accomplish the same thing, but it can’t do it as seamlessly as the Wolf DF304 can. And at any rate, do you even know where your meat thermometer is?

You don’t have to take your food out and stab it with a long speared thermometer. Actually, you don’t even have to open the oven door.

You’ve probably dealt with your fair share of underdone meat before. It always happens in roughly the same way.

You put your meat in the oven for an unspecified amount of time. You forget to set a timer, but you have a vague notion that it’s been in there for a long time. You take a peek at it and give it a little jab with your fork. It seems pretty good, so you take it out of the oven, put it on a platter, and serve it to your family.

One quick knife cut reveals the chicken is still pretty pink on the inside, and back to the oven, it goes. Your family is left staring at the side dishes and grumbling. If you could avoid those situations your life would a lot easier and a lot more pleasant.

And thanks to Wolf, you can. Just program in the desired internal temperature, and carry on with the rest of your meal prep.

Wolf Df304 Review Easy to Use for Everyone

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Easy to Use for Everyone

Just because this is a high-powered and professional-grade range doesn’t mean it should be complicated, or difficult to use.

The Wolf Df304 is actually surprisingly intuitive and easy to use. You can choose from a self-clean option, a delayed start, and a timed bake feature. That means you can program your oven to start and stop cooking at precise times and temperatures. Your oven can be hard at work while you are taking care of the other thousand things you have to do.

The self-cleaning mode means no more scrubbing and scouring your oven clean. The baked time mode means that you can put something in the oven ahead of time, and program it to cook. This is perfect for those early Thanksgiving mornings, or those late nights slow-roasting a brisket. You don’t have to be up at 4am, and you can let the Wolf do the work.

It’s also important to note that this Wolf Df304 has a Sabbath mode that allows it to be used by observant Jews on the Shabbat and on Jewish holidays. If this applies to you, then having an oven that makes complying with Jewish law easier can, in turn, make your life easier, and it can take some of the guesswork out of preparing meals your family and guests.

It’s just another way that Wolf appliances consider all the uses of an appliance and all the people who use them.

Put Wolf to Work for You

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Put Wolf to Work for You

The Wolf DF403 has absolutely everything you could want in a kitchen range. It can bake, broil, and simmer. You get a hard-working oven, and a stovetop that can cook powerfully and precisely. It’s a beautiful range inside and out, and it’s fun and easy to use.

Viking Wall Ovens Review

Viking Wall Ovens Featured image

A Quick Review of Viking Wall Ovens

You never imagined that your crowning achievement in life would be to remodel your kitchen, but here you are.

For years you have lived with a kitchen that is cramped, out of date, and far below you and your family’s needs. You’ve put up with cheap countertops, worn out flooring, and ugly cabinets. You have been kept up at night dreaming of a center island and a refrigerator that fits all of your groceries.

Finally, your dreams are coming true. You are upgrading your kitchen and revolutionizing your life. As you tick down the list of all the things you need to change, you suddenly remember your oven.

No, you didn’t leave it on. You forgot that your oven needs an upgrade too.

After all, your oven does a lot. You have worked that oven of yours hard, and in turn, you have put in practically a lifetime of bending and checking. Think of all the things that you have put into your oven. Think of all the turkeys, vegetables, and cookies that you have lowered in and out of your oven. The numbers are astounding.

It turns out you’ve probably spent way more time than you realized stooped over your oven checking on the progress of your meals and desserts. It might make your back hurt just thinking about it, so when you’re dreaming of your upgraded kitchen, think about an oven that gets you standing up straight.

A wall oven just might change your life, especially if you use your oven often. Wall ovens look clean and classic, they’re easy to use, and they help you make the most of your kitchen space. Wall ovens are great, but you still need to make sure you have the right one.

Remember, it took you a pretty long time to get this kitchen upgrade, and it might feel like a once in a lifetime event, so you have to make it count.

Reviewing the Viking Wall Oven

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Reviewing the Viking Wall Oven

Viking is a trusted name in ovens, and Viking wall ovens have the quality, performance, and features that you need to transform your kitchen into the kind of cooking paradise that you always knew that it could be.

There are lots of great Viking wall ovens to choose from, but a great place to start is with their Professional Series 30” Premium Electric Wall Oven. It is indicative of all the great features you’ll find from Viking and a great place to start your oven research.

A High-Performance Oven

No products found.

No products found.

The first and most important thing to consider when picking your new oven is how well it actually cooks and bakes. Anyone who uses an oven often knows that it is completely acceptable for a poor baker to blame their oven. Baking is totally different than carpentry, and a good, or bad oven makes all the difference.

Ovens that work poorly are those that don’t provide an even bake, can’t maintain their temperature, and can’t accurately achieve their temperature, to begin with. Poor ovens are ones that you can’t trust, or rely on.

To you, this makes perfect sense. You know your oven. You know which side of it is hotter than the other. You know the difference between what temperature you set your oven at versus what temperature it actually is. You know what cook times are reasonable and which ones simply won’t work. In fact, you have probably never left a cookie in your oven for more than 8 minutes because you know. No matter what the recipe says, you know.

Viking wall ovens are loyal and reliable. They can be your new best friend, and the Pro Series Viking wall oven shows you how.

It all starts with its rapid preheat system that gets you up and running quickly. Some ovens, especially electric ones like this, seem to take ages to reach the right temperature, so a rapid preheat feature is a real necessity and a real lifesaver. You can’t spend all your time waiting for the oven to heat up.

This rapid pre-heat feature is something you’ll find in a lot of Viking wall ovens, and it can help you out of a jam. On those nights when you get home late from work and have to try to put a home cooked meal on the table quickly you, won’t be pacing back and forth in front of your oven.

It also means that you don’t have to put items into an oven that isn’t ready. You’ve definitely done this before, but you know it’s not the best cooking method. If you don’t wait for your oven to reach the proper temperature you have much less control of the cooking process, and you have to watch your oven even more closely.

Take Advantage of TruConvec

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Take Advantage of TruConvec

No products found.

No products found.

It also features TruConvec convection cooking which is a patented system of air circulation that uses one convection element in the rear of the oven and fan-forced air to circulate the heat throughout the oven. Your food is enveloped by heat rather than having heat blasted on it from above or below as in so many other ovens.

You also have the option of using the Vari-speed dual flow convection to maximize the airflow throughout the oven. The two-speed convection system can turn the fan in both directions. More airflow in your oven means a more even bake. It means gone are the days of rotating your pan each time you check on your food. It means gone are the days of cookies that are always darker on one half.

You also get the use of a 10-pass broiler system and a concealed 10-pass bake element both of which ensure that you get the precision you need to perfectly heat all of your foods.

The high-density insulation on the Viking wall oven also helps it hold its temperature and conserve energy. Proper insulation is key, and it is a huge factor when it comes to how your oven performs.

By wrapping your food in constant hot air, the Viking helps them cook faster, more evenly, and simply better.

A Large Capacity Oven

One of the first things you want to look for in your new oven is how much cooking and baking space you will get. Space is hugely important, especially if you use your oven often. You’re not just looking for a room for the occasional frozen pizza on a flat pan. You want room for roasts, turkeys, breads, and muffins that rise way above their baking pans.

You know that there are people who can bake 2 casserole dishes side by side in their oven, and you want to be one of those people. You want to have the freedom to make a vegetable lasagna and a meat lasagna at the same time.

All Viking wall ovens are equipped with one of the largest oven capacities of any oven on the market. They boast that you can cook enough food to have plenty of leftovers, but it also means you can cook enough to fill a table for your dinner party, or simply feed your hungry family on a daily basis.

This Viking wall oven gives you 4.7 cubic feet of room to cook and bake whatever your heart desires without running out of room. You probably can’t say the same for your current oven.

Easy to Use Oven Racks

Image Source: www.youtube.com

Easy to Use Oven Racks

Of course, space is not the only factor when it comes to what you can put in your oven. You also have to consider the oven racks themselves. You have probably battled with your share of oven racks. They never seem to be in the right position, and you never seem to have enough of them.

Up until this point, you, like most people have probably had to get by with just 2 oven racks. That means the third oven rack offered with the Viking wall oven Pro Series is going to blow your mind and change your life.

You get 6 rack positions to choose from and 3 porcelain-coated heavy-duty racks that can support that brisket you’ve been eyeing and so much more.

One of the 3 racks is also a patented TruGlide extension rack that rolls out of the oven to make loading and unloading a breeze. How many times have you put a dent in a perfect cake, or smeared your beautiful pizza toppings because you had to juggle getting them into the oven?

It’s especially hard if you need to take an item out halfway through to check on it or baste it. It’s nearly impossible to finagle your hot dish back onto a hot rack without meeting with burns or near disaster.

With a TruGlide rack, you don’t have to take your food, or your life, in your own hands.

Made for Busy People

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Made for Busy People

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No products found.

Even though you love to use your oven, it doesn’t mean you have hours of your day that you can languish away watching your oven work. In fact, it is miraculous that you find the time to cook and bake in the first place.

You’re busy, just like everyone else, but you still believe in sit-down dinners made by hand and chocolate chip cookies that come from a mixing bowl and not a plastic sleeve.

To achieve those kinds of rigid standards you need an oven that can pick up some slack for you when you get really busy.

The Viking wall ovens like the Pro Series 5 have a timed bake feature that you can set up to 24 hours in advance.

That means you can let your bread rise in the oven overnight, set the bake time, and wake up to freshly baked bread. The oven shuts off at the programmed time, and everyone gets to enjoy the smell of bread to pull them out of bed.

You can probably think of a 100 different ways that having a programmable start and end time can help take the pressure off of your day, and once you start you’ll wonder how you ever got along without such a smart oven.

Of course, when it comes to working hard, your oven has to clean as well as it bakes, and this Viking is fully self-cleaning with an indicator light that goes on once it’s finished. That’s a huge help. No more oven cleaning fumes, no more yellow rubber gloves up to your elbows, and no more useless scrubbing. You have more important things to do than clean your oven.

Choose a Mode for Every Food

Image Source: www.archiexpo.com

Choose a Mode for Every Food

Most people’s ovens have 2 settings: undercooked and burned.

But Viking wall ovens have nearly a dozen different options to choose from to make sure that the right method is just a push of a button away. You can select from TruConvec, and convection roast, bake, broil, dehydrate, and defrost. You also have the conventional oven modes of bake and 3 levels of broil.

These modes are all about precision, which is a mainstay of the Viking brand. These are appliances that are built with professionals in mind, and they function at high levels to make sure every customer is satisfied.

Satisfied customers come from an oven that can tenderly cook a pot roast, char some red peppers until their skin is blackened and crispy, and delicately brown a sponge cake until its cooked thoroughly but still light as air.

These are not results that come from simply winding a dial to a temperature and leaving it at that. These are results that come from using a fine-tuned machine that understands that baking and roasting are about more than just heat.

A Reliable Oven Makes All the Difference

The Pro Series Viking wall oven is beautiful, reliable, revolutionary, and a perfect example of what the Viking name has to offer. It will change the way you use your oven, and it will improve the quality of the food you make. If you are lucky enough to be upgrading your old oven to something newer, smarter, and better, Viking wall ovens are a great place to start.

Viking Stove Review

Viking Stove Review Featured image

​​​​​Are you in the market for a new cooking stove for your kitchen? We are going to be doing an in-depth review of a Viking stove, specifically the 36” W-Tuscany Range.

It can be difficult to know where to turn when it comes to buying new kitchen appliances, as there are so many different options for brands and designs. Viking is a very high-quality, reputable company that makes amazing kitchen appliances, so they are definitely worth investigating when it comes to kitchen stoves.

Let’s get started.

How We Chose Our Ratings

No products found.

No products found.

The most important aspects of a review for us are being as accurate and honest as possible. To obtain this in our reviews, we take a few additional steps in our research and preparation.

We make sure to read and research customer reviews and testimonials thoroughly. This allows us to learn a few different things. It allows us to get a wider, unbiased view of what the general public thinks of the specific product. On top of that, it lets us pinpoint any widespread issues and complaints, and to see the highlights of the item.

We also research the product specifications. This allows us to make sure we know the exact size and dimensions, features, aesthetics, and additional accessories that are part of what you purchase with the item. In turn, this ensures that you know exactly what you will be receiving if you end up buying that particular item, and you won’t be left confused or surprised by what you find.

The last thing we take an in-depth look at is the reputation of the company. This is important for a few different reasons. It ensures that you know what the company stands for, and if you want to support their business. On top of that, it allows you to see their policies when it comes to customer service, warranties and return policies.

For this particular review of a Viking stove, we will be looking at the aesthetics of the product, the size, overall quality, pricing, the overall pros and cons, and its performance.

An Overview of the Viking Stove

An Overview of the Viking Stove

The 36” W-Tuscany Range Viking stove is a combination of Italian design and the Viking Professional performance. Their range of Tuscany products is said to be “born in the heart of Italy.” They are very sophisticated ranges that have been sized and featured to make sure they meet the needs of American lifestyles and home interiors. These stoves are said to be made of materials of the highest quality and are extremely reliable.

This stove comes in a variety of beautiful colors. You can purchase it in dark blue, graphite black, antique white, and bordeaux. On top of that, you also have some options as to how many burners you have and whether or not you want a griddle. One option has a traditional four burner stovetop, the other has two burners on one side, and a griddle on the other.

Just like with other products from this company, this Viking stove has a fantastic warranty. There is a full two-year warranty for the complete product, a full ninety-day warranty for cosmetic parts like decorative items, anything painted, and glass, and a limited five year warranty for all the electric elements and gas burners.

Viking Stove Review Product Specifications

Product Specifications

This Viking stove has high performance burners that provide extremely fast boil times and a great gentle simmer. The power you are given with this stove is between 20,000 BTU to 8,500 BTU high burner ratings.

With this design you also get a stainless steel burner pan, as well as an electronic single point spark ignition/re-ignition on all of the burners. The cast iron burner grates are all coated in porcelain, and the die cast knobs are polished chrome.

You are also given optional surface configuration, as well as a machined steel griddle/simmer plate (with a grease collection drawer).

As we discussed before, you do have two different options for top configurations as well. You are able to get this Viking stove with four burners, or two with a griddle.

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This Viking stove and oven combination is definitely on the pricey side. It can be purchased at different online retailers for between $13,000.00 and $14,000.00. This design is also meant for commercial use as well as home use, so it will be much more expensive than your average stove and oven.

Viking Stove Review How it Compares

How it Compares

So how does this Viking stove compare to other similar appliances? Let’s compare.

We are going to be taking a look at the differences between the 36”W-Tuscany Range Viking stove and the 48” Dual Fuel Range – VDR748 from the Viking Professional 7 Series, and the 30” Electric Induction Range – VIR530 from the Viking Professional 5 Series.

The 48” Dual Fuel Range adapts the Viking Elevation Burners that are used on the Viking Commercial product line and mixes them with a lot of the tried and true robust features on the Commercial line. This stove has an incredible restaurant- quality range that gives your kitchen power and precision.

It is much wider than the Tuscany model, at 48 inches instead of 36. Both stoves have the Viking elevation burners, but the 48” Dual Fuel Range has an oven that offers both natural gas and propane.

As for the 30” W. Electric Induction Range, there are some differences as well. It is smaller than the 36” W by six inches, making it a better choice for smaller kitchens. Even though it is slightly smaller, this product is said to have one of the largest oven cavities of any of their products. The largest difference though, is the pricing.

The 30” W. can be purchased for around $3,000.00. This is literally 10,000 dollars less than the 36” W-Tuscany. You are getting a much higher quality design, and way more features with the Tuscany product, but for someone who wants something more affordable, you can’t go wrong with the 30” W.

Viking Stove Review Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons

So, when it comes to the 36” W-Tuscany Range Viking stove, what are the pros and cons? Which one outweighs the other? When most people go to purchase a kitchen appliance, especially one of this quality and price, they want to make sure they have the positives and negatives listed out against each other first.

Let’s start with the positives.


The first aspect that we absolutely love about this product is how beautiful it is. This Viking stove comes in several gorgeous, eye-catching colors, and the design is modern, streamlined, and has a great vintage look to it as well. Having that lovely Italian old-world design brings a whole new look to your kitchen.

You can also get dishwasher panels and ventilation hoods that will match this stove design and complete the kitchen.

We really like how dense this product is as well. It is incredibly heavy duty and can really handle anything you throw at it. This Viking stove has extremely heavy doors, cast-iron gates that are very thick, and its knobs are made of die-cast metal.

The ovens underneath the stove all feature stainless-steel interiors and glide-out racks. This makes this part of the product incredibly easy to clean without too much effort.

Even though this is an expensive product, we do think it is worth the money if you can afford it. The features definitely make it worth every penny.

This stove also performs extremely well too. We love the high-performance burners that the stove offers, it ensures that water boils quickly and has a gentle simmer as well. Having the option between two and four burners and a griddle really helps the convenience factor as well.

Another feature that is definitely in the positive category, is the storage space that this product offers. You receive a full-width storage drawer that will fit all of your baking pans in it. It also has a great soft-close glide that ensures that you won’t be able to slam it and damage the product. There is also a location that serves as a grease collection drawer as well.

We also love that these are authentically made in Italy by Giga Grandi Cuisine. This is a company that actually specializes in making professional kitchen equipment. Giga has a factory that is just south of Florence in Scandicci. They are part of the Middleby group just like Viking is.

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The biggest negative for this particular product has to be the price. At around 13,000 dollars, it is definitely on the steepest end of stovetops and ovens. It is of the highest quality and well worth the money, but this is not an amount that is feasible for most homeowners and families. However, if you have the additional money to spend, or you’re a business that needs something of this size and quality, this is definitely the stove for you.

Another con for this stove is the range of colors that it comes in. If you are familiar with other Viking products, you know that they have a huge range of colors for a lot of them. Cherry red and cobalt blue are some of the more popular ones, but you don’t see that in this particular stove. However, you still have an array of colors to choose from, just not some of the brightest ones.

The last negative that we noticed with this particular stove was simply that the burners can be difficult to clean. If you are someone who is used to cooking and cleaning a glass top stove, this type of burner can be quite an adjustment. It will take some additional attention to detail and care when you go to clean and sanitize it at the end of the day.

Viking Stove Review Conclusion


In conclusion, we definitely think this is a wonderful product. No, it is not without faults, but the good definitely outweighs the bad. All things considered, we are going to give this particular Viking stove a 4 out of 5-star rating.

The big aspect keeping this stove from being a 5 out of 5-star rating is, of course, the pricing. It is not reasonable for the average American family to be able to spend $13,000.00 on a stove/oven combo, even if it is one of such high quality.

However, if you can afford this product, and you are in need for an industrial-sized oven for your home, business, or restaurant, we couldn’t recommend this stove enough. It is gorgeous and aesthetically pleasing for any kitchen setting, it has the space for any amount of food you may want to cook, and you are given flexibility in how it functions.

If you have used this stove, would you recommend it to other people in a personal or professional setting? Why or why not?

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Viking Double Oven Review

Viking Double Oven Featured image

Viking Double Oven Review

Viking Double Oven Review

Oh, the double oven! Do you even dare to dream of the possibility of having a kitchen with a double oven?

Thinking about it is like saying your birthday wish out loud. If you concentrate on it too much, it won’t come true, and boy do you want it to come true. With 2 ovens you could be twice as productive. Actually, you’d be even more productive than that because you would use your new ovens way more than you ever used your clunky old single oven.

There might not be statistics available on this, but it’s a pretty safe bet that people with double ovens do about 10 times the cooking and baking as other people.

This is probably because people with double ovens are really passionate about their oven fare.

You know you are. You love to bake. You love making breads, pies, cookies, and cakes. You love trying new recipes and exploring new ways to make meals your family will enjoy. But aside from a love of cooking and baking you also have a deep love of efficiency and multi-tasking.

That’s what makes the double oven your appliance soul mate. It gives you the freedom to do more of what you love without cutting corners or wasting any of your valuable time.

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All the Specs on a Viking Double Oven

But if you are going to spring for the extra expense of a double oven, you need to know that you are getting something that is not only efficient and convenient but also good quality.

Viking is a trusted name in professional grade kitchen appliances and they have double ovens that are so good they can make your heart skip a beat. They have several series of double ovens, but let’s take a look at the series 5 Built-In Electric Double Select oven, and see how it stacks up.

Unparalleled Cooking Power

Unparalleled Cooking Power

The first and most important thing about choosing your new oven is finding a model that can actually cook your food evenly and reliably. When you set your temperature you want to know that it is accurate, and you need to be able to trust it to cook accordingly.

That means heat that wraps your food up like a warm hug.

The Viking’s TruConvec system uses a cooking element in the rear of the oven and fan-forced air to heat the unit. That means that whatever you are heating is not exposed to heat from the top or the bottom.

Instead, it is enveloped in heat. The hot air comes at it from every angle instead of being limited by the top or bottom as with so many other ovens. That warm hug gives you a nice even bake, and you can trust that the internal temperature is uniform throughout.

This Viking double wall oven also benefits from the patented Vari-speed dual flow convection system that helps to maximize that airflow. The large convection blade blows air in both directions to provide more even cooking and a fluffier bake.

Large and in Charge

Large and in Charge

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The Series 5 double oven features one of the largest capacities of any available oven. It has 6 rack positions to choose from, and it comes with 3 porcelain-coated racks including a TruGlide full extension rack.

Since you bake a lot you know just how important those rack positions are. If you’re lucky you might have 3 positions to use on your existing oven, but you hardly ever bother changing them. It’s such a hassle to get them to move, and your oven is so small that once you move one rack you’ve pretty much guaranteed that you can’t use the other rack.

But that’s where size matters. With such a large oven capacity and 3 racks instead of the standard 2, you have more room to do more of what you love.

More room in your oven means more roasts. It means more potlucks, more dishes, and more time gathering around good food with the people that you love. For some homeowners ovens are decorative. They exist to heat an occasional frozen pizza.

You are not that kind of homeowner. Your oven is for cooking, and this Viking double oven has the cooking capacity to support anything from a restaurant kitchen to your bustling household.

The TruGlide oven rack is also a major key to your cooking success. You know the story all too well of what happens when a hot pan full of food is lowered in and out of hot oven with a blazing hot oven rack.

You’ve met with disaster too many times during this perilous exchange to not appreciate the TruGlide value. The oven rack slides out on stainless steel ball bearings to make it a synch to get things in and out of the oven. You won’t get burned literally or figuratively anymore with a rolling oven rack on your side.

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Easily Keep an Eye on Your Oven

Everything about these ovens is engineered to make your cooking and baking experience better, smarter, and easier. The viewing window is even 20% wider than on standard ovens, which means you can easily see how all your food is doing.

How many times have you had to stop, bend down, slide out your food, and examine it from all angles because your oven window is so hard to see into? Tiny viewing windows make it difficult to see how evenly everything is cooking, and they force you to constantly interrupt the process just to gauge progress.

These Viking double ovens also feature improved halogen lighting to make it even easier to see inside and see what is happening. Again, you can spend less time pulling dishes out of the oven, and more time simply observing them with the heavy-duty door closed nice and tight.

You don’t have to disturb your dishes to get a good look at them, and you don’t have to affect the temperature of the oven by constantly opening it and closing.

With time you will learn to trust your eyes, and the large, well-lit windows on your ovens will give you a tremendous sense of comfort as you complete your cooking tasks.

It is a Hard Working Oven

It is a Hard Working Oven

The series 5 Viking double oven is self-cleaning with a handy indicator light to let you know when the job is done. If you spend time scrubbing your oven clean with a can of not so Easy-Off you can’t imagine how much a true self-cleaning oven can change your life.

It’s especially important when you have twice as much oven to clean.

But the hard work of this Viking double oven doesn’t stop at cleaning. It features rapid ready preheating, so that you can all get down to work a little faster. You know the dread of forgetting to pre-heat your oven and then watching slowly and painfully as it ticks up the degrees.

The rapid preheat time can really help you out of the jam. Whether you simply forgot to turn the oven or whether you’re in a rush, you can count on the oven to get going fast.

Waiting for your oven to pre-heat can seem to take eons, and when you are trying to get dinner on the table, every second counts. You and your family are busy. It’s hard enough as it is to gather everyone together for a meal before meetings, soccer games, and play practice pull them away. Don’t miss out on precious time together just because your oven takes forever to preheat.

This double oven also goes the extra mile with its programmable Timed Bake setting. You can actually program your oven up to 24 hours ahead of time to start baking at a selected temperature for a programmed amount of time. The oven shuts off when the time is up.

This revolutionary idea means that you can prep your items ahead of time, pop them in the oven, program the bake, and come back to find your food is ready and waiting.

This feature comes in handy when you are cooking a lot of food for a lot of people, or when you have an item that needs to spend a long time in the oven. Instead of waking up at 4 in the morning get that slow roasted brisket started, why not program the oven, catch some extra z’s and let the Viking work for you?

It’s also great if you have a brunch or breakfast planned for a lot of people or if you have to get food started when you aren’t around. Rather than entrusting the oven job to your teenagers or spouse who probably can’t tear themselves away from their phones, you can set your trusty oven.

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Choose More than Just Temperature

If your old oven is like most old ovens you probably can barely read the temperatures listed on the knobs let alone make any other adjustments, but the series 5 Viking double oven allows you to choose from several different cooking modes.

You can choose from convection cooking, convection roast, convection broil, convection bake, conventional bake and 3 a 3-level conventional broil.

All these various modes ensure that you can get the precise temperature for every single thing that goes into your oven, and you can choose the method that works the best for it too.

Cooking and baking require more than the right temperature, you need the right kind of heat in the right way. You can perfect your crispy garlic bread on the broil setting in one oven, and you can convection roast your veggies in another. You get bread that is crispy, and you get vegetables that are tender, but with just the right amount of char.

Then when it’s time for your delicate dessert you can choose the convection bake option and wrap your soufflé in hot air that cradles its decadent airy bouffant as it rises out of your porcelain ramekin.

That’s what you get from Viking. You get an oven that is just as comfortable and capable of baking a finicky soufflé as it as a hearty brisket.

It Looks at Home Anywhere

It Looks at Home Anywhere

Stainless steel appliances are the gold standard of appliances these days because they look sleek and modern in any setting. If you are fortunate enough to be remolding your entire kitchen this polished stainless steel double oven with its oversized stainless-steel knobs and the heavy-duty tubular handle will fit right in.

But even if you are simply upgrading your ovens, this modern look can add some pizzazz to your entire kitchen. You don’t have to pull out counter tops and redo cabinetry to give your kitchen a fresh look. This double oven can do it for you.

The oversized viewing windows that make it easy to check on your cooking also help give your ovens a nice refined look. The solid glass windows are striking, refreshing, and make your oven look professional. They raise the bar, and the appearance of these ovens even raises expectations.

When you use your professional-grade Viking double wall ovens you better bring you’re A-game in breads, pastries, and roasts.

An Oven that Doubles Everything

An Oven that Doubles Everything

The Pro Series 5 Viking double oven is all about doing double takes and working double duty. It is a hard-working oven that happily takes some of the pressure of cooking and baking off of you. It provides a large cooking capacity, precision heating, and a mile long list of fun features. It can help you fall in love with your kitchen again, and it can also help you fall back in love with home cooked meals

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