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Thermador Double Oven: Review And Comparison

thermador double oven

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of ovens available on the market today. Double ovens, single ovens, ovens with specialty features, and those that cater to those who want the ultimate luxury features in their home kitchens.

When assembling your dream kitchen, the center piece of it needs to be an oven that can handle all of your needs.

For those requiring a special kind of oven to help with their needs there are luxury models available from Thermador. To help you see why this may be the perfect oven for you, we have researched and provided a list of the best features and how it stacks up to the competition.

Comparison Table

Overview Of The Thermador Double Oven

Thermador is a well-known brand that’s been producing top-notch appliances for over 75 years. They created the world’s first wall ovens and gas cooktops with their patented Star Burner to a speed oven that reduces cooking time significantly.

The particular model from Thermador that we’re looking at comes from the Masterpiece series. It’s a double oven with standard doors on both ovens, 14 cooking modes, six cooking levels within, and Thermador’s True Convection technology for making simultaneous dishes without flavor transfer.

How The Thermador Double Oven Works

thermador double oven

While technically all ovens are convection ovens, this means that the natural circulation of heat by temperature differences in a space. The Thermador double oven is able to use convection heat to evenly heat the food being prepared inside of it.

A key component of the convection oven is the use of a fan that circulates the air throughout the oven. This use of fan helps to keep an even temperature steady though the whole space of the oven while cooking is in progress.

Another term for this type of oven is a forced convection oven. Regardless of the name, most convection ovens get faster results than other ovens. This comes down to the fact that they cook food faster because the circulating air helps to transfer heat faster to the food inside of them.

Bear in mind that some food does not cook well in a convection oven. Items like cookies and breads bake better in more humid environments. Due to this difference, it is important to make sure you invest in a convection oven where the convection feature can be turned off as needed.

Product Specifications For The Thermador Double Oven

The various specifications for the Thermador double oven can help you understand how well the oven may or may not suit your needs. The below specifications show size, weight, features, and options that the Thermador includes.

Specifications For The Thermador Masterpiece Series MED302JS Double Oven

specifications for thermador oven

Each oven is unique and offers different features for different needs. The Thermador Masterpiece MED302JS offers a wide variety of functions and extras to help out in the kitchen. Here is a list of what you can expect from this great oven.

Product Information

  • Brand: Thermador
  • Series: Masterpiece Series
  • Model: MED302JS


  • Fuel Type: Electric
  • Style: Double
  • Microwave: No
  • Speed Oven: No
  • Color: Stainless Steel
  • Stainless Steel Handle: Yes
  • Viewing Window: Yes
  • Drawer: None
  • Clock: Digital


  • Cutout Width: 28 1/2 Inch
  • Cutout Depth: 24 Inch
  • Cutout Height: 51 1/8 Inch
  • Exterior Width: 30 Inch
  • Exterior Depth: 23 7/8 Inch
  • Exterior Height: 51 3/4 Inch

Oven Features

  • Upper Capacity: 4.7 cubic feet
  • Lower Capacity: 4.7 cubic feet
  • Convection: Both
  • Self-Cleaning: Both
  • Control Type: Touch Sensor
  • Broiler Element Location: Top
  • Timer: Yes
  • Delay Bake: Yes
  • Digital Temperature Display: Yes
  • Interior Oven Light: Yes
  • Proofing: Yes
  • Sabbath Mode: Yes
  • Temperature Probe: Yes
  • Broiler Pan Included: Yes

Technical Details

  • Star-K Certified: Yes
  • ADA Compliant: No
  • Wattage: 3500
  • Undercounter Installable: No
  • Amps: 40
  • Voltage: 240/208 Volts
  • Shipping weight: 302 pounds

Features Of The Thermador Double Oven

For any luxury oven, we expect a number of luxury features. The Thermador Double does not disappoint with its offerings. You get what you pay for and what you get are some pretty amazing features that would come in handy in any home kitchen.

  • SoftClose doors for smooth closing
  • Massive capacity at 4.7 cubic feet
  • Super-fast preheat setting – Takes about 7 minutes
  • Fast 2-hour self-clean mode
  • Powerful convection cooking across full oven, without flavor transfer
  • 3 full access telescopic rack with easy-grip handle – Can handle up to 45 pounds
  • Temperature control probe
  • 20 pre-programmed EasyCook recipes
  • Powerful halogen lighting with automatic dimming
  • Recessed broiler element
  • SoftClose doors afor smooth closing
  • 3 advanced culinary modes – Warm, proof, dehydrate
  • Delay start mode
  • Hidden bake element for easy cleaning
  • Digital indicator
  • Six adjustable rack levels
  • Temperature control probe
  • Star-K certified
  • Premium glass touch control

Price Range For The Thermador Double Oven

The Thermador double oven will run you anywhere between $$$$ and $$$$. This price varies greatly on this model, based upon the retailer, sales, and deals that may be available at the time. The important thing to remember is that, with the Thermador Double Oven, you get what you pay for.

Warranty Information For The Thermador Double Oven

The manufacturer gives a two-year limited parts and labor warranty for the Thermador Double Oven. Many retailers offer additional extended warranties for this oven, along with their other major kitchen appliances.

You may wish to purchase one of these extended warranties to guarantee a longer life for your investment. This way you are guarded against any unforeseen accidents or acts of God.

How Does The Thermador Double Oven Compare To The Competition?

To help you best understand which ovens have the features you’re looking for, we’re comparing three different comparable ovens with the Thermador double door.

The GE Café Series double oven has a number of similar features to the Thermador oven, including the basic design with French doors on the upper oven, and an easy-to-use self-clean mode.


The GE Café Series double oven runs between $$$$ to $$$$. This makes the GE Café Series oven fairly comparable in price to the Thermador double oven, depending on which retailer you compare with.

Ease of Use

The top oven has French doors, making the top oven possibly easier to operate than other ovens with standard doors. The Wi-Fi connectivity makes it even easier to use, and keep track of, especially for those who may tend to worry over leaving the oven on or not.

The strong convection and meat probe help to cook meals evenly, while the warmer makes using the oven easier for parties than a lot of other options.

Overall, the GE Café Series double oven earns a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars for ease-of-use.


The GE Café Series comes with a limited 2-year warranty for parts and labor. The Thermador has a similar warranty. Both are rated at 3.8 out of 5 stars for warranty coverage.

The Viking RVDOE330X is a similar double oven to the Thermador model. The Viking has similar features, including a large number of cooking modes, and meat probe.


The Viking RVDOE330X runs between $$$$ to $$$$ at various retailers. This puts the price at a similar price to the Thermador’s lower-end price.

Be sure to compare and evaluate prices at retailers to guarantee you get the best price before deciding on where to purchase from.

Ease of Use​​​​​

The numerous cooking modes, meat probe, and TrueGlide oven racks make the Viking an easy-to-use oven. The TruConvec technology by Viking doesn’t force direct heat from top or bottom into the oven, but instead uses the force of the fans to circulate and move the heat evenly throughout the oven cavity.

The Viking is otherwise a reasonably well-designed model that would likely be easy to use for most functions. There is no mention of a self-clean mode, however, which drops the ease-of-use rating for us to a 3.6 out of 5 stars.


The Viking comes with a three-year full warranty for the entire oven, along with a 90-day cosmetic warranty for glass, decorative items, and painted components. There’s also a limited lifetime warranty for the stainless-steel exterior, and a ten-year limited warranty for the porcelain oven(s) and porcelain inner door panels. Finally, the Viking comes with a limited 5-year warranty for the heating elements.

This is one of the best warranties on the market, so we rank this up at 4.7 out of 5 stars, as compared to the Thermador warranty ranked at 3.8 out of 5 stars.

The Thermador double oven, and the Fisher & Paykel are comparable ovens in a similar price range, depending on the retailer. Both have the same basic features, but both have distinct features that set them apart from each other.

We’d recommend looking closely at the varying features to decide which are most suitable for meeting your needs.


The Fisher & Paykel Professional WODV230N run between $$$$ to $$$$, which puts it at the higher end of the price range for the Thermador Double Oven we’re examining. The features make it easy to use, the make is high quality, and the warranty is reasonable, which makes it comparable at the price.

Ease of Use

The Fisher & Paykel Professional WODV230N Double Oven is an easy-to-use oven, based on the variety of settings offered. It also includes a temperature probe, for precision cooking, four-way convection cooking for even cooking, and a strong self-cleaning mode.

The Fisher & Paykel Professional WODV230N Double Oven also has the helpful feature of the cool touch doors, meaning you won’t burn yourself when you try to open and close the oven doors.

Over all, the Fisher & Paykel Professional WODV230N Double Oven is rated with 4.6 out of 5 stars for ease-of-use.


There is a two-year full warranty for materials and labor, as well as a ten-year warranty on the porcelain cavity of the oven for the Fisher & Paykel Professional WODV230N Double Oven. This makes the warranty better than the limited warranty offered for the Thermador oven, and rates at 4.2 stars out of 5.

Pros Of The Thermador Double Oven


There are multiples pros to think about when considering the purchase of a Thermador Double Oven. It is an easy to use oven that can easily act as the centerpiece for your kitchen. Additionally, some key features to remember include:

  • The oven contains a capacity of 4.7 cubic feet, with six adjustable rack levels.
  • Preheating is easy as it only requires around seven minutes.
  • It features a robust 14 cooking modes and 20 pre-programmed EasyCook recipes
  • Unlike many ovens, it has a quick two-hour cleaning mode.
  • It is a Star-K certified oven.
  • The Thermador comes with a limited two-year parts and labor warranty.

Cons Of The Thermador Double Oven


There are a few cons that we could find for the Thermador Double Oven. The only major flaw that we could find is that it is not ADA compliant, meaning it is not suitable for those with disabilities. Besides this one flaw, we could not find any other major flaw worth mentioning.

thermador double oven

Where To Buy The Thermador Double Oven

You can purchase a Thermador Double Oven at a number of locations, including US Appliances, AJ Madison, Appliance Connection, Percy’s, Yale Appliance, Shopper’s Choice, and Build.com, among other retailers online and in local store.

Our Verdict

Without a doubt, we can highly recommend the Thermador Double Oven. This is an oven that’s bursting with features to help with making your culinary efforts easier. It competes solidly with other similar models in the same price range, offers a number of features that others don’t, and comes from a reliable manufacturer.


Overall, we believe this is a high-quality, durable oven that will meet the needs of almost anyone.


Thermador: 5 Best Luxury Appliance That You Need

thermador pro grand steam range 48 inch professional series pro grand commercial depth dual fuel 1

A range is a great choice for you if you want to cook more like a professional, but don’t have a lot of space. A range combines together an oven and a stove.

They also can provide a sleek design to give your kitchen an extra boost of elegance.

Comparison Table

What To Look For In A Thermador Range: Fuel

Thermador is a brand that sells kitchen appliances. So, we’ll focus on what to look for in ranges in general. These specific aspects will help you decide which is best for you. For example, what kind of fuel do you want? You have the choice of three different fuel ranges. There’s gas, electric, and dual fuel.


cooking in the kitchen

Gas is the type that a lot of chefs and amateur chefs use. They prefer this type because of the level of precision on the stovetop that electric ranges don’t manage.

With gas ranges, you can move between different levels of heat on the stove in an instant. It also gives a constant visual cue of how hot the burner is because of the flames.

Gas rates better than electric in terms of energy use. You can save on your monthly energy bill by going with gas. But, if you don’t have gas already hooked up in your kitchen, that can get costly.


  • Can cook with precise heats
  • Let’s you change the heating level quickly
  • Heats up and cools down in no time
  • Uses less energy


  • Stovetops are harder to clean
  • Size
  • Needs a gas hookup

Electric Range

electric range

These are popular with consumers because of the smooth tops stoves have a sleek design and are easier to clean than gas. If you don’t have a gas hookup, this is the cheaper of the two to install.

You can find electric ranges with coil stovetops and those with smooth tops. Coil stovetops are some of the cheaper options you’ll come across, whereas electric ranges with a smooth top stoves tend to be some of the most expensive options on the market.

Bakers prefer electric ovens because they produce superior baked good because the heating is more even.


  • Better for baking
  • Coil stovetop models are affordable
  • Smooth top models are easy to clean and have extra features


  • Heat levels aren’t as precise like gas
  • Uses more energy than gas

Dual Fuel Range

dual fuel range

This is a great combo of the precision of gas and the evenness of electric. They typically cost more than going with one fuel type, but it’s worth it for anyone who does a lot of cooking and baking.


  • Gas stove for better cooking
  • Electric stove for even baking
  • Smooth top models are easy to clean and have extra features


  • Costs more
  • Still need a gas hookup
  • May need to spend extra to make sure you have enough electrical charge for the dual fuel range to work

Other Aspects To Consider

There are other aspects to keep in mind while you are doing your research. Think about the cost, these are an investment. The price depends on how large it is and how many features it has. Make sure you set a budget before you fall in love with a range you can’t afford.

Make sure to measure where you want the range to go. There’s nothing worse than buying it and then finding out it doesn’t fit. While thinking about size, also consider how much it weighs. Depending on how heavy it is, you may have to reinforce your floor.

Also think about your cooking needs. Are you more of a cook or a baker? Depending on your answer, you may want gas or electric. You can also use it to decide how many burners you want. If you use a lot of pots, then you want a lot of burners.

Maybe most of all, check to see how easy it is to clean. Sometimes you have to practically take the range apart to clean it. No one wants to spend too much time cleaning. There are some ranges that feature easy to clean stovetops and wide grates.

How We Reviewed

We picked out the best Thermador ranges through a dual method of looking at what experts like and what people who used them thought. Experts are great at pointing out the best brands and the best features. They are also good at breaking down everything so that it’s easier to understand.

The downside with experts is that we don’t know if they have any sort of connection to brands and have a bias. That’s where the average customer comes in. They leave reviews on purchasing sites and have no reason to lie.

They are great because they explain why or why not they like the product in ways that anyone can understand.

Overall Price Range Of A Thermador Range

These appliances are anywhere between $$$$ to $$$$. The price depends on how large it is and how many features it has.

Top 5 Thermadors

We picked a variety of sizes of Thermador ranges. They have different ranges of prices as well.

This range features an easy to clean porcelain cooktop. There is also the ExtraLow simmering featuring Star Burns that give an even spread of heat.

It has a large convection oven so that you can have plenty of room to cook and bake.

The star burner’s unique five-point design offers a reduced cold spot, faster time to boil, and the ExtraLow feature. The ExtraLow feature gives the widest variety of temperature control of any simmer system. It cycles on and off to maintain temperatures as low as 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

It uses gas and weighs 615 pounds.

You can buy this range at Amazon, AjMadison, and Appliances Connection. If you buy from Appliances connection, then you get a 3-year warranty.

It has a 3.5-star rating. Pros of this range are the design, it’s easy to clean, and that it heats up quickly.

Cons are that the customer service is not helpful, it seems to fall apart within a few years, and some people have complained of the quality. It’s hard to say if they got a bad batch or not, because other people like it.  


This range also features ExtraLow burners that help keep the heat consistent for perfect cooking. The 3 in 1-star burners have a 5-point design that makes sure there aren’t any cold spots. It allows for better heat distribution.

It’s designed like a professional range, so you can feel like an expert in your own kitchen. The convection oven lets you do multilevel cooking. This means you cook or bake more than one thing at the same. It also has restaurant style knobs.

It uses gas and weighs 300 pounds.

You can find it on Amazon, AjMadison, and Appliances Connection. If you purchase this Thermador range from Appliances Connection, you will get a 3-year warranty.  

It has a 3.5-star rating. Perks of this range are that it’s well made, the racks are easy to slide in and out, and it’s easy to clean.

Takeaways are that some people have complained about uneven heat and some have expressed concerns about the lowest heat setting not being good.


This is an easy to clean range. The raised pedestal burner and porcelain maintop have been made for the perfect cleanup. A hand and a sponge fit easily under each burner to wipe the surface clean. A teardrop emboss reduces food buildup near the base.

It also has Star Burners and ExtraLow Simmer Burners. It has professional style cast iron grates. It uses gas and weighs 300 pounds.

You can find this range at Amazon, AjMadison, and Appliances Connection. If you buy this range from the last store, then you will get a 3-year warranty.

It has a 4-star rating. Pros are that it’s well made, quick to heat, and the power to control the temperatures.

The biggest con is if you have a problem with your range, it’s expensive to have it get looked at


Thermador 48 Inch Professional Series Pro Grand Commercial Depth Dual...
  • Thermador Pro Grand Steam PRD48JDSGU
  • 48 inch Pro-Style Dual-Fuel Range with 6 Sealed Burners
  • .6 Sealed Star Burners

This is the first high performance range with a built in Steam and Convection oven. This a range that professionals use.

It has 7 different cooking options, ExtraLow simmering featuring their Star Burners, and has an easy to clean base. It has a titanium grill and griddle. There are even preprogrammed modes that will automatically set the oven temperature and humidity.

It uses both gas and electric. It weighs 530 pounds.

You can buy this from Amazon, AjMadison, and Abt. It has a 3-star rating. People like it because of the different kinds of cooking levels, it’s easy to clean, and the nice spread of heat.

People have complained about the quality of customer service, it seems to need repairs fairly quickly, and for some people it hasn’t lasted long.


With this range, you get 4 burners, an electric griddle, and liquid propane operation. It has the patented Star Burners with the ExtraLow feature.

It is has a porcelain top which makes it easy to clean. It also has a removable griddle and grill accessory to be easy to clean as well.

The electronic oven control ensures precise heating while the large oven door window provides for maximum viewing. It also has powerful halogen lighting to illuminate the oven.

It uses gas and weighs 335 pounds.

You can get it from Amazon, AjMadison, and Appliances Connection. If you buy from Appliances Connection, you will get a 3-year warranty. It has 3-star rating.

Pros of this range are how fast the burners heat up and the precision of heating.

The con is that you have to clean up right away or it will stain the surface.


Other Ranges From Thermador

There are other ranges from this company but they are very similar to the ones listed above. The only difference is size and price.

kitchen with complete appliances

The Verdict

It seems like Thermador is a brand you either love or hate. It might be better for you to look at other brands. The biggest complaint from customers is that the company’s customer service is awful.

It appears that they aren’t helpful, they don’t return any of your calls, and they seem to be rude to customers. There are also complaints that they don’t want to help with any repairs that are needed. They charge you just to come to your and then want to be paid by the hour while they look at it.

It seems by the time they’re done, you may as well have bought a new range.

Make sure to do your research, look at other brands and compare what they offer versus Thermador. Make sure to read the reviews because they’re the ones who bought the appliance and tried it. They are also good at pointing out why or why not they worked.

Like it’s been mentioned several times that buying a kitchen appliance is a large investment. Make sure you take your time doing your research, creating your budget, and deciding your needs for it.


Wolf DF304 Review – Cook Powerfully And Precisely: It’s Fun And Easy To Use

wolf df304

There are plenty of things on this Earth that are hard to find, and a good range just happens to be one of them. It’s not the kind of search that’s going to warrant a movie or a reality television show, and yet finding a good stove and oven is surprisingly difficult.

You might not have thought that it was so hard until you ended up as one of those unfortunate people who made a mistake. Years ago you had the chance to choose a new range, and you made a bad decision.

It’s a decision that you have been stuck with for a long time, and it’s one that has haunted you. It’s hard to hate your range, and so you’ve tried to look on the bright side for as long as you could, but you are finally getting a second chance.

It’s like getting a new lease on life. You have the opportunity to do your research, to weigh the options, consider the pros and cons, and pick a range that can meet, or even exceed your expectations.

Start Your Range Search With The Wolf DF304

It’s a daunting task, but it all begins and ends with doing research. The more you know about the products that exist out there and what their capabilities are, the more you can identify what is important to you in a range.

In fact, you might even be here because you have already done a little research. You know that Wolf is a premier appliance company, and you know that their products are top of the line in both quality and performance.

Wolf DF304

The Wolf df304 range is a prime example of that quality, and it’s definitely worth a comprehensive look as you research your new appliance. It has all the performance you would expect from a Wolf, plus some fun surprises that might actually have you cooking and baking more often.

Take a look at all the amazing features that the Wolf DF304 has to offer, and see if it might be the range of your dreams that will rectify any bad decision you ever made in your life or at least those made in your kitchen.

High Powered Burners

The Wolf DF304 offers you 4 cast-iron heavy-duty burners 3 of which are high-powered to get that water boiling and bubbling in no time. In fact, the double-stacked burners are designed for the upper level to produce up to 20,000 BTU for 30% faster boils.

Imagine all the things you can get done when you don’t have to spend so much time waiting for a pot of water to boil. You know that you shouldn’t watch it, obviously, but it’s pretty hard not to. That means the faster it can boil, the faster you can move on to all the other things in the kitchen you have to do.

With that kind of powerful punch and precision control, you cannot only boil water faster, but you can also cook just about anything faster. You can get a perfect sear on your steak or chicken, and you can fire up all the burners at once without fear of getting weak performance from any of them. You can multitask to your heart’s content, and get stunning and delicious results to show for it.

Thermador PRG304GH

The Perfect Simmer

Wolf brand appliances really understand the trials and tests you put your kitchen equipment through, and they understand all the aspects of a range that are important. That’s why the Wolf DF304 isn’t just powerful. It is also precise.

It’s not exactly a tremendous accomplishment to get a lot of heat from a burner. It’s actually pretty hard to only get a little.

Simmering is tough for ranges. You know this because you’ve spent practically your entire life pulling pots off of the burner right before the water bubbled over. It was supposed to be simmering, but the heat was just too much for it.

Those same dual-stacked burners that offer powerful heat also offer powerful restraint. The lower tier of the burner offers what they call, “a breath of flame.” This allows your foods to truly simmer without burning, or boiling over. Burners can produce less than 300 BTU for the ultimate in low-end control.

Low-end control might mean that you can finally perfect a roux to make the most amazing homemade mac and cheese ever. It might mean that you can cook rice without losing have the grains in a mass that’s stuck stubbornly to the bottom of the pan. You might actually find more uses for the breath of flame than you do for the raw power of it.

10 Modes Of Cooking

To add to the precision parade of the Wolf DF304 are 10 precise modes of cooking. You can choose from bake, roast, broil, convection, convection bake, convection roast, convection broil, bake stone, proof, and dehydrate.

The dual fans of the convection system ensure that all of your food items get baked, or roasted evenly from all directions. The hot air surrounds them. Rather than blasting hot air on your roasting pan or baking sheet from one direction, the hot air comes at your food from every angle for a bake that is even, thorough, and effective.

This precision means golden brown breads and rolls, mouthwatering roasts, and perfectly charred vegetables full of flavor.

Cooking and baking well is about more than turning a knob, or flicking a switch. It involves a thoughtful process, and Wolf has it down pretty well.

The proofing mode is especially helpful if you love to bake. You no longer have to set your dough out on the counter and wait for hours as your drafty kitchen attempts to activate the yeast. The proofing method makes your from-scratch baking almost as quick and easy as if it were from a box.

You can whip up croissants, braided breads, and an assortment of pastries that will have the whole neighborhood wondering just how you do it.

Miele HR1924DF

Professional Stainless Steel Look

This is in every way a professional oven. It looks like something you find in the kitchen of a top restaurant, and yet it will look just as at home in your kitchen.

Its stainless steel exterior is classic and fits with any style décor. The cooktop is imposing and captivating. People will take one look at it and want to see what kinds of creations you can come up with on those burners.

In other words, it has the commanding presence of someone who loves to cook and can cook well. You don’t have to be a professional chef to use the Wolf DF304, but you definitely are no amateur.

This is an oven that despite its stainless steel finish also has a surprising amount of color. The control knobs are big, red, and bold, and the porcelain interior is the signature shade of cobalt blue. All of these elements combine to make an oven that is as bold as it is powerful.

Built To Last

Wolf ovens and ranges are put through rigorous testing to make sure that they can perform in your kitchen for years to come. In fact, Wolf appliances are designed to last more than 20 years.

That sounds pretty impressive, but they aren’t just talking about 20 years in your home kitchen. The Wolf DF304, like all their appliances, is built to last 20 years under restaurant-like conditions.

This Wolf DF304 is made to be used and not just admired. There are people who get really nice ranges just to make their kitchen look good, but you are not one of those people.

You are more like the person who never uses a microwave because it affects the taste of your food kind of person. You might also be the type of person who only bakes pizza from your own handmade dough, and who would rather fry their own rice than order take out. You are the type of person who loves to be in the kitchen creating and who loves to see what their range can do.

This heavy-duty range is made for just that type of person. It’s made to be used, loved, worn, and tested. Wolf makes sure that it passes their high standards so that it can pass yours.

gas range

Know For Sure When Food Is Ready

There are lots of things that you cook where the internal temperature is really important. Contaminated food is a big concern, especially when you are cooking with meat, and so it becomes very important that you pay close attention to temperature guidelines when serving it and preparing it.

You might have heard lots of concerned chatter about underdone chicken. It turns out it isn’t just red meat that can cause illness when underdone. Chicken is a big culprit.

So with all of these safety guidelines to consider it’s both nice and mesmerizing to have an oven that can keep track of the internal temperature of your food, and let you know when it has reached a specified temperature.

A meat thermometer can accomplish the same thing, but it can’t do it as seamlessly as the Wolf DF304 can. And at any rate, do you even know where your meat thermometer is?

You don’t have to take your food out and stab it with a long speared thermometer. Actually, you don’t even have to open the oven door.

You’ve probably dealt with your fair share of underdone meat before. It always happens in roughly the same way.

You put your meat in the oven for an unspecified amount of time. You forget to set a timer, but you have a vague notion that it’s been in there for a long time. You take a peek at it and give it a little jab with your fork. It seems pretty good, so you take it out of the oven, put it on a platter, and serve it to your family.

One quick knife cut reveals the chicken is still pretty pink on the inside, and back to the oven, it goes. Your family is left staring at the side dishes and grumbling. If you could avoid those situations your life would a lot easier and a lot more pleasant.

And thanks to Wolf, you can. Just program in the desired internal temperature, and carry on with the rest of your meal prep.

Easy To Use For Everyone

Just because this is a high-powered and professional-grade range doesn’t mean it should be complicated, or difficult to use.

The Wolf Df304 is actually surprisingly intuitive and easy to use. You can choose from a self-clean option, a delayed start, and a timed bake feature. That means you can program your oven to start and stop cooking at precise times and temperatures. Your oven can be hard at work while you are taking care of the other thousand things you have to do.

The self-cleaning mode means no more scrubbing and scouring your oven clean. The baked time mode means that you can put something in the oven ahead of time, and program it to cook. This is perfect for those early Thanksgiving mornings, or those late nights slow-roasting a brisket. You don’t have to be up at 4am, and you can let the Wolf do the work.

It’s also important to note that this Wolf Df304 has a Sabbath mode that allows it to be used by observant Jews on the Shabbat and on Jewish holidays. If this applies to you, then having an oven that makes complying with Jewish law easier can, in turn, make your life easier, and it can take some of the guesswork out of preparing meals your family and guests.

It’s just another way that Wolf appliances consider all the uses of an appliance and all the people who use them.

Put Wolf To Work For You

The Wolf DF403 has absolutely everything you could want in a kitchen range. It can bake, broil, and simmer. You get a hard-working oven, and a stovetop that can cook powerfully and precisely. It’s a beautiful range inside and out, and it’s fun and easy to use.

Best Viking Oven For Your Luxury Appliance Needs: The Most Affordable Ovens

viking oven

Considering purchasing a Viking oven for your kitchen? We are here to help.

This company offers many, many different ovens with different prices, features, and qualities – how are you ever supposed to choose?

We are going to sift through what Viking has to offer and to assist you in finding the best options. There are many different aspects to consider, and your choice will be much easier if you know exactly what you are looking for.

Comparison Table

Viking Oven FAQs

To get us started, let’s consider a few of the most frequently asked questions about Viking ovens.

1. What Is Viking?

2. What Makes This Type Of Oven Special?

3. Where Can I Buy A Viking Oven?

4. How Much Will I Pay For A Viking Oven?

Viking oven

How We Choose Our Ratings

The most important features in our reviews are being as honest and accurate as possible. To achieve this, we take a few additional steps in our research and writing to make the best review possible.

We read and research customer reviews online thoroughly. This part of our process does a few different things to ensure a trustworthy review. Having so many different opinions from the general public allows us to ensure that our review is not biased in any way. On top of that, it allows us to pinpoint any widespread issues and complaints, as well as observing the features that customers liked the most about the product.

We also research the product specifications thoroughly as well. In addition to learning more about the product, it allows us to let our readers know the exact sizing and dimensions of a product, as well as the coloring and aesthetics, features, and abilities. Since you are not looking at the product in person, it allows you to know exactly what you are purchasing if you buy an item from our review.

Lastly, we make sure to look into the reputation of the company who makes the product in the review. On top of allowing us to see how moral their values and decisions are, it also lets us see how decent their customer service is, as well as their return policies and warranties.

For this particular list of our favorite Viking ovens, we will be considering a few different qualities. Performance, aesthetics, overall quality, and the company’s reputation will all be a large part of the review.

Overall Price Range Of These Products

Like we discussed before, these ovens can drastically vary in price. Viking offers so many different ovens and features with each product that the pricing is very dramatic. Let’s discuss the different options that they offer and why they cost the amount they do.

The cheapest options are from the Viking 3 Series and the Viking 5 Series. These ovens are in the $$$ to $$$ range.

The Viking 3 Series are all self-cleaning and Star-K certified. The Viking 5 Series are also Star-K certified, offer six different rack positions and four open elements.

There are also ovens from the 3 and 5 series in the price range of $$$ to $$$. The Viking 30 Inch Pro-Style Gas Range oven is in this category as well. This is an oven that comes in a wide range of colors including apple red and cobalt blue, and includes all the other features of the 5 series.

Most of their Professional Series 5 ovens appear in the price range of $$$ to $$$$

These are industrial sized ovens, many of them come in the variety of colors like the Viking 30 Inch Pro-Style Gas Range oven, and offer features like the SureSpark Ignition System, the Black Chrome Knobs, and the Gentle Close Door. Many of these options also come with the concealed bake element, the ability to self-clean, and a glass ceramic surface.

If you are paying over $$$$ for a Viking oven, it is coming from the Professional 7 Series, the Viking Tuscany Series, and some of the Professional 5 Series.

Viking also offers the Professional Custom Series in this price range as well.

The features in this category vary as well. Some of the options come with an infrared broiler, some offer griddles, the VariSimmer, the Rapid Ready Preheat, and the TruGlide extension rack.

There are different sizes to consider with these ovens as well, they range from about 36 to 66 inches depending on the design you go with.

Our 5 Favorite Viking Ovens

Here are our favorite oven choices from Viking, ranked in no particular order. We hope you find this useful. Happy cooking!

No products found.

This is one of the most basic designs from the company, and it is one of the most affordable ovens they have as well.

You can get this particular design for around $$$ to $$$, depending on whether you get it in black, white, or stainless steel. The price also depends on whether you choose propane or natural gas for your fuel.

This oven has 5 sealed burners, $$$$ BTU, and is a 4 cubic foot convection oven. It also offers the SureSpark Ignition System, the TruGlide oven racks, the ProFlow convection baffle, and a spill-resistant cooktop. The continuous grates it has makes it easy to slide heavy pots around, and/or use multiple burners effortlessly in your cooking.




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Our next option is still on the “cheaper,” more affordable side of Viking products, but it is definitely much steeper than the last oven we discussed. This oven can be purchased in a range of $$$ to $$$ depending on the color you choose and whether you go with natural gas or propane.

This oven has the ProFlow Convection Baffle, which is perfect for evenly distributing heat for anything you cook. It also has the VSH Burner System, VariSimmer, SureSpark Ignition System, Gentle Close door, the BlackChrome knobs, and features halogen oven lights. 




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This is one of the most expensive ovens that Viking offers, which is why it is on our favorites list. It is of the highest quality and looks amazing. However, you will have to shell out about $$$$ for this gorgeous kitchen appliance.

The oven features Viking’s high-performance gas burners. These provide extremely fast boil times and a gentle simmer that will range from $$$$ BTU all the way up to $$$$$ BTU. It also has a center griddle, which is incredibly convenient and adds additional functionality to the design.

The left side of this oven is a 3.8 cubic feet electric oven with six rack positions, eight different cooking functions, and two oven lights to ensure you can see what you are baking. The right side of the oven is a 2.4 cubic feet conventional bake oven with a side swing oven door and one oven rack.

This design also features a lower storage drawer, porcelain coated cast iron cooking grates, a stainless-steel burner pan, and an electronic single-point spark ignition/re-ignition.

This oven has a full two-year warranty, a ninety-day warranty for the cosmetic parts like glass and painted items, and limited five-year warranty on the gas burners.




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Next, we have the 30 Inch Pro-Style Gas Range from the Viking 5 Series. This kitchen appliance has so many great features that makes it worth the price tag. You would pay between $$$$ to $$$$ for this design depending on the color and whether or not you go with natural gas or propane.

This product comes with the ProFlow Convection Air Baffle, as well as the VariSimmer Setting, the SureSpark Ignition System, the Gourmet-Glo Broiler, six different rack positions, four open elements, and a removable door that makes this oven extremely easy to fix or clean.

One feature that we especially love about this Viking oven is that you can convert it over to LP/Propane unit with the Propane Conversion Kit, which you can buy separately.




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Last but certainly not least, we have the 48 Inch Freestanding Gas Range from the Viking Professional 5 Series. This is another pretty expensive option, and you can expect to pay between $$$$ and $$$$$

With this design, you get the ProFlow Convection, the Gourmet-Glo Broiler, griddle, VSH Burner System, VariSimmer, SureSpark Ignition, TruGlide full extension rack, and eight sealed burners. You also get a fantastic porcelain cooking surface, which is designed for simple cleaning and extreme durability.




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Green colored viking oven in-between two viking oven.

The Finla Verdict

Now that we have taken a look at our favorite Viking ovens, we are going to narrow it down and choose the best product in the list.

While these are all wonderful kitchen appliances, with a lot of amazing features and fantastic looks – our top choice is going to have to be the Viking Professional 5 Series: 36 Inch Pro-Style Gas Range.

This is our top choice because it would be the perfect fit for both your home kitchen, for a restaurant, or any other business. The pricing is high, but it definitely gives you the best bang for your buck, and it is well worth the six grand it will cost you. It is also one of the most affordable choices on our Viking Oven list.

It is perfect for beginners, and for professionals. This Viking oven offers you a lot of space and plenty of features that will be perfect for each and every one of your dishes.

What is your favorite Viking oven on the list?

Viking Vgic5304bss – Long-lasting Ranges That Have Plenty of Modern Features

Viking VGIC5304BSS

If you are interested in buying a professional grade gas range but don’t know where to start, you have come to the right place. We have helpful reviews on the most popular brands of high-end professional ovens and ranges that you can find online.

Viking is one of the top brands in this category, and for a good reason. They design and manufacture top-quality, long-lasting ranges that have plenty of modern features but aren’t too complex or confusing for those new to using this type of appliance. Their products are designed to help make your time in the kitchen worthwhile by cutting cooking time in half without sacrificing the quality of your meals. These range ovens are easy to clean and maintain and will make cooking a more pleasurable experience for all.

This review covers the features and benefits of the Viking VGIC5304BSS 30 Professional Custom Series Gas Range in Stainless Steel. Take a moment to look over the features, specifications, pros and cons of this Viking model before you go shopping for a new upgraded range oven.


Price and Ratings

Viking Professional Custom Series VGIC5304BSS


$3k to $4k

Ease of Use:

Build Quality 


Kenmore Pro Gas Range #72583



Ease of Use:

Build Quality:


Jenn-Air Pro-Style Gas Range #JGRP430WP



Ease of Use:

Build Quality:


No products found.

LG Signature Gas Double Oven Slide-In Range #LUTG4519SN



Ease of Use:

Build Quality:


Miele 30 All Gas Range #HR1124



Ease of Use:

Build Quality:


All You Need to Know About the Viking VGIC5304BSS

The Viking VGIC5304BSS 30 Professional Series Gas Range includes many modern features that help make cooking faster and easier all without taking away from the joy of your cooking experience.

SureSpark Technology

Viking’s SureSpark Technology will ensure that your burners ignite every single time and re-ignite any time that they go out during the cooking process. This ignition system can keep the temperature going from low to high to ensure that your food is cooked accurately and according to plan.

VSH Pro Sealed Burner System

This system allows you to cook like a professional with over 15,000 BTUs and infinite temperature settings so that you can follow each recipe right down to the exact degree. The high-performance sealed burners ensure that your food cooks thoroughly without overcooking or scorching, and there is no way for spills or splatters to enter into the burners, making clean up afterward much easier as well. The unique patented burner system and the surface design improves the overall performance and maintenance of this Viking product.

As part of the VGIC series, this range features open burners and 15,000 BTU capability. Many people like the fact that you can detach the open burners for ultimate cleanability. The oven is not self-cleaning, which is one of the major drawbacks of the product.


The VariSimmer Settings on the Viking VGIC5304BSS features gas surface burners that allow for precise control of the temperature for ultra-low cooking and simmering of your favorite sauces and soups.

Porcelainized Cooking Surface

The smooth and sleek cooking surface keeps spills all in one place thanks to the raised edges that go all around the perimeter. The porcelain surface ensures durability over time and quick clean up once your cooking tasks are completed.

Gourmet Glo Infrared Broiler

This broiler will help to lock in all the tasty juices from your meats so that they turn out delicious and savory. You will no longer have to worry about your meat drying up while it is cooking. The intense heat from the broiler can also easily sear all types of meats and fish, allowing you to create a number of tantalizing dishes for your family to enjoy.

Product Specifications

Burner Ratings

Surface Burner Rating- 15,000 BTU

Broil Rating – 18,000 BTU

Bake Rating – 30,000 BTU

Other Ratings

Electric Requirements – 120 volts/ 60 Hz/ 3-prong plug attached to the unit

Max Amp Usage – 0.83 amps

Gas Requirements Unit is shipped natural gas standard, may be converted to LP or Propane Gas

Approximate Shipping Weight – 395 lbs.


Overall Width – 29 7/8”

Overall Height to Top of Side Trim - 35 7/8" Min. to 37" Max

Legs Adjust - 1 1/8”

Interior Width – 23”

Interior Height – 16 1/8”

Interior Size Overall – 4.0 Cubic Feet

Price Range

The price for the Viking VGIC5304BSS Range is between $3,000 and $4,000, making it an affordable choice for a high-quality professional-grade oven. If you are looking for a modern range oven to add to your newly upgraded kitchen but need to stay under budget, this is a great choice.

Viking is offering a money-saving rebate on the VGIC5304BSS Range. The unit costs only $2,999 after a $750 rebate. You can also ‘Like’ Viking on Facebook to receive an additional $150 off, making this unit one of the most affordable pro gas ranges that you can buy.

About the Viking Company and Their Quality Professional Ranges

Those who are familiar with the Viking brand will usually think of the commercial look of their Professional series of ranges. Those oven ranges include ultra-premium features such as high-performance burners, convection technology, and infrared broilers. Those units are capable of cooking everything from a savory rack of lamb to a complex crème brûlée. You can find the same features on the Viking VGIC5304BSS.

If you want a professional performance without the professional look, you can choose from their Designer series instead. Those units have a look and feel that is made for today’s modern gourmet kitchens. They will coordinate well with your newly upgraded appliances while providing you with professional features and settings that you can only find on a Viking product.

At Viking, the designers and manufacturers of their products believe that cooking shouldn’t be viewed as a grueling task. Instead, it should be considered an art form, a fun hobby that you can enjoy with your family, and something that many people do to de-stress.

That is why they make their products to help you enjoy cooking even more and make it more fun and less of a chore. Those who work for Viking believe that everything in your kitchen must work together in both form and function for cooking to be less stressful. Their Professional and Designer ranges provide the user with unsurpassed performance and a sophisticated look for all types of kitchens.

Each range line from Viking offers a full range of products designed for every type of cook and every budget. You don’t have to be an expert chef to be able to enjoy the advanced features on Viking products. And you don’t have to spend a fortune so that you may enjoy all the great features on these high-quality professional style ranges.

The advanced and modernized ranges that are now offered by the Viking brand feature both style and power in a convenient package. Their units are made with stylish and durable stainless steel material and other heavy-duty commercial-style materials, so that they are built to last for many years to come.

The temperature controls allow you to boil liquids quickly, or simmer soups and sauces at a very low setting so that you won’t overheat or scorch your food. They offer large-capacity ovens that are spacious enough to cook a holiday dinner for friends and family while remaining simple enough to use on a daily basis for cooking dinner.

There is also convection technology that allows you to prepare your favorite meals faster while never sacrificing the quality of your food. For a highly advanced professional range oven, you can count on Viking and their line of superior ranges.

How the Viking VGIC5304BSS Range Compares to Others

Buying a new professional-grade range can be an overwhelming experience. That is why we have put together a few important details about the Viking VGIC5304BSS Range and other similar ranges so that you will be able to make the best decision for your cooking needs.

VGIC5304BSS Professional

VGIC5304BSS Professional Custom Series 30-inch Pro Style Gas Range

Price - $3k to $4k

Ease of Use  5 Stars. The Viking VGIC5304BSS Pro Style Gas Range has all the modern conveniences that you would expect from a professional range while remaining easy for anyone to use, whether you are familiar with professional-grade appliances or not.

Build Quality 5 Stars. This product is made from quality stainless steel material and features a porcelain-coated cast iron grate that is built to last and is easy to care for.

Warranty4 Stars. A one-year full warranty covers the overall unit. A five-year limited warranty on the burners, a ten-year limited warranty on the porcelain oven, and a 90-day limited warranty on all cosmetic parts.


  • This oven offers commercial-style cooking power in a residential unit
  • Stainless steel exterior and cast iron grates
  • Easy to clean and care for
  • Easy to use
  • Great warranty


  • Natural gas standard, but it can be converted to propane or LP
  • Oven is not self-cleaning
Kenmore Pro Gas Range

Price - $2k

Ease of Use – 5 Stars. Clear and easy-to-read controls that make it easy for anyone to use it accurately. The range has two digital timers on the front that you can use simultaneously. And the Accela heat setting allows you to bake foods without overheating or preheating.

Build Quality5 Stars. High-quality stainless steel construction. The Kenmore brand is well-known for designing and manufacturing ranges that last for decades.

Warranty – 4 Stars. Kenmore appliances are covered by a one-year limited warranty on defects in material and workmanship.


Accela Heat Settings


  • Only has a one-year limited warranty
Jenn-Air Pro-Style Gas Range

Price - $3,999

Ease of Use – 5 Stars. Very easy to use. Maintains a perfect simmer and took less time to bring a full stockpot to boil.

Build Quality – 5 Stars. Excellent build quality designed and built to last. Luxurious look makes this range a great addition to any modern or gourmet kitchen. Beautiful stainless steel exterior with strong and durable cast iron grates.

Warranty – 4 Stars. Jenn-Air Appliances come with a 1-year limited warranty.


  • Luxurious professional grade range looks great and works even better
  • Quality built
  • Plenty of contemporary features
  • Easy to use


  • Only comes with a 1-year limited warranty

No products found.

LG Signature Gas Double Oven Slide-In Range

Price - $3,500

Ease of Use  4 Stars. While it has plenty of modern smart features, the LG Signature Gas Double Oven may be too advanced for some users who are upgrading from their standard oven to this new app-friendly range.

Build Quality 5 Stars. This LG Range has a scratch-resistant finish and a high-tech, professional-looking design that will last for many years. The exterior of this range will coordinate well with your brand new gourmet kitchen and enhance any type of minimalist style.

Warranty – 4 Stars. 1-year warranty on parts and labor.


  • An excellent range for anyone who loves high-tech gadgets.
  • Surprisingly affordable considering all the features that it has
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • SmartThinQ technology that connects the range to Wi-Fi
  • SmartDiagnosis that allows you to troubleshoot issues and resolve them on your own.


Short 1-year warranty period.
Miele 30 All Gas Range

Price - $5k

Ease of Use 5 Stars. Its large control knobs and easy-to-grip door handle make it very easy to use.

Build Quality – 5 Stars. Like many other Miele products, this 30” All Gas Range is built to last with a stainless steel exterior and sealed burners.

Warranty  4.5 Stars. Backed by the Good Housekeeping 2-year Limited Warranty


Recipient of the Good Housekeeping Seal Star


Short warranty period

Is the Viking VGIC5304BSS 30-inch Pro Style Gas Range the Right Choice for your Home?

The Viking VGIC5304BSS 30-inch Pro Style Gas Range is an affordable option when you want to purchase a professional range yet stay within a reasonable budget. It includes many of the same features that you would find on a gas range that costs twice as much, yet it is also capable of functioning the same as a standard oven.

This is a great model for those who aren’t familiar with using an advanced gas range. It is easy to clean and maintain and is designed to last for many years.

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Featured Image: Viking Professional Custom Series used with permission from Ajmadison, caption and filter added.

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