The Best Dacor Gas Cooktop Review – Helping You Upgrade Your Luxury Kitchen

When it comes to luxury appliances, the Dacor name rings loud wherever luxury appliances are mentioned.

If you are a serious cook, then you know how important a cooktop is in producing a world-class meal.

That is why every pro kitchen must feature a Dacor gas cooktop.

If you are still using an electric cooktop, you definitely need to read this Dacor gas cooktop review.

1. Dacor Gas Cooktops – Why Gas?

Gas is the most reliable fuel when it comes to cooking as it has many advantages that make it more superior to electricity. One of the major advantages of gas cooktops is that they are very responsive, giving you exceptional control of your dishes.

When you change the heat settings, you get an immediate response, unlike electric cooktops that take time to respond.

Usually, when it comes to choosing between a gas and electric cooktop, many people favor electric citing better safety.

But with modern gas cooktops like the Dacor gas cooktop line, safety is an inherent part of the cooktop. Simply put, gas cooktops have safety mechanisms that actually make them as safe as, if not safer than, electric cooktops.

2. What Makes Dacor Gas Cooktops Worthy of Your Consideration?

Well, it’s simple really.

Dacor has been in the luxury appliance business since 1933. And ever since then, Dacor appliances have been a part of many upscale homes due to their reliability, durability, functionality, and plain aesthetic beauty.

To add to the credibility of the brand, its founding father Stanley Joseph and his 2 sons have at different times been inducted into the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) Hall of Fame as charter members for their great contributions to the way modern kitchens are equipped and operate.

With such an illustrious history, you can definitely purchase a Dacor gas cooktop with confidence – knowing that it will give you superior performance while adding to the beauty of your kitchen.

Let’s take a look at a couple of Dacor gas cooktops that will definitely aid you in feeding your family meals they’ll certainly love.

Comparison Table



The 46-Inch Dacor Classic Gas Cooktop

SGM466 | Classic


Actual Width: 46 Inch

Actual Depth: 21 Inch

Actual Height: 4 Inch

Cutout Width: 44 1/2 Inch

Cutout Depth: 19 7/8 Inch


Electrical: 120V, 15A

Gas: Natural Gas standard with order. LP and high altitude special order.

The 30-Inch Distinctive Dacor Gas Cooktop

DRT304SNG| Distinctive


Actual Width: 36 Inch

Actual Depth: 21 Inch

Actual Height: 5 7/8 Inch

Cutout Width: 33 5/8 Inch

Cutout Depth: 19 5/8 Inch


Electrical: 120V, 15A

Gas Supply: 3/4″ Regulator

Gas: Natural Gas (NG) standard with order

The 30-Inch Modernist Dacor Gas Cooktop

RGC304SNG| Modernist


Actual Width: 30 Inch

Actual Depth: 21 Inch

Actual Height: 6 Inch

Cutout Width: 28 1/2 Inch

Cutout Depth: 19 1/2 Inch


Electrical: 120V, 15A

Gas: Natural Gas 

The 46-Inch Dacor Classic Gas Cooktop (SGM466)

Dacor SGM466B: 46" Gas Cooktop, in Black
  • Blue "On" Indicator Light (model SGM365 only)
  • Exclusive Bead-Blasted, PermaClean(TM) Finish on a one-piece sealed spill basin makes cleaning easy and keeps cooktop...
  • 5 Sealed Gas Burners

​​​​The 46-inch Dacor Classic gas cooktop is a monster of a cooktop that every avid cook will surely fall in love with.

Not only does it look gorgeous, but it offers you 6 powerful burners to help you get all your cooking done efficiently, speedily, and professionally.

Perhaps a quick look at the specifications and features is in order so as to help you get a clear picture of this amazing cooktop as we continue.

Dacor Classic Gas Cooktop Specifications

  • Cooktop power source: Gas
  • Ignition type: Electric
  • Height: 5.6 inches
  • Width: 46 inches
  • Depth: 21 inches
  • 2 x 14000 BTU burners
  • 1 x 12499 BTU burner
  • 3 x 8500 BTU burners
  • Color finish: Stainless steel
  • Control type: Analog
  • Control location: Top right side

The Dacor Classic gas cooktop is a robust 46-inch gas cooktop that features 6 sealed burners that afford you superior versatility in the kitchen.

The 2 power burners allow you to boil water and prepare foods like bacon or stir-fries quickly while the low power burners afford you the low heat you need to simmer your soups and sauces.

And when you need to quickly move a pot of a burner, the porcelain coated grates are designed in a continuous fashion that allows cooking vessels to slide from one burner to the other without any risk of spills or scratches to your precious pot (and cooktop).

If it so happens that you do accidentally spill something on the burner, no need to fret as the Dacor Classic gas cooktop has an electric re-ignition system that re-ignites the flame as long as the burner is on. This makes for uninterrupted cooking, even if you are not in the room.

The electric ignition means the Dacor Classic gas cooktop requires a 120-volt/15-amp electric connection in addition to the gas line that provides the fuel source for the burners.

The Dacor Classic gas cooktop also has a unique SmartFlame feature that helps to reduce flame-to-grate contact, thereby preventing discoloration or damage to your grate. This will prolong the beauty of your cooktop for a very long time.

One thing you’ll appreciate about the grates on this Dacor gas cooktop is that it can accommodate all sizes of cooking vessels, making it easy for you to prepare large meals for those special occasions when you have bigger gatherings than normal at your table.

If you enjoy hosting parties, great parties that is, then you’ll definitely appreciate the power, precision, and performance you will get with the Dacor Classic gas cooktop.

If 46 inches seems too big of a cooktop for you and your kitchen, but you still have the burning passion to exercise your cooking chops, Dacor still has you covered.

The 36-Inch Distinctive Dacor Gas Cooktop (DRT304SNG)

DRT304SNG 30" Gas Rangetop With Porcelain Enameled Spill Basin...
  • Stylish Distinctive Design
  • Angled Control Graphics are easy to read from a standing position
  • Illumina TM Indicator Lights ensures a safer cooking experience by lighting up Dacor's signature flame-bluewhen the...

As with all Dacor gas cooktops, the Dacor Distinctive gas cooktop is a real beauty.

Featuring all the classic lines and design features that have made Dacor the envy of many, the 30-inch Dacor Distinctive gas cooktop is just that – a cooktop that is distinct.

A unique thing of beauty that will definitely be your kitchen’s centerpiece.

Aesthetic beauty aside, can this cooktop really deliver the goods when it comes to performance?

Let’s unpack this masterpiece and find out.

The 30-inch Dacor Distinct gas cooktop features 5 sealed burners.

If you’re wondering why sealed burners are so popular in many kitchens, the reason is simple.

Sealed burners are easier to clean, making gas cooktops like Dacor gas cooktops that feature sealed burners the people’s favorite luxury cooktops.

Coming in Dacor’s classic stainless steel finish, the Dacor Distinct is one cooktop that is truly a joy to clean and maintain, especially with Dacor’s PermaClean Bead Blasted Finish feature. This is a finish that makes the cooktop scratch and mess resistant (and sleek looking too), allowing you the liberty to cook as you will. Go ahead and make a mess. You won’t have any problems when it comes to cleaning it up.

For safety, the Dacor Distinctive gas cooktop comes with indicator lights (Illumina Indicator Lights) that help you quickly tell which knob controls the burner that is on.

And as all things Dacor, this feature also enhances the beauty of the cooktop.

If you want to avoid spraining your wrists lifting heavy casserole dishes from one burner to the other, then you’ll definitely appreciate the continuous porcelain coated grates that make it easy for you to slide your pots around without doing any heavy lifting.

Being a 30-inch gas cooktop, you’ll definitely have enough space to cook multiple dishes at once without having to worry about pots or pans falling off the cooktop.

When it comes to performance, the 30-inch Dacor Distinctive won’t let you down as its 5 sealed burners have enough fire-power to handle any meal on both ends of the heat spectrum. Featuring one powerful 14,000 BTU burner, 2 x 12,500 BTU burners, and 2 x 8,500 burners, you are well able to sear, simmer or sauté with great ease.

The 30-Inch Modernist Dacor Gas Cooktop

Dacor RGC304SNG: Renaissance 30" Gas Cooktop, in Stainless Steel...
  • Illumina(TM) Burner Controls glow Dacor's signature flame-blue(TM) to always let you know when a burner is on
  • SimmerSear(TM) Burners provide up to 18,000 BTUs and achieve ultra-low temperatures for simmering and melting without...
  • Exclusive Bead-Blasted, PermaClean(TM) Finish on a one-piece sealed spill basin makes cleaning easy and keeps cooktop...

If you are looking for a modern looking gas cooktop that will have no problem fitting in with your modern kitchen, then the Modernist line of Dacor gas cooktops is exactly what you need.

And if space is a limiting factor in your kitchen, the 30-inch Dacor Modernist gas cooktop will definitely suffice in giving your kitchen the premium look you are looking for while giving you professional performance in your kitchen.

If you’re familiar with Dacor appliances, you probably know that this family-run business was acquired by Samsung Electronics in August of 2016.

This partnership brought a fresh and more modern look and functionality to the Dacor range of appliances.

And the combination of Dacor’s craftsmanship and Samsung’s innovative technologies has produced a line of premium kitchen appliances that not only looks luxurious but is also technologically advanced.

Every new Dacor gas cooktop will give you the best of both worlds.

Let’s take a look at the 30-inch Dacor Modernist gas cooktop’s specs and features to give you a better picture of what to expect from this modern gas cooktop.

The 30-inch Dacor Modernist gas cooktop comes with 4 powerful burners that will offer you unparalleled precision with 4 sealed stack burners that offer you the perfect combination of precision and power. The burners come in the following configuration:

  • Left Front Burner: 18,500 BTU (Dual Burner)
  • checkLeft Rear Burner: 13,000 BTU (Stack Burner)
  • checkRight Front Burner: 9,500 BTU (Stack Burner)
  • checkRight Rear Burner: 9,500 BTU (Stack Burner)

One thing you’ll love about these burners is that they are stacked, meaning that each burner comes with 2 levels of flame for increased precision. And for added durability, all 4 burners are made from brass.

When it comes to safety, the Dacor Modernist gas cooktop is a cut above the rest with its innovative features. Among them is the auto re-ignition system that re-ignites the flame if it is put out by accident. This prevents the gas from coming out and filling your house, thereby creating a dangerous bomb.

Another innovative safety feature that is unique to Dacor is the Illumina knobs with their signature blue glow that makes it very easy for you to identify a burner that is on.

For added convenience, the knobs are dishwasher safe, reducing your workload when it comes to cleaning.

Moving with the times, this Dacor gas cooktop also comes with Dacor’s iQ Kitchen App that gives you the ability to easily monitor your gas cooktop remotely. This makes it easier for you to multitask, especially when you are preparing for a large number of guests.

With its low-profile flush installation, the Dacor Modernist gas cooktop will seamlessly fit in with your countertop and every other appliance in your kitchen.

If you are looking for a contemporary gas cooktop that will still look good for years to come, the Dacor Modernist gas cooktop is the cooktop you are looking for.

And if 4 burners on 30 inches seem too small for you, you can opt for the 36-inch Dacor Modernist gas cooktop.

The Best Dacor Gas Cooktop for You

Whether you are building a new house or remodeling and you are wondering which the best gas cooktop for you is, take a good look at Dacor.

Whichever Dacor gas cooktop you opt for, one thing is sure – you’ll be happy with your purchase.

And a happy cook is a good cook.

With your new Dacor gas cooktop, cooking will certainly be a joy you’ll enjoy for a long time.

So take your pick, and let’s get cooking.

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