The Dacor Oven Review You Should Read Before You Remodel Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important areas of anybody’s home. Not only does it have to have sufficient space for the cooking of the meals, but it also has to look good. One of the most challenging aspects of a kitchen makeover is striking the perfect balance between practicality and aesthetic beauty when it comes to picking your kitchen appliances.

The issue is compounded when you are specifically looking to upgrade your kitchen with luxury appliances.

However, when it comes to luxury ovens, it’s a no-brainer.

You should go with a Dacor oven.

A Dacor wall oven to be precise.

Why wall oven you ask?

Good question.

This is an interesting option that not many people have considered. To show the benefits of having a wall oven and every other aspect of it, we decided to provide a comprehensive guide. After reading through this piece, you will have plenty of information about the topic so that you can decide if it’s meant for you.

5 Advantages of Wall Ovens

Many times when it comes to remodeling a kitchen, the main question is whether to fit a range or a separate cooktop and oven.

While the answer to that question ultimately boils down to personal preference, I’ll give you a few reasons why you should opt for a wall oven instead of a range (a unit that combines a cooktop and an oven).

1. Larger Capacity

Wall ovens afford you more capacity, meaning you are able to cook larger meals. This is especially true if you opt for a double oven unit.

Whether you host events often or only use your oven once in a while, you’ll definitely appreciate the cooking capacity that wall ovens afford.

Besides, with a wall oven like a Dacor oven, the statement it makes in your kitchen is well worth the investment.

2. Ease of Access

Another great advantage that wall ovens afford you is their ease of access. An oven connected to a range is more cumbersome to access as you will have to bend to be able to get to it.

With a wall oven, because most are mounted at eye level, keeping an eye on what you are cooking is easy, and taking it out is just a matter of opening the door and easing it out – no bending, kneeling, or crouching required.

3. Take Up More Space

I know you are confused by this advantage.

Many people consider this a disadvantage, but if you have a kitchen large enough to accommodate a wall oven, then it definitely is an advantage.

This is because you can use the wall oven as a part of your décor.

With most modern wall ovens looking more and more like pieces of art, you’ll be glad to have enough space to add your own Picasso of a wall oven to your wall – and it most likely will be a Dacor oven. They are just exquisitely made.

This is a classic case of the glass being half full and not half empty. The fact that wall ovens take up more space than those found on ranges is a big advantage.

4. Cook Much Better

I know this may be debatable, but the fact that wall ovens have greater cooking capacities than their range mounted counterparts actually translates to better cooking.

Not only does the greater capacity afford a better distribution of heat, but it allows you to better cook larger meals without the fear of one side being either overcooked or undercooked.

5. Convenience

I’m sure you know that too many cooks spoil the broth. That’s especially true if those cooks are sharing the same cooking range as a cramped cooking space is a sure recipe for disaster.

Having a separate cooktop and wall oven will afford you great convenience in that there’ll be no need to jostle for space when one is cooking on the cooktop and the other in an oven.

Now that you understand the advantages of having a wall oven in your home, let’s get back to our subject matter – our Dacor oven review.

Dacor Wall Ovens – The Best Thing You Can Add to Your Kitchen Wall

Since its inception in 1965 Dacor has been a family-owned business that has carved a reputable name by producing some of the finest luxury kitchen appliances in America.

Although Dacor was purchased by Samsung in 2016 (another testimony of the high-caliber of their appliances), Dacor is still operating out of its California office – and still following the same values that made it the go to appliance company it is today. Most of their appliances also continue to be made in the US, so the takeover by Samsung has not diluted the quality of the products, rather, it has enhanced it.

One thing you’ll appreciate about Dacor is that every Dacor oven comes with an abundance of handy features that make cooking a breeze – and a whole lot more fun.

Even if you are a culinary clutz, Dacor ovens like the Discovery iQ line can turn you into a master chef in no time with their advanced guided cooking features. Yet despite the many advanced features and complexity of these ovens, you’ll be glad to know that they are very reliable and durable – especially since you have to dig deep into your pockets to purchase one.

With a Dacor oven, you are assured of a luxury kitchen for several years to come.

If you are looking to give your kitchen an ultramodern look that matches your elegance, then look no further than the Dacor Modernist line of wall ovens.

Let’s take a look at the Dacor Modernist 30″ Graphite Stainless Steel Steam-Assisted Double Wall Oven – the Dacor DOB30M977DM. This is one Dacor oven that will make your kitchen your favorite room in the house due to its exquisite looks and great user experience.

The Dacor DOB30M977DM Modernist Graphite Stainless 30″ Double Wall Oven

Like most things Dacor, the Dacor DOB30M977DM Modernist Double Wall Oven is in a class of its own. A quick look at the specifications will give you a hint of what to expect from this luxury oven.


  • Four-Part Dual Pure Convection
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • GreenClean Self-Clean
  • BrightVue Lights
  • SoftShut Oven Doors
  • Easily Accessible Water Reservoir
  • Flush Installation
  • Hand Pointing Right7” TFT LCD Screen
  • Hand Pointing RightTimer
  • Hand Pointing RightDelay Start
  • Hand Pointing RightSabbath Mode
  • Hand Pointing RightOven Style: Double
  • Capacity (combined): 9.6 Cu. Ft.
  • Convection: Both
  • Self-Clean: Both
  • Color: Graphite Stainless Steel
  • Width: 29 2/5″
  • Height: 51 1/3″
  • Cutout Width: 28 1/2″
  • Cutout Height: 50 1/4″
  • Fuel Type: Electric
  • Volts: 240/208 Volts
  • Amps: 50

If you thought cooking with one oven was fun, then you’ll be in cook’s paradise with this Dacor oven.

The Dacor Modernist Double Wall Oven will double your fun while giving you increased versatility in your cooking styles with its pack-leading combination of convection and steam-powered cooking.

Let’s take a closer look at this masterpiece of an oven and see what exactly it brings to the table.

Design – Making Your Kitchen and Cooking Stand Out

When it comes to designing elegant looking ovens, Dacor is one brand you can trust to give your kitchen that wow factor.

Featuring a granite or stainless steel finish, the 30-inch Dacor Modernist Double Wall Oven is a massive 9.6 cubic feet (combined) capacity oven that will allow you to exercise your culinary imagination to the maximum as you can practically cook anything in this large oven.

Because of its design, the Dacor DOB30M977DM Modernist Double Wall Oven will be flush with your wall, making it fit in superbly with the rest of your kitchen. Once mounted, this Dacor oven will definitely stand out as much as your cooking does.

Another innovative feature you’ll appreciate on the Dacor DOB30M977DM Modernist oven is the soft shut doors. The hinges are cleverly designed to prevent the oven door from slamming shut – one of the greatest causes for ovens to breakdown quickly.

Technological Innovations – Setting Dacor Ovens Apart

If there’s one thing Dacor has been doing well over the past years, it’s breaking barriers. With the marriage with Samsung, Dacor is creating some very advanced ovens that are a great compliment to modern smart homes.

If you are looking for an oven that has evolved with the times, then it’s a Dacor oven you need.

The first technological innovation that Dacor ovens have been featuring for a long time is an Android powered 7” TFT LCD touchscreen display. The display serves as your command center when you launch your mission to provide your family or guests with the best meal they’ve ever eaten – a meal prepared in an iconic Dacor oven.

Next on the line up of innovative cooking is the inclusion of WiFi connectivity on Dacor ovens.

With WiFi connectivity and Dacor’s iQ Kitchen app, you can be in control of your cooking even when you are not in the kitchen. This is one feature that really makes it possible to multitask without burning your food.

The Dacor iQ Kitchen app allows you to remotely control your Dacor oven from temperatures to timers to lighting, all from the palm of your hand.

As if the Dacor DOB30M977DM Modernist Double Wall Oven wasn’t feature rich already, Dacor also decided to include a function that makes it easy to keep your oven clean. Dacor’s GreenClean technology utilizes the power steam to effectively, efficiently, and safely clean your Dacor oven.

And for those moments you need to keep a close eye on your sizzling meal, Dacor’s BrightVue Interior Lighting system will provide you with enough illumination with its elegant LED lights that are seamlessly integrated into the door and the main halogen light housed inside the oven itself.

For a technological innovation that actually gets your roast perfectly cooked, the Dacor DOB30M977DM comes with “Dual Four-Part Pure Convection”, a feature that employs powerful dual fans to circulate air precisely within the Dacor oven for an even distribution of heat for a faster cooking time and perfectly cooked meals.

For a healthier lifestyle, the Dacor Modernist line of ovens affords you the capability to steam roast or steam bake your meals. Steam roasting allows you to create succulent meats that are crisp on the outside while being tender and juicy on the inside. As for baking, your steam baked bread will be fluffy and moist on the inside yet nice and flaky on the outside.

The Dacor Oven Line – Unleashing the Creative Cook in You

With this Dacor oven, your imagination is as unlimited as the oven’s own capacity.

Cooking is not just a science (Dacor ovens take care of that aspect very well), it is also an art. And as art is wont to be, inspiration is essential to creating a dish your family will remember for years to come.

That is where your Dacor oven comes in.

No, an oven has the power to inspire like Dacor ovens do.

And it’s not just because of their beauty, it’s also due to the fact that they have so many functions you can literally try cooking anything in it.

With a Dacor oven, you can let your imagination run free.

Now that you’ve got all the information, you can make up your mind if you should try it. You might be pleasantly surprised to discover that a wall oven looks and works much better than the traditional optional.

If you have tried it, we’d like to hear how the wall oven has made your kitchen a better place. Let us know because we’d love to hear from you.

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