In most family homes, the kitchen is the central meeting spot where major life-altering discussions take place and long-lasting memories are made. A room as important as this deserves to have only the best appliances, such as the GE Monogram 36 Dual Fuel Range.

This impressive, stylish and modernized range has everything you need to prepare delicious everyday meals for your family, as well as big holiday dinners for your extended guest list. Add a little style and luxury to the most popular room in your home by considering this GE Monogram Range.

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All You Need To Know About The GE Monogram 36 Dual Fuel Range

The GE Monogram 36 Dual Fuel Range is filled with amazing features that culinary experts and everyday cooks will both appreciate and enjoy.

The GE brand has been around for generations and is well known by homeowners for their quality appliances and electronics. They are a trusted and reliable brand that many consumers will trust based on their strong reputation alone. The brand may be best known for their kitchen appliances including ranges, microwaves, refrigerators, and freezers, but they also manufacture other electronics including DVD players and radios.

The Design

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First, it’s important to look at the luxurious design of this high-end professional range. It features a stainless-steel body and a black range top that should coordinate well with all types of kitchen décor. It is 36” wide with chamfered edges that soften the look of all those sharp lines. This helps prevent the GE Monogram from looking too harsh or industrial. There isn’t much going on with the control panel, aside from the large, easy-to-turn knobs and thick oven handle.

This gives the Monogram a sophisticated and classic look that doesn’t ever take away from its modernized style.

The GE Monogram doesn’t come with a backsplash; however, one can be purchased separately for $$$ extra. The additional accessory is adjustable, measures 30 to 36”, and includes a warming shelf. Both the backsplash and the warming shelf coordinate with the black and stainless steel look of the range.

But once you add the backsplash, the range will not look complete without a hood, which can also be purchased separately through GE. There is, however, an included cutting board and griddle that you don’t have to pay extra for. It fits underneath a cover to stay out of sight until you are ready to use it.

This professional-style range includes everything you need to cook any type of recipe you desire. It has a luxurious look that doesn’t take away from the range’s amazing features. So if you prefer to cook without a lot of bells and whistles, you don’t have to worry about the GE Monogram’s features getting in your way. This professional style range includes a multitude of modernized features without sacrificing its professional look and function.

The Range Top

The Range Top for the GE Monogram 36 Dual Fuel Range features four wok grates, dual-flame stacked burners, and a griddle, allowing you to cook a variety of different types of foods to impress your entire family. Each burner can offer up to 18,000 BTUs of power. They are all dual-flame stacked and offer a low simmer and larger main flame so that you can easily control your temperature and make it more precise.

The setup is a bit different from other range tops on the market. Most of the GE Monogram’s competitors have single stacked burners that can reach the same BTU level. However, GE made this range with dual-flame stacked burners so that they can reach temperatures as low as 103°F.

One review team that tested out the GE Monogram 36 Dual Fuel Range stated that while they were able to reach impressive lows, they were not able to reach the highs that GE claims this range can obtain. During their tests, none of the burners reached any higher than 370°F. The burners also took longer than expected to boil water.

The burners on the GE Range Top are covered by three-piece continuous grates. These are reversible pieces which can be found above each burner that you can flip to use as work grates. These pieces are made from porcelain coated cast iron material; however, they are actually very light and easy to flip over as needed. The center stainless-steel and aluminum grate is not removable, but it does include a drip tray you can remove to empty out excess grease. There is also a stainless steel griddle cover and a bamboo cutting board included with the range that fits between the cover and griddle when not in use.

The knobs that control the range top are situated in front of the range. All burner controls are toward the right and left edges. Users can toggle a low simmer setting or set them up to the highest setting labeled “Large Cookware”.

The griddle control knob is just to the right of the center and has a low setting as well as tick marks that go up to 400 °F.

The Oven

The oven is 5.75 cubic feet in size and has a lot to offer both professional and everyday cooks. The door features a large window and a heavy-duty professional handle. Inside are three gliding racks that you never have to remove to self-clean the oven. The oven may appear to be cramped with three large racks inside, but it provides you with plenty of space when you are baking several items at once.

There are Halogen lights on both sides of the oven that brighten up the interior so that you can see exactly what is going on. There is no way to turn off these lights. The range does have a light switch on the control panel, but it is used to illuminate the range burners, not the Halogen lights inside the oven.

This GE oven contains just as many modernized features as the rest of the range. There is a dual ring dial that lets you choose your cooking mode with the outer ring while the inner ring is used to set the temperature. You can choose from Bake, High/Low Broil, or Proof. You also have Convection options including Bake, Roast, and Broil settings. The GE Monogram range includes a meat temperature probe that is connected and will provide you with temperature readings while meat is cooking.

The oven works exceptionally well whether you are baking or using the convection options. It may be a little slow while preheating, but overall all the oven features work very well. Users should not have any problem baking, cooking, and frying as usual or cooking their favorite recipes without any issues.

Product Specifications

Appliance Color- Stainless Steel
Type - Single
Weight - 462
Width - 35.88
Depth - 28.25
Height - 35.25
Interior Width - 28.25
Interior Depth - 19
Interior Height - 16.38
Tech Specs
Fuel Type - Natural Gas
Capacity - 6.2 Cu. Ft.
Voltage -120
Amps - 15
Burner Set 1 QTY - 6
Burner Set 1 Output - 18000
Installation Type - Freestanding/Slide-In
Timer - Yes
Burner Type - Sealed Burner
Convection - Yes
Continuous Grates - Yes
Self-Clean - Yes
Stainless Steel Handle - Yes
Delay Bake - No
Viewing Window - Yes
Proofing - Yes
Drawer - None
Sabbath Mode - Yes
Clock - No
Broiler Element Location - Top
Number of Burners - 6 Burners
Temperature Probe - No
Cooktop Control Type - Knobs
Interior Oven Light - Yes
Modules Required - No
Racks - 3
Hot Surface Indicator Light - No
Removable Door - Yes
Induction - No
Star K Certified - Yes
Grill - No
ADA Compliant - No
Griddle - No
Ignition Type - Electronic
Digital Temperature Display - Yes
LP Conversion - Optional (Included)

Price Range

The GE Monogram 36 Dual Fuel Range can be purchased from various retailers for between $$$$ and $$$$ and up. Shoppers may be able to find the range for as low as $$$$ from some retailers or during a sale. This is a mid-range price for this type of appliance.

You can find lower-quality ranges that have some of the same features as the GE Monogram for as low as $$$$k. You can also find some higher-end ranges that are priced as much as $13k and up. Based on everything you can get from this GE Monogram 36 Range, we consider the price to be reasonable and the range seems to be a great investment.

How The GE Monogram 36 Dual Fuel Range Compares To Others

The GE Monogram 36 Dual Fuel Range can easily measure up to its competitors in terms of price and modernized features. Here are a couple of other ranges that are similar to the GE Monogram, along with some statistics so that you can compare them before you buy.

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  • ease of use
  • build quality
  • warranty

The range is very easy to use and although it has plenty of modern features, they do not interfere with your everyday cooking. There are large knobs located on the front of the range and easy-to-read settings, making this professional style oven simple enough for anyone to use.

  • ease of use
  • build quality
  • warranty

This range includes some of the most innovative modern-day features such as a voice-activated oven, and also standard baking settings like Bake/Broil and Convection.

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  • ease of use
  • build quality
  • warranty

Modern features like the touch system control panel and LCD screen make this Miele Range one of the easiest ranges to use and the most convenient.

Pros & Cons

of the GE Monogram 36 Dual Fuel Range


  • Even cooking temperature inside the oven
  • Professional-grade burners
  • Not too big to fit inside most kitchens
  • Loaded with special features
  • Allows you to cook and bake as you would on a standard oven
  • Durable design


  • Slow to preheat
  • Burners do not reach the temperatures advertised
  • Some users consider it to be overpriced

Should You Choose The GE Monogram 36 Dual Fuel Range For Your Kitchen

The GE Monogram 36 Dual Fuel Range is a great choice for a professional range in more ways than one. It has a sophisticated look and includes many of today’s most popular features, none of which take away from the overall functionality of the oven. If you simply want to use the range to make pancakes on the griddle or bake a batch of cookies in the oven, you can do that without any complex bells and whistles. While it may have a few drawbacks, the GE Monogram 36 Dual Fuel Range is a great buy. We give it 4.5 Stars. Keyword – GE Monogram 36 Dual Fuel Range

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