When you were a kid you probably never thought that in your wildest dreams, an appliance would ever take your breath away, and yet as an adult, it’s a fairly common phenomenon.

Your mouth waters over stainless steel fridges with the pull-out freezer door. Your pistachio-colored Kitchen aid stand mixer is your best friend, and you couldn’t imagine life without your handheld immersion blender.

So yeah, at this point you are pretty used to having very strong feelings about your appliances, and why not?

Your appliances make your life easier. They make your home more inviting, and they help you and your family live better lives with more time spent together. The right appliances work as hard as you do, which in turn gives you just a little time to relax.

This is especially true when it comes to your kitchen range. After all, your range is responsible for cooking the food that your family eats. It helps your family gather together, and by working efficiently, it can ensure you spend more time at the table and less time checking on the contents of your oven.


A Comprehensive Review of the GE Monogram 36-Inch Gas Range

GE Monogram 36-Inch Gas Range Mounted

The GE Monogram 36-inch gas range will have you seeing stars and hearing the voices of angels.

It’s beautiful. It is quite possibly the most beautiful range ever created, and it can help you fall in love with your kitchen in addition to helping you prepare amazing meals.

The GE Monogram 36-inch gas range is loaded with features, and it is the upgrade that your kitchen has been waiting for. So, take a minute to discover all the wonders that it has to offer, and start pinning it to the top of your vision board because this stove is nothing if not #goals.

It Features 6 Burners

GE Monogram 36-Inch Gas Range 6-burner

Let that sink in for a minute. Think of all the things you can cook, all the meals you can prepare, and all the multitasking you can do with 6 burners instead of 4.

You can host Thanksgiving at your home every year and never even have to touch a microwave. Your mother-in-law will be so proud.

The grates on the burners are made from cast iron coated in porcelain, and they can offer a nice flat cooking surface that is easy to use. But remember, this range is all about multitasking, and the grates on the burners prove that. You can use them flat, or you can flip each grate over to create the perfect cradle for a wok.

It’s the perfect range if you have picky eaters because you can use all 6 burners to churn out different variations of the same thing. Or you can create meals with multiple courses to wow your dinner guests. You can go fancy or casual, and you can use your range to fit your household needs.

2 Burners in 1

GE Monogram Burner

As if 6 burners weren’t enough, you get burners that have 2 modes. The 6 burners are all sealed dual-flame burners with refined temperature adjustments from a low 140-degree simmer to a roaring 18,000 BTU. In effect, you get 2 burners in 1.

The top tier of the burner gives you the high-powered heat, and the lower tier helps you achieve those delicate simmers.

The high-powered heating capabilities of the GE Monogram 36-inch gas range are important, but you might actually find that the lower setting is more useful in your daily cooking. The more you think about it, the more you’ll realize that getting your stovetop burner low enough is usually kind of a struggle.

No matter how low you turn the knob, the flame is still just a little too hot.

That’s what makes the precision dual-flame burners so important. The kind of precision adjustments each burner is capable of are the stuff that cooking dreams are made of. How many times have you set something to simmer only to have it burn?

If you’ve ever tried to cook rice without a separate rice cooker, you probably know this battle pretty well. You set the burner to the lowest possible setting, you watch the flame dwindle as small as it will go without going out entirely, and yet somehow, at the end of your cook time, the rice is stuck to the pot. You lose half the rice that you cooked all because the burner temperature was too erratic.

The GE Monogram 36-inch gas range solves that problem with ease. 140 degrees is the optimal simmering temperature. You can set your burner to the lowest temperature and feel safe leaving the pot to simmer while you tackle chopping onions and peeling potatoes.

You don’t have to stand over your simmering sauce and whisk it constantly to keep it from burning. Your GE burner has your back this time.

Professional Capacity and Look

GE Monogram Modern Look

You might not be running a restaurant, but you still want appliances that have a polished, professional look and that can deliver professional grade performance. The Monogram’s exterior is a polished stainless steel with elegant edges and large control knobs for a modern look.

LED task lights run under the bullnose of the range to make it look like the nicest thing in your entire house, and it pretty much will be. You get an illuminated instrument panel, and the soft, cool LED light will give your kitchen a perfect ethereal glow.

The porcelain-coated grates on the burners help turn your stovetop from an appliance into a statement piece. They look impressive, professional, and downright beautiful. The real challenge is to make sure you use your lovely range instead of trying to keep it in pristine condition. Remember, this is a strong tough range that can take anything you can throw at it, so admire it, but use it.

Each small detail on the Monogram’s appearance is a testament to the care that GE takes when designing an appliance. You don’t need modern control knobs or LED running lights or artistic grates, but they sure do make being in the kitchen a lot more interesting.

It Comes with Cool Upgrades

GE Monogram Professional Look

Remember those 6 burners? Well, they are pretty amazing, but maybe 6 seems too excessive to you. You can always order the optional grill top kit and swap out the 2 central burners for your very own indoor grill. Use it to cook burgers, roast veggies, or press out a Panini or two.

It’s the perfect way to take advantage of the large stovetop, and it solves the problem of getting nicely-grilled food on a cold day. Not every temperature was made for grilling, but you can still get that nice char you crave without having to sacrifice space for the remainder of your sides. When you have 6 burners, you have plenty of room to spare, and that means room to experiment.

Prefer to save your grilling for the outdoors no matter what the temperature? Opt for the griddle instead. You can serve up pancakes with ease at the same time you’re frying eggs.

These options work into your cooktop seamlessly and give you a kitchen command central like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Incredible Cooking Capacity

GE Monogram Oven

The GE Monogram 36-inch gas range features a whopping 5.7-cubic feet oven space. That is a massive amount of room for a single oven, and it means that you can comfortably cook for an army of guests, an intimate dinner party, and everything in between.

If you’ve been on the fence about going with a double wall oven or sticking with a single, this GE model is a nice compromise. You can capitalize on lots of oven space, but save money on the upfront cost. You can still churn out food to feed that army of yours, but you don’t have to break the bank in order to get the oven in the first place.

In fact, this single oven gives you room for roasts of any kind, towering cakes, and side dish after side dish. You can bake breads that puff up to your heart’s content. Have a million bake sale cookies to make or cupcakes for an entire class? Load them in on all 3 racks and don’t waste precious time standing around the oven batch after batch.

​Take Advantage of Reverse Air Convection

GE Monogram Gas Range Mounted

If you just read that last part about putting 3 trays of cookies in the oven at one time and thought to yourself, “There’s no way they would all bake evenly,” then you need to learn about Monogram’s patented reverse air convection system.

The reverse-air system effectively wraps your food in hot air from all angles. The fan blades located at the back of the oven in conjunction with 6 heating elements ensure that no matter how many racks you use, each dish is enveloped in heat.

That means your items bake thoroughly and evenly. You don’t have to switch your bottom baking sheet with your top baking sheet halfway through. You don’t have to rotate your pans to keep one side from cooking more than the other.

What you get are reliable results every single time and 3 cooking racks that can actually be used to their full potential. As it stands now, you might not even know how many racks your oven has because you only ever dare to use the one.

​Racks on Racks on Racks

To help you maximize all that oven space, you get 3 extendable oven racks and 5 rack positions. The racks are designed to stay in the oven during the self-cleaning mode, which means that you don’t have to spend time scouring and scraping to get them clean.

When food or grease gets baked on, you don’t have to spend time soaking and scrubbing to get your racks back in shape. You just select the self-cleaning mode and let your oven do the work for you.

Of course, with the gliding oven racks, you are less likely to spill food in the first place. They make it so easy to get pans in and out of the oven because each rack glides effortlessly out of the oven on stainless steel ball bearings. By extending beyond the oven, these heavy-duty racks mean you can set pans and dishes full of food on them and then glide the rack back in. No spilling of food and no burning of forearms.

The 3-rack capacity is also really important to take note of. Most ovens have 2 racks and rather limited rack positions. They make it nearly impossible to find settings that can work for multiple trays of food at a time.

It can be so frustrating to get the first casserole dish in only to find there is no way you can fit a second one in without having next to zero clearance. With a large oven capacity to begin with and racks that slide out, making the most of your oven is easier than ever.

So go ahead and fill your oven with those trays of cookies. Pack your casserole dishes in side by side. Fill every inch of that astounding cubic space, and revel in all the delicious food you can make.

Everything You Need from a Range

The GE Monogram 36-inch gas range is everything you need from a kitchen appliance and everything you would expect from GE. It combines a large capacity oven with an impressive 6 stovetop burners. You get precision heating inside and out.




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