Whether you have a large family, you love to entertain, or you simply love to bake, you have got to get yourself a double wall oven. You’ve seen them in magazines, television shows, and at your friends and neighbors homes.

All around you, people are enjoying the benefits of a double wall oven, and now it’s your turn. You’re about to make some appliance upgrades in your home, and you just can’t eek by on a single oven anymore.

You’re also done with constantly bending down to take things in and out of the oven. You are finished with the small capacity of your oven and the constant battle of rearranging the racks just to fit a roasting pan in.

You are ready for the performance, convenience, and capacity of a double wall oven, and all you have to do is pick the right one.

That is a big decision to make, and it is fraught with anguish and uncertainty. It could be decades before you upgrade your oven again, so you have to choose wisely. You might not have the luxury of personally designing your oven from the ground up to meet every single one of your needs, but you can find an existing oven that’s so good you might as well have dreamed it up.

Reviewing the GE Monogram Double Wall Oven

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Reviewing the GE Monogram Double Wall Oven

And so the GE Monogram line of ovens is here to help make your oven buying decision a little less stressful and a lot more successful.

The GE Monogram 30” Double Wall Oven is a great model for any modern kitchen. It combines the tried and true engineering you would expect from GE with some fancy new features to take your oven into the 21st century and beyond. Here are some excellent reasons why this GE Monogram double wall oven is worth your consideration.

Easy to Use Glass Touch Controls

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Easy to Use Glass Touch Controls

This is the era of the touchscreen. Everything from your phone to your television, to your refrigerator has a touchscreen, so why shouldn’t your oven? It not only gives your oven a sleek and modern look to fit in with the rest of your kitchen, but it also makes it easier to use.

You don’t have to fiddle with knobs that are easy to bump and whose numbers always seem to be getting rubbed off, or covered up. Instead, you get precision settings with the touch of a button.

You also get a clear display screen that makes it easy to read your programmed settings to ensure that you are always cooking at the right temperature. You no longer have to worry that you dialed in 400 degrees on the knob when you meant to turn it only to 300.

And if you are unsure about what setting you have your oven on, a quick glance across the room can set your mind at ease. The LCD screen is easy to read from anywhere in your kitchen, which means you can stay busy with other cooking prep.

Incredible Oven Capacity

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Incredible Oven Capacity

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Each oven features a 5-cubic foot capacity giving it a total of 10-cubic feet of room to prepare any meal under the sun. This is the oven combination to help you not only win at Thanksgiving, but it can turn any daily meal into an eight-course extravaganza.

With this much oven space you and your mean set of cooking skills can eat dinner parties for breakfast.

And for breakfast, you can whip up quiches, muffins, breads, and casseroles. There’s no limit to what you can make with your GE double wall oven, and that means there is no end to what you can do.

Why stop at dinner parties? Yours can be the home with the neighborhood brunch, the bridal shower, and the back-to-school bash. Which is what you want, right? You want your home to be the place that people want to gather, and the best way to do that is to have the best food and the ability to produce it in large quantities.

For so long you have toiled with a single oven and a single temperature, so this dual oven combination will open up a whole world of cooking possibilities. Finally, you can cook dinner and dessert at the same time and give each one the attention and care it deserves.

True European Convection Performance

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True European Convection Performance

Of course what good is a large oven if it doesn’t cook evenly and properly? That’s another area where GE double wall ovens excel. This model features true European convection that channels heated air from the top of the oven and circulates it around your food.

This kind of airflow means that your food is enveloped in heat, and it bakes and roasts uniformly throughout your oven. No more rotating your pans halfway through the cook time, and no more dishes that are burnt on one side and just barely cooked through on the other.

It also means that your food isn’t just getting blasted by direct heat. The way the air circulates around your food means that your roasted meats are tender and juicy, and your breads and pastries are light and fluffy. It’s a perfect example of the finesse the GE Monogram products are capable of. They aren’t just about the brute hot air that turns casseroles into bricks.

Get a Better Bake

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Get a Better Bake

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So perhaps you caught a season, or 10, of the Great British Bake-Off and you now fully understand not only the elements of a good bake, but also the necessity of a good bake.

The engineers at GE just might be as hooked on good baking as you are, which is why this GE double wall oven comes with a 10 pass baking element that covers more surface area. This, coupled with the European convection ensures a more even bake on all your tarts, pies, and Victoria sponges.

This kind of technology means that you can use your ovens to their full potential. You have all this room to work with, but are you bold enough to actually use it?

If you have 3-dozen cookies to make, do you bake just one sheet at a time, or do you load the oven up and fill each rack?

In your ordinary oven, you would not be so bold. You would wait patiently for each batch to finish before sliding in the new one, but this GE Monogram double wall oven can have you living dangerously as you make dangerously delicious food.

You can rely on the baking element to envelop your cookies in heat on every rack. You don’t have to worry that only the first rack is being heated properly, and you don’t have to go through the agony of pulling out the bottom baking sheet only to discover those cookies are mushy on the top and burnt on the bottom.

You can be the winter of your own personal back off, and you can always be the household with the best sweets and treats.

Racks that Work for You

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Racks that Work for You

Each of the 2 ovens features 3 oven racks and 6 position options. The 2 upper racks glide out and the bottom flat rack remains in place. All 3 oven racks are designed to be left in during self-cleaning and they make cooking and baking easier and cleaner than ever before.

No longer soaks for your oven racks in the kitchen sink. No more scouring pads and cleaning solvents. If only you could leave your pans in during the self-cleaning cycle you’d never have to worry about baked on food or grease ever again.

And speaking of making things easier, the gliding racks work wonders. You don’t have to struggle with getting food in an out of your oven, and you don’t have to worry about getting burned on the oven racks as you try to slide your food in.

If you check your arms right now you’ll probably be able to find at least 1 faint scar that you received from your oven rack. With racks that roll in and out of the oven easily, you no longer have to worry.

It also means that you won’t risk messing up your food. Some dishes can take their fair share of jostling as you get them in and out of the oven, but a delicate soufflé or an extra airy cake needs the smooth approach of a rolling rack to ensure it comes out of the oven unharmed.

You don’t want to put in all the work on a beautiful desert only to watch it fall apart as you take it out of the oven.

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It’s One Smart Oven

This GE double wall oven is really the whole package because it has cooking brawn as well as brains. It comes with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity which means that you can control it from your smartphone, or a home assistant like Google Home or Alexa.

You can actually control your oven when you aren’t standing right next to it. This technology has all sorts of ramifications for your cooking and baking that you will be happy to think of later, but for now, the most exciting feature is that you never have to worry if you left your oven on ever again. Never ever.No more obsessively checking it before you leave the house or go on vacation. No more calling home to ask someone to check if you left the oven on. No more worrying about your oven.

Think of all the other things your brain can do once it is freed from worrying about the oven.

Self Cleaning Mode

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Self-Cleaning Mode

This GE double wall oven features 3 oven racks that can stay in during self-cleaning and 2 self-cleaning options including a steam clean. The self-cleaning mode features an automatic door lock, and each cycle takes 5 hours to perform. If you’ve been saddled without a self-cleaning oven then you know that’s easily the same amount of time it can take you to scrub one clean.

That means that’s 5 hours of your life you get back every 6 months to a year. In that amount of time, you could read a book, study a new language, or binge-watch the latest television phenomenon. It doesn’t matter what you do with those extra 5 hours because they are yours, and you have certainly earned them.

Professional Appearance

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Professional Appearance

This GE Monogram double wall oven features an impeccable stainless steel finish that is punctuated by 2 very large all-glass viewing windows. It mounts flush to the wall for even greater appeal, and it will look and feel as though it’s an original part of your kitchen.

The long thin handles, the black touchscreen, and the overall sleek body of this double oven combination give it a very minimalist façade. You would be hard-pressed to find another oven that looks as refined and modern as this model.

Nothing about it is clunky, or excessive. Every detail about it is purposeful, restrained, and elegant. It can help elevate your kitchen to a level of class and refinement, and it can go with any décor. It’s a blank canvas kind of oven, and even as modern as it is, it melds right into whatever style or vision you have going.

Stainless steel creates a timeless look, and it gives your oven a polished and professional look that will have your guests wondering what wonderful food you will whip up next.

A Double Wall Oven to Revolutionize Your Cooking and Baking

This GE Monogram double wall oven doubles everything. Its easy to use touchscreen menu, European convection cooking system, and gilding racks turn making dinner into a snap. The smart capabilities help to set it apart from so many other ovens, and the oven space feels bigger than that first studio apartment of yours. You will love the ease, convenience, and sharp look of your double wall oven.

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