GE is a company that has been producing industrial appliances since the 1800s, though they didn’t start making kitchen appliances until 1907. It was in this year that GE released their first full line of heating and cooking devices. Since then, GE has developed the Monogram brand as their personal line of luxury kitchen appliances including ranges, refrigerators, and dishwashers.

In this review we will take a closer look at the Monogram ranges that GE produces, explore their features, discover pros and cons, and go over some of the biggest competitors on the market.

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GE Monogram Range Features At  A Glance

Monogram Professional Dual-Burner Baking System

GE Monogram ranges are powered with three different heating elements to provide the best baking results. These ranges combine GE’s Reverse-Air convection heating with their infrared broil and high-powered gas burner to help chefs cook the perfect meal every time.

The convection-heating element is powered by a single fan that circulates heat throughout the oven, which helps cook food evenly while keeping moisture in. The infrared broiler heats more quickly and evenly than its traditional gas or electric counterparts, so you can evenly brown from the top. The gas burner can also be used to help keep temperatures up and keep heat moving.

There are three convection cooking modes that can be used on the GE Monogram ranges: bake, broil, and roast. Convection baking is great for delicate baking, and can be used to make beautifully browned cookies and bread. The broil mode offers high heat temperatures that can evenly bake large quantities of heavy meals, such as steaks or kebabs. The roasting mode evenly browns meat, keeping all of the juices and flavors on the inside.

There are a few other non-convection cooking options, including a traditional bake and proofing mode. This is good for foods that have specific heating instructions, such as breads or other delicate pastries.

Sealed Stacked Burners

Sealed gas burners use a protective cap to evenly distribute heat, while a stacked burner offers two layers of flame port to regulate heat. GE combined these two burner innovations to create sealed stacked burners for their Monogram range line.

This particular design of burner allows the GE Monogram ranges to burn as low as 140 degrees or as high as 18,000 BTU. The low temperature simmer allows you to heat delicate foods without the risk of burning them, such as fine chocolate or sauces. With a power max of 18,000 BTU, you can fry up a delicious stir-fry or boil large pots of water in minutes.

Reversible Burner Grates

One of the most interesting features of the GE Monogram ranges is their unique reversible burner grate design. All of the burner grates found on these ranges can be flipped from the flat side to other side, which has raised curved edges fit for a wok.

When left on the flat side of the grate, you can easily transfer pots and pans from burner to burner without having to pick them up. The raised side is perfect for nestling curved wok pans above the burner for a more even heating.

All Gas Or Dual Fuel

There are two different fuel options for the GE Monogram ranges: all gas or duel fuel.

All gas ranges can either be attached to a utility line, or use liquid propane to heat all elements of the range. All gas ranges tend to fluctuate more in temperature, which can cause uneven heating while using the oven.

Dual fuel ranges use gas to heat up the cooktop and electricity to heat up the oven. The advantage of a dual fuel range is that they can offer a more precise, even temperature throughout the oven. However, these ranges tend to cost a bit more than the all gas models.

Electronic Ignition And Re-Ignition

The electronic ignition feature on the GE Monogram ranges ensures that only the burner you want to be using ignites when you turn the cooktop on. Gas burners need a constant flow of gas to keep a constant flame, and all of the burners are connected to the gas line. The electronic ignition indicates which burner needs the flame, and only ignites the burner you want to use.

The electric ignition feature also works when it senses the flame on an active burner has gone out. Rather than having to manually re-ignite the burner, the GE Monogram range will automatically produce another flame so you can get right back to your cooking.

Optional Griddle or Grill

ge monogram range  griddle or grill.

The 36” and 48” GE Monogram ranges have the opportunity to replace the middle two burners with grill or griddle cooking areas. The grill has small vertical ridges that help distribute the heat throughout the cooking surface and add attractive grill lines to your food. Flip the grill over for smoother ridges that allow you to grill delicate foods such as vegetables or fish.

The griddle addition is made with a stainless steel that is clad with aluminum. The griddle heats up evenly across the entire cooking area, making it ideal for delicate foods such as eggs or pancakes. The griddle also comes with a dip tray, a stainless steel cover and a bamboo cutting board that can fit on top of the griddle area.

Extra Large Oven Capacity

ge monogram range  large oven with bread

The GE Monogram ranges have some of the largest oven capacities found on the current market with most over 5.7 cubic feet. This gives you more than enough room to cook large dishes, such as a whole fish or turkey. All GE Monogram ranges are wide enough to fit restaurant-size baking sheets, so you’ll have more than enough room to make entire batches of cookies in one setting.

Three Full Extension Oven Racks

ge monogram range pastry in the oven racks

GE fills their large high capacity ranges with three sliding oven racks that can fully extend so you don’t have to reach inside a hot oven. These racks glide smoothly on stainless steel ball bearings, and can be rearranged at will with five rack positions to choose from. The extension racks are designed to remain in the oven during the self-cleaning cycle, so you won’t have to worry about having to pull them out from the oven to clean them.

Self-Cleaning Mode

woman manually cleaning

All GE Monogram ranges have a self-cleaning mode that helps break down grease and food waste inside the ovens. This self-cleaning mode works by heating up the inside of the oven to a specific temperature, which effectively burns off anything that clings to the sides. Once the self-cleaning mode has been run, we recommend you let the oven cool before wiping it down with a soft dishrag or sponge. This will keep your oven running at peak condition, and keep odors from soiling your dishes.

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GE Monogram Range Pros And Cons


  • Powerful Burners. With four to six sealed stacked burners, the GE Monogram ranges offer some of the most high-powered rangetop cooking. The simmer option burns lower than just about any model currently on the market. The 18,000 BTU maximum provides more than enough heat to properly fry or seer your dishes.
  • Even Convection Cooking. A good convection oven heats food from all sides in an almost simultaneous manner, which we find with the GE Monogram ranges. The convection element in these ranges also allows for quicker preheating, so you won’t have to wait as long before you can start cooking.
  • Versatile Cooking Surfaces. The reversible cooking grates found on the GE Monogram ranges are something we’ve never seen before, and we love the way it holds a wok. We also appreciate the versatility of the grill and griddle additions, which make it easy to cook food directly on the heat source.
  • Sleek, Professional Design. GE obviously put a lot of thought in the design of the Monogram ranges, and we think their efforts paid off. These ranges are sleek, sophisticated, and can easily match any kitchen style.
  • Perfect for Baked Goods. We found that the GE Monogram ranges are great for cooking delicate baked goods. The convection heating element ensures that your cookies or bread will come out perfectly browned on the outside, while staying moist and warm on the inside. You also won’t have to worry about burning the bottom of your baked goods, as the heat will constantly cycle through the oven to avoid creating hot spots.
  • Plenty of Premium Features. Although the GE Monogram ranges don’t outwardly appear to be high tech, there are plenty of premium features packed in that make this a great professional range. We particularly love the electronic re-ignition function, and find great use in the proofing mode when baking bread.


  • No Touch Screen Controls. While many may not see this as a con, a lack of touch screen controls severely limits the Monogram ranges. All of the oven settings are confined to the knobs on the front of the oven, so you can’t customize them as much as some of the other models currently on the market.
  • More Pricey than Similar Models. While by far not the most expensive line of ranges on the market, the GE Monogram ranges do start at a higher price range than many other models with similar features.
  • Problems with Roasting. During testing, we found that the GE Monogram ranges aren’t as good at roasting meat as other brands we’ve tested. Roasts took longer and came out drier than many of the other models on the market.
  • Can’t Switch Off Oven Light During Use. This is more of a personal preference than a true con, but some can find it annoying that there is no way to turn off the oven light while the oven is in use.

GE Monogram Range Pricing

Pricing on GE MonoGram ranges is based on a few key variations, including oven size, fuel type, and if you want to include additional grill or griddle.

All-gas GE Monogram ranges start with the 30” model at $$$$ MSRP. The larger 36” models with 6 burners run for $$$$, while the addition of a griddle will cost $$$$ MSRP. The 48” range comes with a griddle for no additional charge for a total of $$$$ MSRP.

Dual fuel GE Monogram ranges also start with a 30” model at $$$$ MSRP. The next size up is the 36” model, which starts at $$$$ and goes up to $$$$ with the addition of a grill or griddle. The 48” model can also come with either a grill or griddle for $$$$, or you can get a model with both for $$$$.

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GE Monogram R​​​​anges vs Viking 5 Series Ranges

When looking at the competition, we decided that the GE Monogram ranges hold up closest to Viking’s 5 Series line of ranges. The Viking 5 Series comes with model options that range from 30 to 60”, which is one of the largest size ranges on the market. They come in all gas, dual fuel, or electric induction variations.

The Viking 5 Series has a lot of similarities to the GE Monogram series, including a convection element and infrared broiler. The GE Monogram beats out the Viking 5 Series when it comes to burner power, as the Viking 5 Series is only equipped with burners that go up to 15,000 BTU. However, the Viking 5 Series is superior when it comes to preheat times, and performs much better when it comes to roasting.  

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Is A GE Monogram Range Right For You?

There are a lot of things we really like about the GE Monogram range series. We love cooking baked good such as cookies in these ovens, which come out perfectly thanks to the convection heating. We also like the versatility of the cooktop, which comes with the reversible burner grates so you can cook with a wok.

All in all, the GE Monogram ranges are a great option for just about any kitchen. We personally recommend these models with the grill or griddle attachments, as they heat evenly and prevent the need to dirty cookware. We don’t recommend these ranges to those who are looking to make a lot of roasts, as we had some trouble getting the ranges up to the right roasting climate.

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