Jenn Air Dishwasher Review

With dishwashers, a common appliance for most homes, picking out one that works for your needs and fits your design style can get a little overwhelming. There are so many brands on the market that users can quickly begin to feel bogged down with choices. When it comes to Jenn Air dishwashers, there are many mixed reviews.

While it is considered a luxury brand, with prices to match, many believe it falls on the lower end of the list.

Below, we will be focusing on the Jenn-Air dishwasher model JDTSS246GP, also known as the 24” Built-In TriFecta dishwasher.

Jenn Air Dishwasher Model JDTSS246GP: 24” Built-In TriFecta Dishwasher, 38dBA

This Jenn Air dishwasher model features the TriFecta wash system to give users a quality clean with little noise and while saving both water and energy. It also features Jenn Air’s Precision Dry Plus option that dries dishes with both heat and a fan. With options such as a removable third rack and a Wi-Fi remote connectivity option, users will find that this machine is full of neat tricks up its sleeve.

Jenn Air Dishwasher Product Features and Specifications

As far as luxury kitchen appliances go, this Jenn Air dishwasher has quite a few different features to offer consumers. Without going into too many details, here are a few of the more attractive features that this Jenn Air dishwasher provides users.

Jenn-Air prides itself on the fact that their TriFecta dishwashers don’t make their users choose between brilliant cleaning, water, and energy reduction and quiet operation. Oh no, this dishwasher delivers all three with its three-stage filtration, pressurized wash arms and alternating wash action in two wash zones that yield superlative results.

The 38 dBA Quiet System ensures that this TriFecta dishwasher is the quietest one offered by Jenn-Air at only 38 decibels. The Precision Dry Plus option allows users to dry their dishes with heat and a fan to provide premium drying performance, particularly with plastic items that are placed in the top rack.

Another neat feature of this Jenn Air dishwasher is the ability to connect and control it through the user’s in-home Wi-Fi. With the Wi-Fi connectivity, the machine can be used remotely through an app that is available for download with either iOS or Android devices.

Finally, the removable third level rack with RollerGlide rails is enticing to users because it can be used for holding difficult-to-place items or it can be used to hold extra silverware. When not in use, users can choose to remove it simply.

Below are some more specific features and specs for the Jenn Air 24-inch built-in TriFecta dishwasher.


Height: 34 1/2

Width: 23 7/8

Depth: 24 1/2

Weight: 104

Maximum Height: 34 1/2

Minimum Height: 33 1/2

Depth with Door Open 90 Degree: 49 1/2


Tub Material: Stainless Steel

Rack Material: Nylon

Upper Adjustable Rack: 2 Position

Water Filtration System: Removable Filter

ADA Compliant: No

CEE Tier: Tier I

Energy Star® Qualified: ENERGY STAR® Qualified

Number of Wash Cycles: 7

Cycle Selections: Cookware/Bakeware, Custom, 1-Hour Wash, Light/China, Normal, Refresh/Rinse, Sensor Wash

Option Selections: BottleWash, Zonal Wash

Water Filtration System: Removable Filter


Tub Material: Stainless Steel

Rack Material: Nylon

Upper Rack Extras: 2-Cup Shelves with Integrated Stemware

Lower Rack Extras: Sliding Tines

Silverware Basket Type: AnyWare™ Basket

Decibel Level: 38

Jenn Air Dishwasher Model JDTSS246GP Pricing

Because this Jenn Air dishwasher is considered a luxury item, it comes as no shock that the price is rather high when compared to more standard appliances in this category, but it by no means the most expensive one on the market.

The going rate of this model on the Jenn Air website is $1,799.00 before taxes. This price stands firm with other retailers, including Abt Electronics and through online retailers such as Build.Com and Appliances Connection.

How Does the Jenn Air Dishwasher Model JDTSS246GP Compare to Its Competitors?

The Jenn Air 24” Built-In TriFecta dishwasher is a luxury kitchen appliance with some outstanding features. One area we haven’t touched on is the warranty that this product comes with when purchased through the manufacturer.

Jenn-Air does provide a warranty for their products. For this particular appliance, they offer a five-year limited warranty that includes a two-year limited warranty on parts and labor, with the third through fifth year being a limited warranty on certain component parts only with labor not included. Components covered under the five-year limited warranty include dish racks, all parts of the wash system, the drain motor, electronic controls and the heating element. It is also worth noting that Jenn Air also offers a lifetime limited warranty on the stainless-steel tub and the inner door liner.

According to their website, Jenn-Air’s service plan allows customers to continue to receive in-home repair privileges on their Jenn-Air appliances, even after their regular manufacturer warranty expires. Other benefits include a 24/7 Service Hotline, certified Jenn-Air technicians and a repair or replace feature.

Okay, now that we’ve looked at the Jenn Air Model JDTSS246GP dishwasher’s features, specs, prices, and warranty, why not take a few minutes to see how it stakes up against its competitors?

Fisher & Paykel 44-Decibel Double-Drawer Dishwasher ENERGY STAR

Fisher Paykel DD24DCTX7 DishDrawer

The Fisher and Paykel stainless steel 2-drawer dishwasher combine intelligent technology and simple mechanics to provide users the ultimate cleaning experience. With 44 dBA, this unit ensures virtually silent operation to help prevent noisy household disturbances. The pitch-adjustable and folding tines help to accommodate a variety of different pots and dishes, which the height-adjustable cup racks and cutlery basket hold the smaller items.

Thanks to the two-drawer design, each drawer operates independently so that users can run different cycles at the same time. The fully visible electronic controls make this unit simple to use by making it easy to select the desired wash cycle, delay the start of the dishwasher or even lock the controls for added safety.

Price: $1,399.00

Warranty: 3/5

Comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty that includes coverage for parts and labor for servicing within the country of purchase. They agree to repair or replace without cost to the owner “either for material or labor any part of the Product, the serial number of which appears on the Product, which is found to be defective within ONE YEAR of the date of purchase.”

Consumer Rating: 4.2/5

Miele 24″ Stainless Steel Built-In Dishwasher – G6875SCVISFSS

Miele Lumen EcoFlex G6875SCVISF

This Meile dishwasher features big capacity for a maximum load with 16 place setting and 12 different wash programs. The fully integrated control panel allows this unit to blend in with your kitchen setting while the 42-dBA quiet rating will make consumers forget there is a dishwasher even running.

Price: $1,999.00

Warranty: 3/5

This machine comes with a 1-year limited warranty and states that they will warrant to the original purchaser that the product, including any of its original accessories, is free of defects in material and workmanship, subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein. This Limited Warranty covers parts and labor, except as outlined in this Limited Warranty. If repairs are not able to be made, Miele, at their discretion, will either replace or refund the purchaser.

Miele also offers an Extended Service Contract that includes access to technical service representatives, technicians and authorized service providers to help with any issues, a power surge protection in case your product should be damaged by voltage regulations, and a no lemon guarantee. This extended service contract is also fully transferable to new homeowners if the original purchaser decides to move and leave their Miele appliance behind.

Consumer Rating: 4.5/5

Kenmore Elite 12793 Built-In Dishwasher with 360° PowerWash Plus/SmartDry

Kenmore Elite 12793 Dishwasher

Labeled as one of the quietest dishwasher’s Kenmore offers, this machine runs at only 39 decibels and allows consumers to “rest and relax” while the machine does all the heavy lifting. With the combination of the 36-degree PowerWash Plus technology and TurboZone with rotating spray jets, grease and grime don’t stand a chance.

Have large or odd-shaped pots and pans? The one-handed adjuster makes lifting the upper rack simple. It also has an efficient UltraClean wash system that knows the exact amount of wash and energy to use so users can save money on their utility bills.

Price: $1,485.00

Warranty: 3.5/5

Kenmore offers a limited warranty with proof of sale on their dishwashers. For one year from the date of sale, dishwashers are warranted against defects in material or workmanship. A defective appliance will receive a free repair. If it cannot be repaired, then Kenmore will replace it free of charge.

There is also a lifetime warranty on dishwasher’s stainless-steel tub and inner door panels for dishwashers that are purchased on or after February 4, 2018:

“For as long as it is used from the date of sale, a free replacement will be supplied for a stainless steel tub or inner door panel that leaks due to rust-through. If the tub or panel rusts through within the first year, a new part will be supplied and installed at no charge. If a tub or panel rusts through after the first year, a new part will be supplied but not installed at no charge. You are responsible for the labor cost of part installation after the first year from the date of sale. Rust-through must be verified by a Sears authorized service representative.”

Consumer Rating: 3.3/5

Pros and Cons of the Jenn Air 24” Built-In TriFecta Dishwasher

With any project, there are both good aspects and bad. Below, we have listed a few of the good and bad from those who have purchased and used this Jenn Air dishwasher.


When it comes to the Jenn Air 24-inch Built-In TriFecta dishwasher, many consumers love the design. Stainless steel fits with most kitchen designs these days, and because the controls are located on the top edge of the door, they are kept hidden from view, making this machine very sleek and allows it to blend in beautifully.

Thanks to the 38 dBA Quiet System, many users reported that the machine is so quiet, it is easy to forget that it is even running. They also tended to report that the machine did a great job cleaning all dishes and keeping glass cloud free.

  • Attractive Design
  • Energy Efficient
  • Simple Controls
  • Cleans Dishes Well
  • Quiet


When it comes to the negative side of the Jenn Air 24-inch Trifecta Dishwasher, there seem to be many complaints about the company’s customer service, and general use of the machine.

Something that many reviews noted was that after so many years, the appliance would stop working properly. In most cases, it seemed as if this could be a result of consistent use, though once consumers called up for help, customer service seemed to be unable to help. Many reported that customer service was “simply terrible,” and that was the main cause behind their choice not to purchase another Jenn Air appliance.

Another issue some ran into was overheating issues and the machine not completely draining, but these incidents seem to be few and far between.

  • Questionable Customer Service
  • Overheating Issues After Consistent Use
  • Finicky Panels
  • Long Cycles

Is the Jenn Air 24” Built-In TriFecta Dishwasher Worth the Price?

When it comes to purchasing luxury items such as home appliances, it can quickly become overwhelming considering all the makes, models, and different features. So how does one choose?

By making a list of features that they wish to have and a set price range, users can quickly narrow down the ever-expanding list.

Jenn-Air provides high-end quality for a slightly lower price, so that helps many consumers achieve that high-end look and feel without the shock of too large of a bill. Their warranty also covers consumer’s purchases for five years, something a few of its competitors don’t offer.

While many consumers ranked this Jenn Air dishwasher rather low, we believe that the warranty and the fact that many complaints resulted after extended use warranted a better score. So, overall, we have decided to give this Jenn Air dishwasher a 4/5-star review.

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