The KitchenAid KGCU467VSS is a commercial-style rangetop, and as a very keen cook, I know all too well the importance of a great appliance. Cooking is one of my passions, and when I designed my kitchen, the cooker had to have at least five burners. It also needed to be good quality and capable of dealing with the constant demands of my cooking routine.

KitchenAid is a brand I love because it produces appliances of excellent quality. The KitchenAid mixer on my work surface gets a lot of use and remains one of the best appliances I own. Therefore, it felt fitting to be able to write this KitchenAid KGCU467VSS review because the brand is so familiar to me.

What Is the KitchenAid KGCU467VSS?

The KitchenAid KGCU467VSS is a commercial-style range top with six gas burners. Not only is the range top eminently suitable for commercial purposes, but also domestic use. Finished in stainless steel, the KGCU467VSS is a powerful cooking appliance coupled with a heavy-duty industrial aesthetic, not to mention that magic KitchenAid kitchen know-how!

As well as looking like a professional piece of equipment, the range top uses robust, die-cast black control knobs to complete the design.

Delicious looks

With a length of 36 inches, the KitchenAid KGCU467VSS is an impressive looking range top with clean, crisp edges and sophisticated build quality. The range top employs a continuous surface, making it easy to slide your heavy pots across the durable cast-iron grates.

It’s all about the burn!

The product carries six powerful burners, three of which consist of professional style burners. The powerful, professional burners give you the ability to quickly boil water and the versatility to use high-heat cooking techniques. The range top also employs a simmer burner for those more subtle, gentler cooking tasks.


The KitchenAid KGCU467VSS Cooks up a Storm

KitchenAid is a brand synonymous with high-quality products, and the KGCU467VSS range top is no exception when it comes to its tasty specifications.

Will it fit?

The KGCU467VSS range top is 36 inches wide and 7.5 inches high. It is a standard cooktop, but it does not install over a built-in oven.

Socially conscious

KitchenAid makes sure its products remain easy to use, and as such, the KGCU467VSS rangetop is ADA compliant. A kit is supplied to convert the appliance to LP gas, further enhancing its versatility.

Power burn

The burners offer a range of versatile cooking abilities.

  • The center rear burner runs at 5,000 BTU
  • The left front burner is an ultra-power dual flame burner
  • The right rear burner runs at 15,000 BTU
  • The center front burner runs at 15,000 BTU
  • The left rear burner is the professional burner
  • Finally, the right front burner runs at 20,000 BTU
KitchenAid® 36-Inch 6 Burner Gas Rangetop, Commercial-Style

KitchenAid® 36-Inch 6 Burner Gas Rangetop, Commercial-Style

How do you ignite the burners?

The burners employ a direct spark ignition system, which makes it very easy to operate.

Cooking on Gas

It’s all well and good having something that looks fantastic in your kitchen, but when it comes down to it, how does it perform?


    • Fair price point for a quality, professional cooktop
    • Aesthetically pleasing
    • Varied burners giving flexibility with cooking


  • Only a one-year warranty
  • Some customers don’t like the knobs used
  • Some complaints about logo placement

The Proof Is in the Pudding

Customers love the quality and the value of the KGCU467VSS range top. In particular, the ease of use and the design gain high praise. Cooking is a messy job; however, many customers report how easy the appliance is to clean with the grills, in particular, coming in for high praise.

In fairness, one or two customers complained that some of the burners did not reach their full heating potential and claimed they remained weak and ineffectual. While on the whole, most customers praised the ease of cleaning, a couple of users complained that they had difficulty keeping the appliance pristine.

Answers to a Burning Question

At the time of writing, the product was unavailable on Amazon. However, the KitchenAid website provided a great deal of information with regard to the specification and customer responses.

The Appliance Buyers Guide also provided invaluable feedback on the use of the range top. Best Buy proved a great help to gain an insight into consumers’ experiences with the appliance.

Hot Alternatives

While KitchenAid remains a name synonymous with high-quality kitchen appliances, we would like to show you some alternatives to present a balanced review.

Kitchen Academy Professional 36-inch Stainless Steel Gas Rangetop Cooktop

The Kitchen Academy Professional 36-inch Stainless Steel Gas Rangetop Cooker has six burners. It is made from easy-to-clean, Italian stainless-steel, heavy cast iron grates, with a black porcelain drip pan for long-lasting usage.

Customers praise its good looks and remain pleased with the quality of the appliance. Particular praise goes to the power of the burners.

No products found.
No products found.


  • Two-year warranty
  • Easy installation
  • Blue LEDs offer nice lighting for the knobs when the stove is on


  • Lower BTUs than the KitchenAid KGCU467VSS

Thor Kitchen HRT3618U 36-inch 6 Burner Rangetop

The HRT3618U range top has six burners, offering a complete range of heat intensities. It uses heavy flat cast-iron grates with a black porcelain drip pan.

Customers love how the range top looks and appreciate the efficiency of the burners. Many customers report that they remain satisfied with the price and quality.

Shop now at


  • Nice low simmer burners
  • Reasonable price
  • Nice size cooktop


  • Difficult to clean
  • Rubber pegs on grates fall off
  • Some ignition and burner issues after it has been installed a while

Never Stare a Burner in the Face

I love cooking. Because I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, I want to be able to use the best equipment I can. KitchenAid is a brand I am very familiar with due to the glorious mixer I have on my countertop. Likewise, the quality and versatility of the brand are familiar to me.

While preparing this KitchenAid KGCU467VSS review, I came to understand just how excellent this product comes across. So much so that I find myself wanting one. Badly. My gas hob is my most-used piece of kitchen equipment, therefore, to use one of such a high spec and quality appeals to me.

With the overriding positive feed-back this appliance gets, the KitchenAid KGCU467VSS certainly deserves pride of place in my home. Now I must add it to my Christmas list!

Why not tell us what you use in your kitchen and perhaps share your gas burner experiences with us? Do you love to cook? What is your favorite KitchenAid appliance? We look forward to hearing from you.

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