Combi-Steam Miele Wall Oven Review

The Combi-Steam Miele Wall Oven is a combination steam and convection wall oven with incredible professional grade cooking power. Cooking with steam helps keep food moist and retain all its nutrients, while the convection fan helps keep heat moving for an even cook. Together, these two elements can cook just about any recipe to perfection.

Curious to know if the Combi-Steam Miele Wall Oven is right for you? Read our full review to learn more about the oven, its best features, pros and cons, competition, and more!

Combi-Steam Miele Wall Oven Overview

The Combi-Steam Miele Wall Oven makes cooking even easier with the added MasterChef programs, which can be accessed from the M Control touchscreen panel. There are over 150 different recipes to choose from, from large roasts to delicate pastries. The Combi-Steam oven allows you to cook up to three different meals at the same time. It will tell you exactly when each dish needs to be put into the oven so your entire meal will be ready at the same time.

There are two different steaming methods for the Combi-Steam Miele Wall Oven models: water tank and plumbing connection. The water tank Combi-Steve model has a small water tank found underneath the M Touch panel that can be easily refilled and replaced. The plumbing model attaches directly to your main water line, so there’s no need to worry about refilling the tank after each use.

Combi-Steam Miele Wall Oven Features at a Glance

MultiSteam Cooking Technology

Miele steam ovens use their MultiSteam technology to produce perfectly cooked dishes without the worry of over drying. When using the steam cooking modes on the Combi-Steam Miele Wall Oven, heated water vapor is slowly released through six stem inlet ports to thoroughly cook foods without having to sacrifice any moisture. Cooking with steam is one of the healthiest ways to prepare food, as steam does not strip foods of any of its nutrients or flavor.

True European Convection Cooking

Along with the steam cooking capabilities, the Combi-Steam Miele Wall Oven also uses convection style heating methods to quickly and evenly cooks meals. Ovens with convection settings have a fan and exhaust system that circulates heat around the food before being released into the ventilation. This helps cook food evenly; creating a gorgeous browning that keeps moisture inside.

Extra Large Oven Capacity

The Combi-Steam Miele Wall Oven has an extra large oven capacity that gives you more than enough space to cook a meal for 8 to 10 people. This commercial sized oven is even wide enough to fit larger dishes, such as entire fish or poultry. The oven has three adjustable racks, and comes with non-stick baking racks that you can cook in directly, giving you more than enough space for each dish in your meal.

Electronic Climate Control Sensor

Miele equips the Combi-Steam Miele Wall Oven with electronic climate control sensors that can monitor and adjust the internal temperature based on what you’re cooking. These sensors can also detect the amount of moisture in the air, and adjust the climate to create the optimal cooking conditions for any dish.

Oven Door Surface Cooling

A hot oven door can be a huge hazard, especially when there are children around. The Combi-Steam Miele Wall Oven has a built-in cooling system to help avoid potential burns from the oven door or handle. There is also cooling systems for the sides of the oven, which helps keep surrounding cabinetry from heating up or swelling with steam.

Temperature Probe for Roasting

Cooking the perfect roast can be difficult, so the Combi-Steam Miele Wall Oven takes out all the guesswork with an included roasting probe. The probe can be used to automatically monitor the status of meat, fish, or poultry roasts. The probe measures the internal temperature of the dish, and will notify you when it has been cooked to the optimal level.

Motorized Control Panel

The Combi-Steam Miele Wall Oven has a sleek control panel that is tilted slightly upwards for the best view. It has a motorized control that allows you to lift up the panel, where you can find the condensation container and roast probe. This is also where the water tank is stored should you purchase a model without a plumbing hookup.

M Touch Display Controls

The M Touch controls on the Combi-Steam Miele Wall Oven are easy to use and extremely comprehensive from a touchscreen pad. Navigating through the program is easy, so you won’t have to worry about searching from menu to menu in search of the right setting. The user face has an attractive black and white styling, with pops of color to indicate user selections.

Intelligent MasterChef Automatic Programs

One of our favorite features of the Combi-Steam Miele Wall Oven is the MasterChef automatic program that acts like a personal cookbook with over 150 recipes. The MasterChef and MasterChef Plus programs allow you to combine three different programs into one, so you can create an entire meal in one cooking cycle. The MasterChef programs will monitor temperature, cooking times, and what order food should be placed in the oven so everything comes out at the same time.

20 Customized Programs

Don’t see your favorite dish on the MasterChef menu? The Combi-Steam Miele Wall Oven has it covered with customizable cooking recipes. You can design your own program by imputing the correct temperature and cooking times for your dish to create a step-by-step recipe. After the dish is done, the Combi-Steam Miele Wall Oven will ask if you want to save this custom recipe for future use.

Built-In Safety Features

There are many built-in safety features on the Combi-Steam Miele Wall Oven that will protect you, your family, and your kitchen from potential danger. There’s a lock that prevents the oven from being switched on through accidental contact with the touch screen. There is also an automatic shutdown feature that will turn the oven off after exceeding a maximum cooking time. This will ensure you don’t accidently leave the oven on after your food has finished cooking.

Automatic Rinse Cleaning Feature

Cleaning an oven can be a pain, but not with the Combi-Steam Miele Wall Oven thanks to its automatic rinse cleaning feature. This cleaning mode will flush the oven out with steam to break up food stains and clear out leftover odors. The oven compartment can then be wiped clean using a sponge or dishrag.

ComfortSwivel Handle

Miele completely revolutionized the oven handle on their Combi-Steam Wall Oven with the built-in ComfortSwivel technology. When you open the oven door, the ComfortSwivel handle rotates naturally with the movement of your wrist. This makes it easier to open and close the oven door, especially when you’ve got your hands full of dishes that need to be cooked.

Cooking Accessories with PerfectClean Finish

The Combi-Steam Miele Wall Oven comes with a variety of accessories to help every chef cook the best meals. This unit comes with a wire oven rack, universal tray, two perforated cooking pans, and one solid cooking pan. All of these accessories are coated with PerfectClean technology for an easy-to-clean, non-stick surface.

Miele RemoteVision

Get piece of mind by linking your Combi-Steam Wall Oven to the Miele RemoteVision program via Wi-Fi connection. Should something on your Combi-Steam oven malfunction, Miele’s customer service center will be notified immediately. Once a problem is confirmed, Miele will contact you or another trusted individual to discuss how to fix your oven.

Combi-Steam Miele Wall Oven Pros and Cons


  • Cook Style Versatility
  • Healthy Cooking Options
  • Simple Controls
  • Can Cook Multiple Dishes at Once
  • Check CircleFully Customizable Programs.
  • Check CircleEasy Clean Up


  • Lower Broiling Temperature
  • Sensitive Touch Controls

Combi-Steam Miele Wall Oven Pricing

There are a few variations of the Combi-Steam Miele Wall Oven sold at a range of prices based on which model you choose. Price can change based on the oven capacity and whether there is a water tank or plumbing connection for the steam.

The Combi-Steam Miele Wall Oven with an XL cavity and water tank MSRPs at $4,199. The option of switching the water tank for a plumbing connection will cost a bit more with an MSRP of $4,499.

The Combi-Steam Miele Wall Oven model with a larger XXL cavity and water tank starts at an MSRP of $4,799. The XXL model that connects directly to the water main will cost you a total of $5,099 MSRP.

How the Combi-Steam Miele Wall Oven Compares

SubZero Wolf Convection Steam Oven

This built-in combination convection/steam oven has an oven capacity that just barely beats the Combi-Steam Miele Wall Oven, but not by much. It comes with a large water tank that can provide up to 90 minutes of steam cooking, and can be refilled without having to open the oven door.

Like the Combi-Steam Miele Wall Oven, the SubZero Wolf Convection Steam Oven has a handful of great cooking modes to help you cook the best meal. However, it does not have nearly as many options as the Combi-Steam, which features over 150 included recipes.

Thermador Professional Series Steam and Convection Oven

The is a combination oven designed with professional chefs in mind. This model comes with 40 Easy Cook programs that will automatically adjust temperature and humidity while cooking. The CookControl temperature probe can be used for nearly any dish to attain the ideal temperature level so you don’t overcook your meal.

The control panel has a variety of buttons and knobs that make it easy to see exactly what the oven is set to at all times. This sets it apart from the Combi-Steam Miele Wall Oven, which has all of the controls contained in a simple touchscreen interface.

Is the Combi-Steam Miele Wall Oven Right for You?

The Combi-Steam Miele Wall Oven is a professional grade combination oven that offers the best of both worlds. Steam cooking helps keep in nutrients and flavors, while the convection element keeps heat circulating for an even bake. We recommend this oven to anyone who is interested in a combination oven that is sleek, easy-to-use, and comes with a variety of features and accessories.

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SubZero Wolf Convection Steam Oven


Thermador Professional Series Steam and Convection Oven

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