There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of ovens available on the market today. Double ovens, single ovens, ovens with specialty features, and those that cater to those who want the ultimate luxury features in their home kitchens.

When assembling your dream kitchen, the center piece of it needs to be an oven that can handle all of your needs.

For those requiring a special kind of oven to help with their needs there are luxury models available from Thermador. To help you see why this may be the perfect oven for you, we have researched and provided a list of the best features and how it stacks up to the competition.

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Overview Of The Thermador Double Oven

Thermador is a well-known brand that’s been producing top-notch appliances for over 75 years. They created the world’s first wall ovens and gas cooktops with their patented Star Burner to a speed oven that reduces cooking time significantly.

The particular model from Thermador that we’re looking at comes from the Masterpiece series. It’s a double oven with standard doors on both ovens, 14 cooking modes, six cooking levels within, and Thermador’s True Convection technology for making simultaneous dishes without flavor transfer.

How The Thermador Double Oven Works

thermador double oven

While technically all ovens are convection ovens, this means that the natural circulation of heat by temperature differences in a space. The Thermador double oven is able to use convection heat to evenly heat the food being prepared inside of it.

A key component of the convection oven is the use of a fan that circulates the air throughout the oven. This use of fan helps to keep an even temperature steady though the whole space of the oven while cooking is in progress.

Another term for this type of oven is a forced convection oven. Regardless of the name, most convection ovens get faster results than other ovens. This comes down to the fact that they cook food faster because the circulating air helps to transfer heat faster to the food inside of them.

Bear in mind that some food does not cook well in a convection oven. Items like cookies and breads bake better in more humid environments. Due to this difference, it is important to make sure you invest in a convection oven where the convection feature can be turned off as needed.

Product Specifications For The Thermador Double Oven

The various specifications for the Thermador double oven can help you understand how well the oven may or may not suit your needs. The below specifications show size, weight, features, and options that the Thermador includes.

Specifications For The Thermador Masterpiece Series MED302JS Double Oven

specifications for thermador oven

Each oven is unique and offers different features for different needs. The Thermador Masterpiece MED302JS offers a wide variety of functions and extras to help out in the kitchen. Here is a list of what you can expect from this great oven.

Product Information

  • Brand: Thermador
  • Series: Masterpiece Series
  • Model: MED302JS


  • Fuel Type: Electric
  • Style: Double
  • Microwave: No
  • Speed Oven: No
  • Color: Stainless Steel
  • Stainless Steel Handle: Yes
  • Viewing Window: Yes
  • Drawer: None
  • Clock: Digital


  • Cutout Width: 28 1/2 Inch
  • Cutout Depth: 24 Inch
  • Cutout Height: 51 1/8 Inch
  • Exterior Width: 30 Inch
  • Exterior Depth: 23 7/8 Inch
  • Exterior Height: 51 3/4 Inch

Oven Features

  • Upper Capacity: 4.7 cubic feet
  • Lower Capacity: 4.7 cubic feet
  • Convection: Both
  • Self-Cleaning: Both
  • Control Type: Touch Sensor
  • Broiler Element Location: Top
  • Timer: Yes
  • Delay Bake: Yes
  • Digital Temperature Display: Yes
  • Interior Oven Light: Yes
  • Proofing: Yes
  • Sabbath Mode: Yes
  • Temperature Probe: Yes
  • Broiler Pan Included: Yes

Technical Details

  • Star-K Certified: Yes
  • ADA Compliant: No
  • Wattage: 3500
  • Undercounter Installable: No
  • Amps: 40
  • Voltage: 240/208 Volts
  • Shipping weight: 302 pounds

Features Of The Thermador Double Oven

For any luxury oven, we expect a number of luxury features. The Thermador Double does not disappoint with its offerings. You get what you pay for and what you get are some pretty amazing features that would come in handy in any home kitchen.

  • SoftClose doors for smooth closing
  • Massive capacity at 4.7 cubic feet
  • Super-fast preheat setting – Takes about 7 minutes
  • Fast 2-hour self-clean mode
  • Powerful convection cooking across full oven, without flavor transfer
  • 3 full access telescopic rack with easy-grip handle – Can handle up to 45 pounds
  • Temperature control probe
  • 20 pre-programmed EasyCook recipes
  • Powerful halogen lighting with automatic dimming
  • Recessed broiler element
  • SoftClose doors afor smooth closing
  • 3 advanced culinary modes – Warm, proof, dehydrate
  • Delay start mode
  • Hidden bake element for easy cleaning
  • Digital indicator
  • Six adjustable rack levels
  • Temperature control probe
  • Star-K certified
  • Premium glass touch control

Price Range For The Thermador Double Oven

The Thermador double oven will run you anywhere between $$$$ and $$$$. This price varies greatly on this model, based upon the retailer, sales, and deals that may be available at the time. The important thing to remember is that, with the Thermador Double Oven, you get what you pay for.

Warranty Information For The Thermador Double Oven

The manufacturer gives a two-year limited parts and labor warranty for the Thermador Double Oven. Many retailers offer additional extended warranties for this oven, along with their other major kitchen appliances.

You may wish to purchase one of these extended warranties to guarantee a longer life for your investment. This way you are guarded against any unforeseen accidents or acts of God.

How Does The Thermador Double Oven Compare To The Competition?

To help you best understand which ovens have the features you’re looking for, we’re comparing three different comparable ovens with the Thermador double door.

The GE Café Series double oven has a number of similar features to the Thermador oven, including the basic design with French doors on the upper oven, and an easy-to-use self-clean mode.


The GE Café Series double oven runs between $$$$ to $$$$. This makes the GE Café Series oven fairly comparable in price to the Thermador double oven, depending on which retailer you compare with.

Ease of Use

The top oven has French doors, making the top oven possibly easier to operate than other ovens with standard doors. The Wi-Fi connectivity makes it even easier to use, and keep track of, especially for those who may tend to worry over leaving the oven on or not.

The strong convection and meat probe help to cook meals evenly, while the warmer makes using the oven easier for parties than a lot of other options.

Overall, the GE Café Series double oven earns a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars for ease-of-use.


The GE Café Series comes with a limited 2-year warranty for parts and labor. The Thermador has a similar warranty. Both are rated at 3.8 out of 5 stars for warranty coverage.

The Viking RVDOE330X is a similar double oven to the Thermador model. The Viking has similar features, including a large number of cooking modes, and meat probe.


The Viking RVDOE330X runs between $$$$ to $$$$ at various retailers. This puts the price at a similar price to the Thermador’s lower-end price.

Be sure to compare and evaluate prices at retailers to guarantee you get the best price before deciding on where to purchase from.

Ease of Use​​​​​

The numerous cooking modes, meat probe, and TrueGlide oven racks make the Viking an easy-to-use oven. The TruConvec technology by Viking doesn’t force direct heat from top or bottom into the oven, but instead uses the force of the fans to circulate and move the heat evenly throughout the oven cavity.

The Viking is otherwise a reasonably well-designed model that would likely be easy to use for most functions. There is no mention of a self-clean mode, however, which drops the ease-of-use rating for us to a 3.6 out of 5 stars.


The Viking comes with a three-year full warranty for the entire oven, along with a 90-day cosmetic warranty for glass, decorative items, and painted components. There’s also a limited lifetime warranty for the stainless-steel exterior, and a ten-year limited warranty for the porcelain oven(s) and porcelain inner door panels. Finally, the Viking comes with a limited 5-year warranty for the heating elements.

This is one of the best warranties on the market, so we rank this up at 4.7 out of 5 stars, as compared to the Thermador warranty ranked at 3.8 out of 5 stars.

The Thermador double oven, and the Fisher & Paykel are comparable ovens in a similar price range, depending on the retailer. Both have the same basic features, but both have distinct features that set them apart from each other.

We’d recommend looking closely at the varying features to decide which are most suitable for meeting your needs.


The Fisher & Paykel Professional WODV230N run between $$$$ to $$$$, which puts it at the higher end of the price range for the Thermador Double Oven we’re examining. The features make it easy to use, the make is high quality, and the warranty is reasonable, which makes it comparable at the price.

Ease of Use

The Fisher & Paykel Professional WODV230N Double Oven is an easy-to-use oven, based on the variety of settings offered. It also includes a temperature probe, for precision cooking, four-way convection cooking for even cooking, and a strong self-cleaning mode.

The Fisher & Paykel Professional WODV230N Double Oven also has the helpful feature of the cool touch doors, meaning you won’t burn yourself when you try to open and close the oven doors.

Over all, the Fisher & Paykel Professional WODV230N Double Oven is rated with 4.6 out of 5 stars for ease-of-use.


There is a two-year full warranty for materials and labor, as well as a ten-year warranty on the porcelain cavity of the oven for the Fisher & Paykel Professional WODV230N Double Oven. This makes the warranty better than the limited warranty offered for the Thermador oven, and rates at 4.2 stars out of 5.

Pros Of The Thermador Double Oven


There are multiples pros to think about when considering the purchase of a Thermador Double Oven. It is an easy to use oven that can easily act as the centerpiece for your kitchen. Additionally, some key features to remember include:

  • The oven contains a capacity of 4.7 cubic feet, with six adjustable rack levels.
  • Preheating is easy as it only requires around seven minutes.
  • It features a robust 14 cooking modes and 20 pre-programmed EasyCook recipes
  • Unlike many ovens, it has a quick two-hour cleaning mode.
  • It is a Star-K certified oven.
  • The Thermador comes with a limited two-year parts and labor warranty.

Cons Of The Thermador Double Oven


There are a few cons that we could find for the Thermador Double Oven. The only major flaw that we could find is that it is not ADA compliant, meaning it is not suitable for those with disabilities. Besides this one flaw, we could not find any other major flaw worth mentioning.

thermador double oven

Where To Buy The Thermador Double Oven

You can purchase a Thermador Double Oven at a number of locations, including US Appliances, AJ Madison, Appliance Connection, Percy’s, Yale Appliance, Shopper’s Choice, and, among other retailers online and in local store.

Our Verdict

Without a doubt, we can highly recommend the Thermador Double Oven. This is an oven that’s bursting with features to help with making your culinary efforts easier. It competes solidly with other similar models in the same price range, offers a number of features that others don’t, and comes from a reliable manufacturer.


Overall, we believe this is a high-quality, durable oven that will meet the needs of almost anyone.


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