Viking Double Oven Review

Viking Double Oven Review

Oh, the double oven! Do you even dare to dream of the possibility of having a kitchen with a double oven?

Thinking about it is like saying your birthday wish out loud. If you concentrate on it too much, it won’t come true, and boy do you want it to come true. With 2 ovens you could be twice as productive. Actually, you’d be even more productive than that because you would use your new ovens way more than you ever used your clunky old single oven.

There might not be statistics available on this, but it’s a pretty safe bet that people with double ovens do about 10 times the cooking and baking as other people.

This is probably because people with double ovens are really passionate about their oven fare.

You know you are. You love to bake. You love making breads, pies, cookies, and cakes. You love trying new recipes and exploring new ways to make meals your family will enjoy. But aside from a love of cooking and baking you also have a deep love of efficiency and multi-tasking.

That’s what makes the double oven your appliance soul mate. It gives you the freedom to do more of what you love without cutting corners or wasting any of your valuable time.

All the Specs on a Viking Double Oven

But if you are going to spring for the extra expense of a double oven, you need to know that you are getting something that is not only efficient and convenient but also good quality.

Viking is a trusted name in professional grade kitchen appliances and they have double ovens that are so good they can make your heart skip a beat. They have several series of double ovens, but let’s take a look at the series 5 Built-In Electric Double Select oven, and see how it stacks up.

Unparalleled Cooking Power

Unparalleled Cooking Power

The first and most important thing about choosing your new oven is finding a model that can actually cook your food evenly and reliably. When you set your temperature you want to know that it is accurate, and you need to be able to trust it to cook accordingly.

That means heat that wraps your food up like a warm hug.

The Viking’s TruConvec system uses a cooking element in the rear of the oven and fan-forced air to heat the unit. That means that whatever you are heating is not exposed to heat from the top or the bottom.

Instead, it is enveloped in heat. The hot air comes at it from every angle instead of being limited by the top or bottom as with so many other ovens. That warm hug gives you a nice even bake, and you can trust that the internal temperature is uniform throughout.

This Viking double wall oven also benefits from the patented Vari-speed dual flow convection system that helps to maximize that airflow. The large convection blade blows air in both directions to provide more even cooking and a fluffier bake.

Large and in Charge

Large and in Charge

The Series 5 double oven features one of the largest capacities of any available oven. It has 6 rack positions to choose from, and it comes with 3 porcelain-coated racks including a TruGlide full extension rack.

Since you bake a lot you know just how important those rack positions are. If you’re lucky you might have 3 positions to use on your existing oven, but you hardly ever bother changing them. It’s such a hassle to get them to move, and your oven is so small that once you move one rack you’ve pretty much guaranteed that you can’t use the other rack.

But that’s where size matters. With such a large oven capacity and 3 racks instead of the standard 2, you have more room to do more of what you love.

More room in your oven means more roasts. It means more potlucks, more dishes, and more time gathering around good food with the people that you love. For some homeowners ovens are decorative. They exist to heat an occasional frozen pizza.

You are not that kind of homeowner. Your oven is for cooking, and this Viking double oven has the cooking capacity to support anything from a restaurant kitchen to your bustling household.

The TruGlide oven rack is also a major key to your cooking success. You know the story all too well of what happens when a hot pan full of food is lowered in and out of hot oven with a blazing hot oven rack.

You’ve met with disaster too many times during this perilous exchange to not appreciate the TruGlide value. The oven rack slides out on stainless steel ball bearings to make it a synch to get things in and out of the oven. You won’t get burned literally or figuratively anymore with a rolling oven rack on your side.

Easily Keep an Eye on Your Oven

Everything about these ovens is engineered to make your cooking and baking experience better, smarter, and easier. The viewing window is even 20% wider than on standard ovens, which means you can easily see how all your food is doing.

How many times have you had to stop, bend down, slide out your food, and examine it from all angles because your oven window is so hard to see into? Tiny viewing windows make it difficult to see how evenly everything is cooking, and they force you to constantly interrupt the process just to gauge progress.

These Viking double ovens also feature improved halogen lighting to make it even easier to see inside and see what is happening. Again, you can spend less time pulling dishes out of the oven, and more time simply observing them with the heavy-duty door closed nice and tight.

You don’t have to disturb your dishes to get a good look at them, and you don’t have to affect the temperature of the oven by constantly opening it and closing.

With time you will learn to trust your eyes, and the large, well-lit windows on your ovens will give you a tremendous sense of comfort as you complete your cooking tasks.

It is a Hard Working Oven

It is a Hard Working Oven

The series 5 Viking double oven is self-cleaning with a handy indicator light to let you know when the job is done. If you spend time scrubbing your oven clean with a can of not so Easy-Off you can’t imagine how much a true self-cleaning oven can change your life.

It’s especially important when you have twice as much oven to clean.

But the hard work of this Viking double oven doesn’t stop at cleaning. It features rapid ready preheating, so that you can all get down to work a little faster. You know the dread of forgetting to pre-heat your oven and then watching slowly and painfully as it ticks up the degrees.

The rapid preheat time can really help you out of the jam. Whether you simply forgot to turn the oven or whether you’re in a rush, you can count on the oven to get going fast.

Waiting for your oven to pre-heat can seem to take eons, and when you are trying to get dinner on the table, every second counts. You and your family are busy. It’s hard enough as it is to gather everyone together for a meal before meetings, soccer games, and play practice pull them away. Don’t miss out on precious time together just because your oven takes forever to preheat.

This double oven also goes the extra mile with its programmable Timed Bake setting. You can actually program your oven up to 24 hours ahead of time to start baking at a selected temperature for a programmed amount of time. The oven shuts off when the time is up.

This revolutionary idea means that you can prep your items ahead of time, pop them in the oven, program the bake, and come back to find your food is ready and waiting.

This feature comes in handy when you are cooking a lot of food for a lot of people, or when you have an item that needs to spend a long time in the oven. Instead of waking up at 4 in the morning get that slow roasted brisket started, why not program the oven, catch some extra z’s and let the Viking work for you?

It’s also great if you have a brunch or breakfast planned for a lot of people or if you have to get food started when you aren’t around. Rather than entrusting the oven job to your teenagers or spouse who probably can’t tear themselves away from their phones, you can set your trusty oven.

Choose More than Just Temperature

If your old oven is like most old ovens you probably can barely read the temperatures listed on the knobs let alone make any other adjustments, but the series 5 Viking double oven allows you to choose from several different cooking modes.

You can choose from convection cooking, convection roast, convection broil, convection bake, conventional bake and 3 a 3-level conventional broil.

All these various modes ensure that you can get the precise temperature for every single thing that goes into your oven, and you can choose the method that works the best for it too.

Cooking and baking require more than the right temperature, you need the right kind of heat in the right way. You can perfect your crispy garlic bread on the broil setting in one oven, and you can convection roast your veggies in another. You get bread that is crispy, and you get vegetables that are tender, but with just the right amount of char.

Then when it’s time for your delicate dessert you can choose the convection bake option and wrap your soufflé in hot air that cradles its decadent airy bouffant as it rises out of your porcelain ramekin.

That’s what you get from Viking. You get an oven that is just as comfortable and capable of baking a finicky soufflé as it as a hearty brisket.

It Looks at Home Anywhere

It Looks at Home Anywhere

Stainless steel appliances are the gold standard of appliances these days because they look sleek and modern in any setting. If you are fortunate enough to be remolding your entire kitchen this polished stainless steel double oven with its oversized stainless-steel knobs and the heavy-duty tubular handle will fit right in.

But even if you are simply upgrading your ovens, this modern look can add some pizzazz to your entire kitchen. You don’t have to pull out counter tops and redo cabinetry to give your kitchen a fresh look. This double oven can do it for you.

The oversized viewing windows that make it easy to check on your cooking also help give your ovens a nice refined look. The solid glass windows are striking, refreshing, and make your oven look professional. They raise the bar, and the appearance of these ovens even raises expectations.

When you use your professional-grade Viking double wall ovens you better bring you’re A-game in breads, pastries, and roasts.

An Oven that Doubles Everything

An Oven that Doubles Everything

The Pro Series 5 Viking double oven is all about doing double takes and working double duty. It is a hard-working oven that happily takes some of the pressure of cooking and baking off of you. It provides a large cooking capacity, precision heating, and a mile long list of fun features. It can help you fall in love with your kitchen again, and it can also help you fall back in love with home cooked meals

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