5 Best Viking Ovens for Your Luxury Appliance Needs

Considering purchasing a Viking oven for your kitchen? We are here to help.

This company offers many, many different ovens with different prices, features, and qualities – how are you ever supposed to choose?

We are going to sift through what Viking has to offer and to assist you in finding the best options. There are many different aspects to consider, and your choice will be much easier if you know exactly what you are looking for.

Viking Oven FAQs

To get us started, let’s consider a few of the most frequently asked questions about Viking ovens.


1. What is Viking?

Viking is part of The Middleby Corporation, which is the largest commercial kitchen equipment manufacturer in the entire world. Viking and Middleby joined their companies together in 2013. Mixing the two provided a better business with the technological expertise and resources of Middleby with Viking’s heritage in the residential market.

They are an innovative company that creates high–end kitchen appliances and tools. They state that they are continuously striving to ensure that their quality, products, and service are the best available anywhere.


2. What Makes This Type of Oven Special?

They were the first company to offer commercial-grade ovens for the average kitchen at home.

Viking gives you the opportunity to cook like a professional in your own home, and their products are used by chefs, restaurants, and celebrities all over the world as well.


3. Where Can I Buy a Viking Oven?

Viking ovens can easily be found in appliance brick-and-mortar stores, as well as online. It may be helpful to look at reviews online first, and then take a look at the ones you like best in-person.


4. How Much Will I Pay for a Viking Oven?

Their price range is pretty large, because Viking offers such a huge variety of oven options. You can expect to pay anywhere from $3,000.00 to $20,000.

This of course depends on which product you choose and where you go to purchase it.

How We Choose Our Ratings

The most important features in our reviews are being as honest and accurate as possible. To achieve this, we take a few additional steps in our research and writing to make the best review possible.

We read and research customer reviews online thoroughly. This part of our process does a few different things to ensure a trustworthy review. Having so many different opinions from the general public allows us to ensure that our review is not biased in any way. On top of that, it allows us to pinpoint any widespread issues and complaints, as well as observing the features that customers liked the most about the product.

We also research the product specifications thoroughly as well. In addition to learning more about the product, it allows us to let our readers know the exact sizing and dimensions of a product, as well as the coloring and aesthetics, features, and abilities. Since you are not looking at the product in person, it allows you to know exactly what you are purchasing if you buy an item from our review.

Lastly, we make sure to look into the reputation of the company who makes the product in the review. On top of allowing us to see how moral their values and decisions are, it also lets us see how decent their customer service is, as well as their return policies and warranties.

For this particular list of our favorite Viking ovens, we will be considering a few different qualities. Performance, aesthetics, overall quality, and the company’s reputation will all be a large part of the review.

Overall Price Range of These Products

Like we discussed before, these ovens can drastically vary in price. Viking offers so many different ovens and features with each product that the pricing is very dramatic. Let’s discuss the different options that they offer and why they cost the amount they do.

The cheapest options are from the Viking 3 Series and the Viking 5 Series. These ovens are in the $3,000.00 to $3,999.00 range.

The Viking 3 Series are all self-cleaning and Star-K certified. The Viking 5 Series are also Star-K certified, offer six different rack positions and four open elements.

There are also ovens from the 3 and 5 series in the price range of $4000.00 to $4,999.00. The Viking 30 Inch Pro-Style Gas Range oven is in this category as well. This is an oven that comes in a wide range of colors including apple red and cobalt blue, and includes all the other features of the 5 series.

Most of their Professional Series 5 ovens appear in the price range of $5,000.00 to $10,000.00.

These are industrial sized ovens, many of them come in the variety of colors like the Viking 30 Inch Pro-Style Gas Range oven, and offer features like the SureSpark Ignition System, the Black Chrome Knobs, and the Gentle Close Door. Many of these options also come with the concealed bake element, the ability to self-clean, and a glass ceramic surface.

If you are paying over $10,000.00 for a Viking oven, it is coming from the Professional 7 Series, the Viking Tuscany Series, and some of the Professional 5 Series.

Viking also offers the Professional Custom Series in this price range as well.

The features in this category vary as well. Some of the options come with an infrared broiler, some offer griddles, the VariSimmer, the Rapid Ready Preheat, and the TruGlide extension rack.

There are different sizes to consider with these ovens as well, they range from about 36 to 66 inches depending on the design you go with.

Adding a pebble floor shower to your home, along with high quality ovens will increase the value.

Our 5 Favorite Viking Ovens

Here are our favorite oven choices from Viking, ranked in no particular order. We hope you find this useful. Happy cooking!

Viking 3 Series: 30 Inch Freestanding Gas Range

Viking RVGR3305BSS 30

This is one of the most basic designs from the company, and it is one of the most affordable ovens they have as well.

You can get this particular design for around $3,800.00 to $4,500.00, depending on whether you get it in black, white, or stainless steel. The price also depends on whether you choose propane or natural gas for your fuel.

This oven has 5 sealed burners, 18,000 BTU, and is a 4 cubic foot convection oven. It also offers the SureSpark Ignition System, the TruGlide oven racks, the ProFlow convection baffle, and a spill-resistant cooktop. The continuous grates it has makes it easy to slide heavy pots around, and/or use multiple burners effortlessly in your cooking.

Rating: 4/5 stars

Viking Professional 5 Series: 36 Inch Pro-Style Gas Range

Viking Professional 5 Series 36

Our next option is still on the “cheaper,” more affordable side of Viking products, but it is definitely much steeper than the last oven we discussed. This oven can be purchased in a range of $6,000.00 to 7,000.00, depending on the color you choose and whether you go with natural gas or propane.

This oven has the ProFlow Convection Baffle, which is perfect for evenly distributing heat for anything you cook. It also has the VSH Burner System, VariSimmer, SureSpark Ignition System, Gentle Close door, the BlackChrome knobs, and features halogen oven lights.

Rating: 5/5 stars

Viking Tuscany Series: 48 Inch Pro-Style Dual Fuel Range

Viking 48"w. Tuscany Range

This is one of the most expensive ovens that Viking offers, which is why it is on our favorites list. It is of the highest quality and looks amazing. However, you will have to shell out about $16,500.00 for this gorgeous kitchen appliance.

The oven features Viking’s high-performance gas burners. These provide extremely fast boil times and a gentle simmer that will range from 8,500 BTU all the way up to 20,000 BTU. It also has a center griddle, which is incredibly convenient and adds additional functionality to the design.

The left side of this oven is a 3.8 cubic feet electric oven with six rack positions, eight different cooking functions, and two oven lights to ensure you can see what you are baking. The right side of the oven is a 2.4 cubic feet conventional bake oven with a side swing oven door and one oven rack.

This design also features a lower storage drawer, porcelain coated cast iron cooking grates, a stainless-steel burner pan, and an electronic single-point spark ignition/re-ignition.

This oven has a full two-year warranty, a ninety-day warranty for the cosmetic parts like glass and painted items, and limited five-year warranty on the gas burners.

Rating: 3/5 stars

Viking 5 Series: 30 Inch Pro-Style Gas Range

Viking VGIC53014BSS 5 Series 30 Inch

Next, we have the 30 Inch Pro-Style Gas Range from the Viking 5 Series. This kitchen appliance has so many great features that makes it worth the price tag. You would pay between $5,999.00 to $6,999.00 for this design depending on the color and whether or not you go with natural gas or propane.

This product comes with the ProFlow Convection Air Baffle, as well as the VariSimmer Setting, the SureSpark Ignition System, the Gourmet-Glo Broiler, six different rack positions, four open elements, and a removable door that makes this oven extremely easy to fix or clean.

One feature that we especially love about this Viking oven is that you can convert it over to LP/Propane unit with the Propane Conversion Kit, which you can buy separately.

Rating: 4/5 stars

Viking Professional 5 Series: 48 Inch Freestanding Gas Range

VGCC5488BSS Viking Stainless Steel 48

Last but certainly not least, we have the 48 Inch Freestanding Gas Range from the Viking Professional 5 Series. This is another pretty expensive option, and you can expect to pay between $9,999.00 and $10,999.00.

With this design, you get the ProFlow Convection, the Gourmet-Glo Broiler, griddle, VSH Burner System, VariSimmer, SureSpark Ignition, TruGlide full extension rack, and eight sealed burners. You also get a fantastic porcelain cooking surface, which is designed for simple cleaning and extreme durability.

Rating: 3/5 stars




Viking 3 Series: 30 Inch Freestanding Gas Range




Viking Professional 5 Series: 36 Inch Pro-Style Gas Range




Viking Tuscany Series: 48 Inch Pro-Style Dual Fuel Range


Viking 5 Series: 30 Inch Pro-Style Gas Range




Viking Professional 5 Series: 48 Inch Freestanding Gas Range




The Final Verdict

Now that we have taken a look at our favorite Viking ovens, we are going to narrow it down and choose the best product in the list.

While these are all wonderful kitchen appliances, with a lot of amazing features and fantastic looks – our top choice is going to have to be the Viking Professional 5 Series: 36 Inch Pro-Style Gas Range.

This is our top choice because it would be the perfect fit for both your home kitchen, for a restaurant, or any other business. The pricing is high, but it definitely gives you the best bang for your buck, and it is well worth the six grand it will cost you. It is also one of the most affordable choices on our Viking Oven list.

It is perfect for beginners, and for professionals. This Viking oven offers you a lot of space and plenty of features that will be perfect for each and every one of your dishes.

What is your favorite Viking oven on the list?

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