If you are looking for a way to upgrade your kitchen and make it more functional, you should consider adding a gas cooktop. Cooktops can be installed on your existing empty counter and can provide you with more cooking space than a traditional range oven. Those who are interested in pro-style range tops and cooktops should consider purchasing the Viking RVGC3365BSS 36” Gas Cooktop.

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All You Need To Know About The Viking RVGC3365BSS 36” Gas Cooktop

This stylish Viking cooktop has a stylish grate cover that will instantly add a luxurious look to your kitchen. But there is much more to this cooktop than its exquisite design. Here are some more details on the exclusive features that you can find on the RVGC3365BSS Cooktop.

burning fire from a gas range

Permanently Sealed Burners

Never worry about pots boiling over or spaghetti sauce splattering again with these sealed burners. These easy-to-clean burners prevent any liquid from getting down underneath the burner where it doesn’t need to be. They help to keep your cooktop looking flawless while keeping it working as it should much longer.

Continuous Grate

The continuous grate system on the Viking RVGC3365BSS cooktop makes it easy to slide your heavy pots from one burner to the next with ease. You no longer have to pick up a heavy, hot pot and transfer it to another burner, possibly spilling contents along the way. This is another great feature that helps keep your cooktop safe and clean.

Die-Cast Metal Knobs

The large die-cast metal knobs will help you keep your cooking temperatures under control. They are removable so that you can customize the look of your cooktop. They also push-to-turn so that you don’t have to worry about little hands accidentally starting up the burners. These metal knobs are easy to turn and even easier to keep clean.

Auto Electric Spark Ignition

You won’t have to worry about the flame accidentally going out while you are cooking thanks to the automatic electric spark ignition. The burners light at any position on the knob and will automatically re-ignite if they happen to go out for any reason.

A Breakdown Of The Features For The Viking RVGC3365BSS Gas Cooktop

To find out more about the additional features for this pro-style cooktop, check out the specifications below.

Features And Functions

Wide variety of BTU ratings to accommodate all types of surface cooking needs.

  • 36" wide cooking space.
  • Left front - 9,100 BTU.
  • Left rear - 9,100 BTU.
  • Center - 17,000 BTU (dual stacked burner).
  • Right front - 12,000 BTU.
  • Right rear - 5,000 BTU.
  • Sealed burners with porcelainized, cast-iron burner caps.
  • Exclusive - Sure Spark Ignition System.
  • Auto electronic spark ignition and re-ignition.
  • Burners will light at any knob position, including the lowest setting.
  • Easy to use and Cleanup
  • Permanently sealed burners keep spills and splatters out of the burner box
  • One-piece, steel top that is extremely durable
  • Durable, metal die-cast knobs with push to turn feature for safety
  • Custom and removable knobs, grate tops, and burners/caps for easy cleaning.
  • Grate design offers continuous surface for easy movement of heavy pots.
  • Overall/burner box dimensions designed to fit most cooktop cutouts.

Warranty Information For The Viking RVGC3365BSS Gas Cooktop

The warranty for the Viking RVGC3365BSS Gas Cooktop includes:

  • 3-year full warranty on the complete unit
  • A Limited Lifetime warranty on the stainless-steel exterior
  • 5-year Limited Warranty on Surface Burners
  • 90-Day Full Warranty on all Cosmetic Parts

All warranties are valid on Viking brand products purchased or shipped in the United States and those purchased and installed in Mexico or the Caribbean on or after April 1, 2013.


  • Gas Requirements: Ships Standard for Natural Gas
  • Electrical Requirements: 115V; 50/60Hz; 4 Ft., 3-Wire Cord with Grounded 3-Prong Plug Attached to Product
  • Maximum Amp Usage: 0 Amps
  • Shipping Weight: 79.0 Lbs.

Surface Burner Ratings

  • Left Front: 9,100 Nat./9,000 LP BTU
  • Left Rear: 9,100 Nat./9,000 LP BTU
  • Center: 17,000 Nat./15,000 LP BTU
  • Right Front: 5,000 Nat./5,000 LP BTU
  • Right Rear: 12,000 Nat./10,000 LP BTU


  • Overall Width: 36 3/4"
  • Overall Depth: 21"
  • Overall Height: 4 3/8"
  • Cutout Width: 35 1/4" Min. - 35 7/8" Max.
  • Cutout Depth: 20" Min. - 20 1/4" Max.
  • Cutout Height: 3" Min. Burner Box Only, 5" Min. For Gas Outlet Not Including Regulator

About The Viking Brand

Viking brought professional cooking home when they sold their first pro-style range back in 1987. They now manufacture all types of appliances so that you can enjoy their luxurious look and high-quality features in every area of your updated kitchen.

When most people think of the appliance brand, they think about the commercial and professional look of their ranges and cooktops. Viking is known for adding premium features to their residential appliances so that those who love to cook at home can enjoy the same benefits as professional chefs. Their ranges, ovens, and cooktops are capable of handling any complex recipe that you may have in mind. You can use their products to help you prepare a full-course holiday meal for your entire extended family and group of friends. Yet at the same time, you can use the same Viking products every day to cook dinner for your family.

Viking offers a Professional and Designer series so that you can choose exactly what type of look and features you want in your kitchen. If you want a prestigious look to go with your newly modernized kitchen, you should check out the Designer line. But if you are more interested in professional features than design, the Viking Professional Series has just what you need to complete your gourmet kitchen.

With Viking, your kitchen is more than just a place for appliances. It is a place where you go to de-stress, socialize, and interact with your family while preparing your favorite meals. Cooking is more than a task we must complete every day. For many, it is an art form, a fun hobby, and a great way to make long-lasting memories that you will treasure forever.

Where To Buy Viking Kitchen Appliances

There are several places where you can purchase Viking Kitchen products. You can always go online and check out their official website. Or you can visit your local retailer such as Home Depot, AJ Madison, ABT Electronics, Plessers, Pacific Sales, Best Buy and online at Amazon.com.

How The Viking RVGC3365BSS Gas Cooktop Compares To Other Similar Products

The Viking RVGC3365BSS Gas Cooktop is an exceptional item that is sure to help you be more productive in the kitchen. It will provide you with more cooktop space than a typical range oven and allows you to set the temperature for each burner with precise controls. While it may be a great cooktop to add to your kitchen, its important that you make a well-informed decision and find out what other similar products have to offer. Here are some more details about the Viking RVGC3365BSS Gas Cooktop and other cooktops from popular brands within the same price range for you to consider. Take the time to review each one before you decide to make a purchase.

  • Ease of Use
  • Build Quality
  • Warranty

Viking includes a 3-year warranty on the complete unit as well as additional warranties on parts and labor.


  • The Viking Cooktop has a continuous grate that allows you to slide heavy pots from one burner to another
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • 5 burners provide you with more cooking space
  • Push and Turn knobs for added safety
  • Stylish and professional design


  • Cooktop is easy to scratch when placing the heavy grates on top
  • Ease of Use
  • Build Quality
  • Warranty

1-year warranty.


  • Sealed burners help to prevent spills from entering the burner box
  • Push to Turn Knobs for safety
  • Auto electronic re-ignition
  • LP Conversion kit


  • Short warranty period
  • Ease of Use
  • Build Quality
  • Warranty

5-year limited warranty with the option to add on an extended service plan.


  • 6,000 BTU Brass Simmer Burner
  • White LED Burner Indicator
  • Electronic Ignition and Flame Sensing Re-ignition
  • Low-Profile Design
  • Euro-Style Stainless Design


  • Poor burner configuration with control panel
  • Ease of Use
  • Build Quality
  • Warranty

2-year limited warranty.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to Use
  • Excellent placement of burners
  • Low BTU simmer at 200 BTUs
  • Part of the Thermador Masterpiece Design Series


  • Only has a 2-year warranty
  • Ease of Use
  • Build Quality
  • Warranty

Wolf Residential Appliances are covered by the company’s full 2-year warranty on all parts and labor, along with a limited 5-year warranty on select parts that are defective.


  • Stylish look that coordinates well with any kitchen décor
  • Easy to Access Controls
  • Low simmer burner that reaches 350 BTU
  • Maximum high burner temperature up to 18,000 BTUs
  • High quality craftsmanship
  • Easy-Slide Cast Iron Bruner Grate
  • Excellent Warranty


  • The broiler igniter can fail to work at times
  • There is no oven temperature indicator

Is The Viking RVGC3365BSS Gas CooktopThe Right Product For You?

Viking products are quality-made and designed to last for many years. The brand has been an industry leader for decades in terms of professional-grade cooktops, range tops, and gas ranges. If you are looking for a well-made cooktop to add to your kitchen, you can’t go wrong with the Viking RVGC3365BSS. It has a stylish and professional look and will meet all of your cooking needs to help make cooking less of a chore and more of a fun family pastime.

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