Remodeling Topics: A Viking RVRF336SS Review

Whether you’re doing a remodel, or building a house, one of the most important element in your new kitchen is the refrigerator. Like other major appliances, they can make or break the investment you’re sinking into the new place, and it’s important to fully research them before you buy.

For that reason, we’re compiling information on various major kitchen appliances, and bringing them into individual reviews. The topic for today’s review is the Viking RVRF 336SS French door refrigerator with bottom freezer.

Overview of the Viking RVRF336SS

The Viking RVRF336SS is a luxury quality refrigerator from Viking, a company around since 1987, when they introduced the first professional-grade stove for use in the home.

This refrigerator is a professional quality fridge, with theater LED lighting to gently illuminate the interior and provide clear visibility throughout the appliance.

The refrigerator has spill-proof glass shelves that are adjustable and easy to clean, and comes with a temperature control drawer which the company calls the ColdZone drawer.

The refrigerator also has a premium air purification system to help deodorize and keep the fridge clean, and has a self-closing door.

Basically, this refrigerator offers the top of the line features for less than a commercial refrigerator used at restaurants.

The Viking RVRF336SS

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How the Viking RVRF336SS Works

The Viking RVRF3366SS works like a standard refrigerator using the basic components of refrigeration: fluid refrigeration, compressor, condenser coils, evaporator coils, and an expansion device. These combined create a system that keeps food and condiments cool or frozen, depending on the compartment used – refrigerator or freezer.

This specific model of refrigerator also uses specialized technology to reduce humidity in the special “ColdZone” drawer, which is beneficial for keeping produce like lettuce and carrots, for longer than open space in the standard section of the refrigerator.

Product Specifications for the Viking RVRF336SS

Many specifications and features are common to all refrigerators made in the past decade. Below you’ll find the common features, as well as the exact specifications and unique features offered in the Viking RVRF336SS.

Product Information

Brand: Viking

Series: 3 Series

Model: RVRF336SS



Type: Freestanding

Style: French Door

Size: Full Size

Door Style: French Door

Freezer: Yes

Door Finish: Smooth

Color: Stainless Steel

Door Color: Stainless Steel

Cabinet Color: Grey

Door Hinge Covers/Hidden Hinges: Yes

Rollers: Yes

Undercounter: No

Counter Depth: Yes

Leveling Legs: Yes


Refrigerator Capacity: 15.4 cubic feet

Freezer Capacity: 6.7 cubic feet

Total Capacity: 22.1 cubic feet


Width: 35 5/8 Inches

Depth: 29 1/2 Inches

Depth without Door and Handles: 23 5/8 Inches

Depth with Door at 90°: 42 9/16 Inches

Depth without Handles: 26 7/8 Inches

Height without Hinges: 68 3/16 Inches

Height: 69 1/2 Inches

Refrigerator Features

Type of Shelves: Glass

No. of Shelves: 4

Slide-out Shelves: Yes

Spill Safe Shelves: Yes

No. of Door Bins: 5

Adjustable Door Bins: No

Gallon Door Storage: Yes

Humidity Controlled Crispers: 2

Freezer Features

Defrost: Automatic

Ice Maker: Yes

Secondary Ice Maker: No

Ice Dispenser: No

Technical Details

Energy Star Rated: No

CEE Rating: Not Available

Star-K Certified: No

ADA Compliant: No

TAA Compliant: No

Amps: 15

Voltage: 120 Volts

Shipping Weight: 327 pounds


Sabbath Mode: Yes

Digital Temperature Control: Yes

Features of the Viking RVRF336SS Refrigerator

The Viking RVRF336SS refrigerator comes with a number of useful and unique features. Some of them include:

  • Theater LED Lighting
  • Adjustable temperature ColdZone™ drawer – set for produce or meat for long-term freshness
  • Two adjustable Humidity Zone™ drawers
  • In-the-door dairy compartment with cover
  • Additional storage in five large door bins
  • Two door bins that hold gallon containers
  • Four adjustable tempered-glass spill-proof shelves – three sliding, one slide under
  • Premium water filter for ice maker
  • Premium air purification system for cleaner air inside of fridge – helps eliminate nasty odors
  • Electronic temperature controls with digital readout
  • Audible alerts to interior temperatures getting high or power outages
  • Separate ice drawer with scoop
  • Self-closing freezer door
  • Tri-level slide out baskets in freezer
  • Door alarm
  • Fast ice
  • Fast freeze
  • Sabbath mode function

Price Range for the Viking RVRF336SS

The Viking RVRF336SS has been discontinued, so generally speaking, the prices you find will be sales and discounts. The original price was around $3,300, and it’s updated model, the Viking RVRF3361SS runs around that same price in various locations both in-store and online.

Warranty Information for the Viking RVRF336SS

The Viking comes with a one-year complete warranty from the manufacturer, along with a six-year warranty for the sealed system, and a twelve-year limited warranty for the sealed system.

There’s also a nine-month warranty for the cosmetic components of the fridge, like the glass, outside stainless steel surfaces, et cetera.

How Does the Viking RVRF336SS Refrigerator Compare to the Competition?

To better understand any specific model, comparing it to other similar models in the same price range is important. So, we’re comparing the Viking RVRF336SS with three other models from various manufacturers in the same basic quality range.

We’re looking only at French door, bottom freezer refrigerators, that range in price between $500 over or under, or less, and have received similar ratings overall.

Comparisons: The Viking RVRF336SS Refrigerator Versus Bosche 800 Series Refrigerator

The Bosche 800 series fridge is a little bit smaller than the Viking model we’re looking at. With about two fewer cubic square feet in the refrigerator, and 0.7 fewer cubic feet area in the freezer.


The Bosche 800 series refrigerators go as little as about $2700 up to about $3000. This makes the Bosche about $300 to $600 less than the Viking model. The differences in features and brand name are the main price difference factors between the two.

For example, the Bosche doesn’t have the features like the ColdZone™ and Humidity Zone™ drawers, nor the purified air filter system, which are a big part of the price difference.

Ease of Use

The Bosche refrigerator is pretty easy-to-use. The fridge itself filters water for making ice, like the Viking fridge does. The Bosche also has a quick freeze function, and a full-width chiller drawer for keeping meats colder.

Comparing the two, both have great easy-use features that are fairly comparable, aside from the Viking humidity control features.

The overall ease-of-use rating is: 4.5 out of 5 stars.


The Bosche 800 series has a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer. This isn’t the best warranty we’ve seen, so we’re rating it with just a 3 out of 5 stars.

Comparisons: The Viking RVRF336SS Versus Fisher & Paykel Professional RS36A72J1N

  • Activesmart Refrigerator 36"" French Door Built-in With Ice - 72"" Tall
  • RS36A72J1

The capacity for the Fisher & Paykel RS36A72J1N is a bit smaller than the Viking RVRF336SS. The freezer capacity is 5.1 cubic feet, and the fridge is 11.7 cubic feet. The freezer is more than a cubic square foot smaller, and the fridge is nearly four cubic square feet smaller.

The outer dimensions of the fridges, however, are very close to each other.


The Fisher & Paykel model we’re looking at about $4000 from every location where this model is available. That brings it up about $700 more than the Viking model.

The Fisher & Paykel has mostly similar features, but a few bonus items such as Bottle chill, and smart adaptive technology to adjust to the way you use to the fridge.

Ease of Use

Much like the Viking, the Fisher & Paykel model has various forms of technology that help preserve your food, regulate temperatures, and adjustable shelves for easier cleaning and organization.

The Fisher & Paykel model has a couple of features that increase ease of use, like the ActiveSmart™ function that adapts to your energy usage, but otherwise is fairly comparable in usability to the Viking RVRF336SS.

The Fisher & Paykel fridge receives a 4.6 out of 5-star rating for ease-of-use.


The Fisher & Paykel RS36A72J1N comes with a 2-year parts and labor warranty, and a 5-year sealed-system warranty. This is better for the overall warranty by one-year, but less substantial for the sealed-system warranty that Viking offers.

This is a pretty decent warranty. Warranty rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars.

Comparisons: Viking RVRF336SS Versus Bertazzoni Professional Series REF36X

Bertazonni fridge

A third similar model in the basic price range of the Viking is the Bertazzoni Professional Series REF36X. This fridge has a similar capacity to the Viking and runs just a few hundred dollars less with fewer features.


The Bertazzoni Professional Series REF36X is approximately $3000, bringing it a little shy of the standard price for the Viking model we’re looking at. For the $300 difference, we notice minor capacity differences, and a few less features in the Bertazzoni than the Viking.

Ease of Use

The features of the Bertazzoni make it pretty easy to use. There is some humidity control, though not as featured as in the Viking model, and an automated ice-maker. The freezer, however, has two drawers, which pulls this fridge ahead of numerous other models for ease-of-use.

Overall rating for ease-of-use: 4.6 out of 5 stars.


The Bertazzoni comes with a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer. This makes it a pretty decent warranty, though nothing is mentioned about the sealed system. Because of that, we’re giving the warranty just a 4 out of 5-star rating. That sealed system warranty is invaluable for the care of your refrigerator.


  •  Two-gallon storage capacity in the doors.
  • Sabbath mode feature.
  • Fast freeze function.
  • Check Circle
    Door alarm.
  • Led theater lighting.


  • Lack of energy efficiency ratings from Energy Star and Star-K. 
  • Lack of adjustable door bins.
  • Lack of water and ice dispenser.

One of the best features of the Viking RVRF336SS is the two-gallon storage capacity in the doors. This makes for convenient access to gallon jugs, without taking up much needed space in the main cabinet where larger objects often need to be stored.

For those who observe the Sabbath, the Sabbath mode for the Viking is another handy feature.

The door alarm helps alert you to accidentally leaving the door open or ajar, preventing the waste of energy and the spoiling of food inside.

Fast freeze is another great function that allows you to quickly re-freeze items when they come home from the store and need to stay frozen for safety reasons.

The LED theater lighting makes it much easier to see everything inside the fridge, which is another personal favorite feature. This can help avoid the spoiling of food that goes unnoticed in the back reaches.

The main negative for the Viking RVRF336SS is the lack of energy efficiency ratings from Energy Star and Star-K and similar groups.

The other main negative is a lack of adjustable door bins, and the lack of water and ice dispenser on the door. While these are not necessary items, they do help to make a premium refrigerator like the Viking seem a greater value item.

Where to Buy the Viking RVRF336SS

The Viking RVRF336SS has been discontinued, so you’re most likely going to find this model at locations that have some of the model in storage and need to eliminate old inventory. Try checking online on sites like Appliance Connection, AJ Madison, and Sears for this model.

We did find this refrigerator available specifically on Amazon, which is another great place to look for it to still be in stock.

Our Final Thoughts 

We love a lot of the features of this refrigerator. The Humidity Zone™ and ColdZone™ drawers in particular are a strong feature in our opinion. Most of us waste a lot of produce and meat because we forget about items in the fridge, or because our meal plans get delayed by a day or two. The ColdZone™ drawer could help eliminate this issue for a lot of folks.

We also love the gallon storage in the doors, designed for two gallons. Most of us have more than just a single milk jug, so having that second spot is ideal for most families.

Overall, we think the Viking RVRF336SS is a great refrigerator. A few adjustments would make it perfect. But since they’re not available, this is just a really good fridge, and not an amazing one.

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