​​​​Are you in the market for a new cooking stove for your kitchen? We are going to be doing an in-depth review of a Viking stove, specifically the 36” W-Tuscany Range.

It can be difficult to know where to turn when it comes to buying new kitchen appliances, as there are so many different options for brands and designs. Viking is a very high-quality, reputable company that makes amazing kitchen appliances, so they are definitely worth investigating when it comes to kitchen stoves.

Let’s get started.

How We Chose Our Ratings

The most important aspects of a review for us are being as accurate and honest as possible. To obtain this in our reviews, we take a few additional steps in our research and preparation.

We make sure to read and research customer reviews and testimonials thoroughly. This allows us to learn a few different things. It allows us to get a wider, unbiased view of what the general public thinks of the specific product. On top of that, it lets us pinpoint any widespread issues and complaints, and to see the highlights of the item.

We also research the product specifications. This allows us to make sure we know the exact size and dimensions, features, aesthetics, and additional accessories that are part of what you purchase with the item. In turn, this ensures that you know exactly what you will be receiving if you end up buying that particular item, and you won’t be left confused or surprised by what you find.

The last thing we take an in-depth look at is the reputation of the company. This is important for a few different reasons. It ensures that you know what the company stands for, and if you want to support their business. On top of that, it allows you to see their policies when it comes to customer service, warranties and return policies.

For this particular review of a Viking stove, we will be looking at the aesthetics of the product, the size, overall quality, pricing, the overall pros and cons, and its performance.

An Overview of the Viking Stove

An Overview of the Viking Stove

The 36” W-Tuscany Range Viking stove is a combination of Italian design and the Viking Professional performance. Their range of Tuscany products is said to be “born in the heart of Italy.” They are very sophisticated ranges that have been sized and featured to make sure they meet the needs of American lifestyles and home interiors. These stoves are said to be made of materials of the highest quality and are extremely reliable.

This stove comes in a variety of beautiful colors. You can purchase it in dark blue, graphite black, antique white, and bordeaux. On top of that, you also have some options as to how many burners you have and whether or not you want a griddle. One option has a traditional four burner stovetop, the other has two burners on one side, and a griddle on the other.

Just like with other products from this company, this Viking stove has a fantastic warranty. There is a full two-year warranty for the complete product, a full ninety-day warranty for cosmetic parts like decorative items, anything painted, and glass, and a limited five year warranty for all the electric elements and gas burners.

Viking Stove Review Product Specifications

Product Specifications

This Viking stove has high performance burners that provide extremely fast boil times and a great gentle simmer. The power you are given with this stove is between 20,000 BTU to 8,500 BTU high burner ratings.

With this design you also get a stainless steel burner pan, as well as an electronic single point spark ignition/re-ignition on all of the burners. The cast iron burner grates are all coated in porcelain, and the die cast knobs are polished chrome.

You are also given optional surface configuration, as well as a machined steel griddle/simmer plate (with a grease collection drawer).

As we discussed before, you do have two different options for top configurations as well. You are able to get this Viking stove with four burners, or two with a griddle.

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This Viking stove and oven combination is definitely on the pricey side. It can be purchased at different online retailers for between $13,000.00 and $14,000.00. This design is also meant for commercial use as well as home use, so it will be much more expensive than your average stove and oven.

Viking Stove Review How it Compares

How it Compares

So how does this Viking stove compare to other similar appliances? Let’s compare.

We are going to be taking a look at the differences between the 36”W-Tuscany Range Viking stove and the 48” Dual Fuel Range – VDR748 from the Viking Professional 7 Series, and the 30” Electric Induction Range – VIR530 from the Viking Professional 5 Series.

The 48” Dual Fuel Range adapts the Viking Elevation Burners that are used on the Viking Commercial product line and mixes them with a lot of the tried and true robust features on the Commercial line. This stove has an incredible restaurant- quality range that gives your kitchen power and precision.

It is much wider than the Tuscany model, at 48 inches instead of 36. Both stoves have the Viking elevation burners, but the 48” Dual Fuel Range has an oven that offers both natural gas and propane.

As for the 30” W. Electric Induction Range, there are some differences as well. It is smaller than the 36” W by six inches, making it a better choice for smaller kitchens. Even though it is slightly smaller, this product is said to have one of the largest oven cavities of any of their products. The largest difference though, is the pricing.

The 30” W. can be purchased for around $3,000.00. This is literally 10,000 dollars less than the 36” W-Tuscany. You are getting a much higher quality design, and way more features with the Tuscany product, but for someone who wants something more affordable, you can’t go wrong with the 30” W.

Viking Stove Review Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons

So, when it comes to the 36” W-Tuscany Range Viking stove, what are the pros and cons? Which one outweighs the other? When most people go to purchase a kitchen appliance, especially one of this quality and price, they want to make sure they have the positives and negatives listed out against each other first.

Let’s start with the positives.


The first aspect that we absolutely love about this product is how beautiful it is. This Viking stove comes in several gorgeous, eye-catching colors, and the design is modern, streamlined, and has a great vintage look to it as well. Having that lovely Italian old-world design brings a whole new look to your kitchen.

You can also get dishwasher panels and ventilation hoods that will match this stove design and complete the kitchen.

We really like how dense this product is as well. It is incredibly heavy duty and can really handle anything you throw at it. This Viking stove has extremely heavy doors, cast-iron gates that are very thick, and its knobs are made of die-cast metal.

The ovens underneath the stove all feature stainless-steel interiors and glide-out racks. This makes this part of the product incredibly easy to clean without too much effort.

Even though this is an expensive product, we do think it is worth the money if you can afford it. The features definitely make it worth every penny.

This stove also performs extremely well too. We love the high-performance burners that the stove offers, it ensures that water boils quickly and has a gentle simmer as well. Having the option between two and four burners and a griddle really helps the convenience factor as well.

Another feature that is definitely in the positive category, is the storage space that this product offers. You receive a full-width storage drawer that will fit all of your baking pans in it. It also has a great soft-close glide that ensures that you won’t be able to slam it and damage the product. There is also a location that serves as a grease collection drawer as well.

We also love that these are authentically made in Italy by Giga Grandi Cuisine. This is a company that actually specializes in making professional kitchen equipment. Giga has a factory that is just south of Florence in Scandicci. They are part of the Middleby group just like Viking is.


The biggest negative for this particular product has to be the price. At around 13,000 dollars, it is definitely on the steepest end of stovetops and ovens. It is of the highest quality and well worth the money, but this is not an amount that is feasible for most homeowners and families. However, if you have the additional money to spend, or you’re a business that needs something of this size and quality, this is definitely the stove for you.

Another con for this stove is the range of colors that it comes in. If you are familiar with other Viking products, you know that they have a huge range of colors for a lot of them. Cherry red and cobalt blue are some of the more popular ones, but you don’t see that in this particular stove. However, you still have an array of colors to choose from, just not some of the brightest ones.

The last negative that we noticed with this particular stove was simply that the burners can be difficult to clean. If you are someone who is used to cooking and cleaning a glass top stove, this type of burner can be quite an adjustment. It will take some additional attention to detail and care when you go to clean and sanitize it at the end of the day.

Viking Stove Review Conclusion


In conclusion, we definitely think this is a wonderful product. No, it is not without faults, but the good definitely outweighs the bad. All things considered, we are going to give this particular Viking stove a 4 out of 5-star rating.

The big aspect keeping this stove from being a 5 out of 5-star rating is, of course, the pricing. It is not reasonable for the average American family to be able to spend $13,000.00 on a stove/oven combo, even if it is one of such high quality.

However, if you can afford this product, and you are in need for an industrial-sized oven for your home, business, or restaurant, we couldn’t recommend this stove enough. It is gorgeous and aesthetically pleasing for any kitchen setting, it has the space for any amount of food you may want to cook, and you are given flexibility in how it functions.

If you have used this stove, would you recommend it to other people in a personal or professional setting? Why or why not?

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