A Quick Review of Viking Wall Ovens

You never imagined that your crowning achievement in life would be to remodel your kitchen, but here you are.

For years you have lived with a kitchen that is cramped, out of date, and far below you and your family’s needs. You’ve put up with cheap countertops, worn out flooring, and ugly cabinets. You have been kept up at night dreaming of a center island and a refrigerator that fits all of your groceries.

Finally, your dreams are coming true. You are upgrading your kitchen and revolutionizing your life. As you tick down the list of all the things you need to change, you suddenly remember your oven.

No, you didn’t leave it on. You forgot that your oven needs an upgrade too.

After all, your oven does a lot. You have worked that oven of yours hard, and in turn, you have put in practically a lifetime of bending and checking. Think of all the things that you have put into your oven. Think of all the turkeys, vegetables, and cookies that you have lowered in and out of your oven. The numbers are astounding.

It turns out you’ve probably spent way more time than you realized stooped over your oven checking on the progress of your meals and desserts. It might make your back hurt just thinking about it, so when you’re dreaming of your upgraded kitchen, think about an oven that gets you standing up straight.

A wall oven just might change your life, especially if you use your oven often. Wall ovens look clean and classic, they’re easy to use, and they help you make the most of your kitchen space. Wall ovens are great, but you still need to make sure you have the right one.

Remember, it took you a pretty long time to get this kitchen upgrade, and it might feel like a once in a lifetime event, so you have to make it count.

Reviewing the Viking Wall Oven

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Reviewing the Viking Wall Oven

Viking is a trusted name in ovens, and Viking wall ovens have the quality, performance, and features that you need to transform your kitchen into the kind of cooking paradise that you always knew that it could be.

There are lots of great Viking wall ovens to choose from, but a great place to start is with their Professional Series 30” Premium Electric Wall Oven. It is indicative of all the great features you’ll find from Viking and a great place to start your oven research.

A High-Performance Oven

The first and most important thing to consider when picking your new oven is how well it actually cooks and bakes. Anyone who uses an oven often knows that it is completely acceptable for a poor baker to blame their oven. Baking is totally different than carpentry, and a good, or bad oven makes all the difference.

Ovens that work poorly are those that don’t provide an even bake, can’t maintain their temperature, and can’t accurately achieve their temperature, to begin with. Poor ovens are ones that you can’t trust, or rely on.

To you, this makes perfect sense. You know your oven. You know which side of it is hotter than the other. You know the difference between what temperature you set your oven at versus what temperature it actually is. You know what cook times are reasonable and which ones simply won’t work. In fact, you have probably never left a cookie in your oven for more than 8 minutes because you know. No matter what the recipe says, you know.

Viking wall ovens are loyal and reliable. They can be your new best friend, and the Pro Series Viking wall oven shows you how.

It all starts with its rapid preheat system that gets you up and running quickly. Some ovens, especially electric ones like this, seem to take ages to reach the right temperature, so a rapid preheat feature is a real necessity and a real lifesaver. You can’t spend all your time waiting for the oven to heat up.

This rapid pre-heat feature is something you’ll find in a lot of Viking wall ovens, and it can help you out of a jam. On those nights when you get home late from work and have to try to put a home cooked meal on the table quickly you, won’t be pacing back and forth in front of your oven.

It also means that you don’t have to put items into an oven that isn’t ready. You’ve definitely done this before, but you know it’s not the best cooking method. If you don’t wait for your oven to reach the proper temperature you have much less control of the cooking process, and you have to watch your oven even more closely.

Take Advantage of TruConvec

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Take Advantage of TruConvec

It also features TruConvec convection cooking which is a patented system of air circulation that uses one convection element in the rear of the oven and fan-forced air to circulate the heat throughout the oven. Your food is enveloped by heat rather than having heat blasted on it from above or below as in so many other ovens.

You also have the option of using the Vari-speed dual flow convection to maximize the airflow throughout the oven. The two-speed convection system can turn the fan in both directions. More airflow in your oven means a more even bake. It means gone are the days of rotating your pan each time you check on your food. It means gone are the days of cookies that are always darker on one half.

You also get the use of a 10-pass broiler system and a concealed 10-pass bake element both of which ensure that you get the precision you need to perfectly heat all of your foods.

The high-density insulation on the Viking wall oven also helps it hold its temperature and conserve energy. Proper insulation is key, and it is a huge factor when it comes to how your oven performs.

By wrapping your food in constant hot air, the Viking helps them cook faster, more evenly, and simply better.

A Large Capacity Oven

One of the first things you want to look for in your new oven is how much cooking and baking space you will get. Space is hugely important, especially if you use your oven often. You’re not just looking for a room for the occasional frozen pizza on a flat pan. You want room for roasts, turkeys, breads, and muffins that rise way above their baking pans.

You know that there are people who can bake 2 casserole dishes side by side in their oven, and you want to be one of those people. You want to have the freedom to make a vegetable lasagna and a meat lasagna at the same time.

All Viking wall ovens are equipped with one of the largest oven capacities of any oven on the market. They boast that you can cook enough food to have plenty of leftovers, but it also means you can cook enough to fill a table for your dinner party, or simply feed your hungry family on a daily basis.

This Viking wall oven gives you 4.7 cubic feet of room to cook and bake whatever your heart desires without running out of room. You probably can’t say the same for your current oven.

Easy to Use Oven Racks

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Easy to Use Oven Racks

Of course, space is not the only factor when it comes to what you can put in your oven. You also have to consider the oven racks themselves. You have probably battled with your share of oven racks. They never seem to be in the right position, and you never seem to have enough of them.

Up until this point, you, like most people have probably had to get by with just 2 oven racks. That means the third oven rack offered with the Viking wall oven Pro Series is going to blow your mind and change your life.

You get 6 rack positions to choose from and 3 porcelain-coated heavy-duty racks that can support that brisket you’ve been eyeing and so much more.

One of the 3 racks is also a patented TruGlide extension rack that rolls out of the oven to make loading and unloading a breeze. How many times have you put a dent in a perfect cake, or smeared your beautiful pizza toppings because you had to juggle getting them into the oven?

It’s especially hard if you need to take an item out halfway through to check on it or baste it. It’s nearly impossible to finagle your hot dish back onto a hot rack without meeting with burns or near disaster.

With a TruGlide rack, you don’t have to take your food, or your life, in your own hands.

Made for Busy People

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Made for Busy People

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No products found.

Even though you love to use your oven, it doesn’t mean you have hours of your day that you can languish away watching your oven work. In fact, it is miraculous that you find the time to cook and bake in the first place.

You’re busy, just like everyone else, but you still believe in sit-down dinners made by hand and chocolate chip cookies that come from a mixing bowl and not a plastic sleeve.

To achieve those kinds of rigid standards you need an oven that can pick up some slack for you when you get really busy.

The Viking wall ovens like the Pro Series 5 have a timed bake feature that you can set up to 24 hours in advance.

That means you can let your bread rise in the oven overnight, set the bake time, and wake up to freshly baked bread. The oven shuts off at the programmed time, and everyone gets to enjoy the smell of bread to pull them out of bed.

You can probably think of a 100 different ways that having a programmable start and end time can help take the pressure off of your day, and once you start you’ll wonder how you ever got along without such a smart oven.

Of course, when it comes to working hard, your oven has to clean as well as it bakes, and this Viking is fully self-cleaning with an indicator light that goes on once it’s finished. That’s a huge help. No more oven cleaning fumes, no more yellow rubber gloves up to your elbows, and no more useless scrubbing. You have more important things to do than clean your oven.

Choose a Mode for Every Food

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Choose a Mode for Every Food

Most people’s ovens have 2 settings: undercooked and burned.

But Viking wall ovens have nearly a dozen different options to choose from to make sure that the right method is just a push of a button away. You can select from TruConvec, and convection roast, bake, broil, dehydrate, and defrost. You also have the conventional oven modes of bake and 3 levels of broil.

These modes are all about precision, which is a mainstay of the Viking brand. These are appliances that are built with professionals in mind, and they function at high levels to make sure every customer is satisfied.

Satisfied customers come from an oven that can tenderly cook a pot roast, char some red peppers until their skin is blackened and crispy, and delicately brown a sponge cake until its cooked thoroughly but still light as air.

These are not results that come from simply winding a dial to a temperature and leaving it at that. These are results that come from using a fine-tuned machine that understands that baking and roasting are about more than just heat.

A Reliable Oven Makes All the Difference

The Pro Series Viking wall oven is beautiful, reliable, revolutionary, and a perfect example of what the Viking name has to offer. It will change the way you use your oven, and it will improve the quality of the food you make. If you are lucky enough to be upgrading your old oven to something newer, smarter, and better, Viking wall ovens are a great place to start.

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