Are you in the market for a new stove for your home or business? Are you unsure of where to begin with the process of purchasing one?

We are going to be taking an in-depth look at a Wolf stove, specifically the Transitional Electric Cooktop. This is a company that works hard to make extremely high quality, durable kitchen appliances, and their stoves are no different. Let’s take a look at the features and qualities of the Wolf stove to see if it is the best fit for you.

Let’s get started with how and what we are rating the product on.

How We Rate Our Products

It is extremely important to us that our reviews are as accurate and honest as possible. To do this, we have a few additional steps that we take in our research.

The first thing that we do is read and research customer reviews and testimonials thoroughly. This allows us to get a full, unbiased view of what the general public thinks of the product we are considering. It also lets us pinpoint any widespread complaints or issues that may be occurring. On top of that, it gives us a great view of the positives and negatives listed against each other, to measure the product and see if it is worth your time.

We also research the product specifications. When you look at products online and read reviews about them, you should learn about their size and dimensions, what they will look like, what they come with, etc. That way there are no surprises or shock when you buy something from our review – you know exactly what you are purchasing.

Lastly, we make sure to research the company that is making the product we are reviewing. This is important because customers like to know that they can trust and stand behind a business they are giving their money to. It is also a vital thing to research because it gives you information on their customer service, their warranty policies, and their return policies.

For this particular review of a Wolf stove, we will be considering a few different features. We will be looking at the product’s performance, pricing, the overall quality, pros and cons, and the materials they are made of.

What is the Wolf Stove Review Product

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What is the Product?

So, what is the Wolf stove, and what makes it unique?

The Wolf stove is extremely efficient, easy to clean, and safe to use. This cooktop offers extremely exhilarating cooking power and is very precise. You get this feature with an advanced high-frequency pulsation technology.

With this Wolf stove, you also get the True Simmer, which is a setting that holds stews and sauces at the perfect temperature right below boiling. This is a part of three of the four cooktop elements, and the fourth element offers an even lower, one-touch Melt setting for extremely delicate foods like chocolate.

This product has a triple-zone element, oval element, and some even smaller elements as well. Because of that, you can place cookware of any size on it easily and use any pan you have without issue.

Wolf Stove Specifications

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Wolf Stove Specifications

Now let’s dig a little deeper and look at the specifications of this Wolf stove.

Like we discussed before, you are given four elements with this product, with seven different zones to accommodate an array of different pot and pan sizes. Wolf uses their high-frequency pulsation technology to offer far superior performance and better control, and they have a fantastic simmer setting to keep soups and sauces below a boil.

This stove also has really nice illuminated touch controls, as well as a temperature limiter that ensures you are never exceeding safe operating temperatures. You get a universal Off button that will turn all elements off at once, and there is a control panel lock for safety.

With this Wolf stove, you get one element with 1050/1950/2700 W, two elements with 1200 W, and one element with 2400 W.

This product is Star-K certified, meaning it has a certification of kosher. It is 30 inches wide, 3 ½ feet tall, and its depth is 21 inches. As for the elements, they are 10.5”,5.5”, and 6.5”.


So how much can you expect to pay for this Wolf stove?

This is a product that you can really only find from authorized dealers of the company, so there isn’t much variation. The 30” Transitional Electric Cooktop will cost you $2,030 from Wolf.

How it Compares

Now that we know where this Wolf stove stands on its own, let’s take a look at how it compares to other designs and brands.

We are going to take a look at the Wolf stove against the KitchenAid KICU509XBL as well as the Maytag MEC9536BS.

Kitchenaid Electric CONVECTION

The KitchenAid KICU509XBL is another high quality electric cooktop. It is 30.75 inches long, its depth is 21.3 inches, it offers four burners, and comes in either black or stainless steel.

The four burners have different wattage. The left front and back elements are 2500 watts, the right front element has 1800 watts, and the right back element is 3700 watts.

Instead of the traditional physical controls, this product actually has modern touch controls. This is an incredibly understated, minimalistic design that won’t appeal as much to those who like the industrial designs. However, it looks wonderfully sleek and modern in the kitchen, without any complicated knobs or buttons.

This design is fairly cheaper than the Wolf stove. You can get this cooktop for about $1600.00 online.

Maytag Freestanding Range with Convection Oven

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The Maytag MEC9536BS is an incredibly popular choice for an electric stovetop. Customers have raved about this cooktop and really loved its features. It is 36 inches, so a little larger than the Wolf design.

The rear right burner is one of its best features. It is fantastic when it comes to sustaining high and low temperatures and boil water in less than four minutes.

It does have some cons as well though. The knobs are incredibly close together, which can be inconvenient. It does not have temperature measurements that are as precise as the Wolf design, and just like any other glass cooktop it is easy to scratch.

This is also the cheapest option of the three. You can purchase this stovetop for about $850.00.

When comparing the three designs, the Wolf stove definitely has the highest quality and the most additional features to bring to the table. However, it is also the steepest in price. It is more than twice the price of the Maytag MEC9536BS, and about five hundred more than the product from KitchenAid. However, if you are looking for something with extreme precision, especially with simmering specific liquids, your best option is definitely the Wolf stove.

Wolf Stove Review Pros and Cons

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Pros and Cons

So let’s put the pros and cons up against each other, for a final test of the product.

The Positives

Our favorite feature of this particular Wolf stove is how perfect it is for delicately simmering liquids without allowing them to boiling over. For the price that you pay for this product, this is a very unique quality. It is incredibly efficient, and a great machine for any type of cooking that you will do. For electric stovetops, you would find it difficult to find one as precise as this.

We also like the aesthetics of this product. It is a gorgeous stovetop that is filled with exciting features, and you can but it in black or stainless steel. This allows you to make sure it matches your kitchen perfectly.

The cooktop stays cool, even while you are using several of the burners. This keeps you comfortable and safe while using the product, which is incredibly convenient for a cooktop. On top of that, it makes the stove top easier to clean.

We love that this stovetop offers so many cooking configurations. This means that no matter what size your pots or pans are, you are able to use them easily on this stovetop, and they will still be evenly heated no matter how big or small. You are even able to use griddles, grills, or fish pans if need be.

There is also no heat wasted or lost in the air while using this stovetop to cook. The energy is supplied directly and only to the vessel used for cooking.

This is also an incredibly fast cooktop. When you turn the burners up or down in temperature, the response is almost instant. It goes up about 40% faster than a standard gas or electric stove.

The Negatives

The only downside we really see with this particular product, is that you will pay more for this stovetop than you would with other items of somewhat similar quality. However, as we saw with the other brands we compared to the Wolf stove, the features are just not quite as great as what Wolf has to offer.

Not to say that those brands are not made well, but for the pricing, we really don’t think Wolf can be beaten as far as features are concerned.

However, if you are on an extremely tight budget, you may consider looking at a product like the Maytag stove top, which is half as expensive, or even the KitchenAid product, which was a little over 500 dollars less.

Wolf Stove Review Conclusion

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As far as a final rating, we would have to give the Wolf stove a five out of five star rating.

This product is incredibly modern, innovative, aesthetically pleasing, and intuitive. It is perfect for any sort of cooking or baking you may be doing, and you will have no issues with staying safe while doing it and cleaning it afterwards. We love all the different simmer and melting settings that are gentle and perfect no matter what you are making, and we haven’t seen anything quite like that in any other products.

Yes, it is a little more expensive than some of the other products we discussed, especially the Maytag stovetop. It is not the perfect choice for those on a strict budget, as it will cost you about two thousand dollars. However, for the features and precision that you receive with this electric stove, it is absolutely worth every single penny you will pay for it.

We hope that this review was helpful in your search for a new electric stovetop. While there is quite a lot of small details to consider, we can certainly say that this Wolf stove is a fantastic choice. You will definitely have to pay more up front for this product, but it will last you for years and years, and has enough features to make that price tag worth it.

Have you used one of these stovetops before? Would you recommend it to others? Why or why not?

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